Mitch Malloy: Van Halen’s Lost Boy

The legacy of Van Halen has never had a shortage of drama or die-hard fans…and rocker Mitch Malloy has a unique place within the still-unfolding drama. Following the ousting of Sammy Hagar from the band Malloy was tapped as the lead singer replacement, but subsequently declined this rock royalty position. For years Mitch Malloy’s story was touched on but never fully revealed, mostly by Malloy to avoid conflict with his current musical pursuits. After the publication of “Everybody Wants Some: The Van Halen Saga,” which mentions Malloy, fans and media continually asked about his Van Halen experience. This is Mitch’s story. Mitch Malloy: Van Halen’s Lost Boy.

and how do you prepare for that I’ve moved to Nashville and I hadn’t been there long maybe less than a year I had a record deal I hadn’t signed it yet but the lawyers were you know it was in motion that’s when I got the been hailing Cole van Halen contacted me because of two two different people first was Steve Hoffman the late Steve Hoffman who was my road manager and he went to work for their current manager her at the time when this stuff was happening I guess the conflicts with Sammy were happening they were thinking who could do this gig and Steve said Mitch Malloy could do this gig Eddie called a few times that well before I knew it I was in first class on my way to LA you because I just flew in that day he wanted to give me a day off we’re not gonna do anything today you know we’ll just we’ll hit it tomorrow kind of thing so we went grocery shopping which was a trip he took me in his brand-new Porsche Turbo that he just got and drove like I mean I was like I was honestly scared for my life and I’m not just saying I mean I was scared for my life and I thought this is this is how I’m really gonna get famous dying Eddie Van Halen hanging out with Van Halen was exactly what you would think it was one day we were hanging out we were talking about health he was like I’m healthy she was like check this out and he lifts up this shirt shows me his stomach take your best shot hit me as hard as you can I never did hit him he said I remember hitting him um my next guess an up-and-coming young vocalist and songwriter he’s just released his debut album titled Mitch Molloy here performing our love will never die please welcome Mitch Malloy yeah I’ve always been the kind of guy that thought big things were gonna happen for me I I always thought I was gonna be on Lana always I just was like I’m gonna be on that show I never once thought I’m gonna be in the name and never occurred to me that that band would call I can’t I mean I still when I think about it it’s just like it just seems like not real in Nashville at that time coming from rock as I was it’s a very bad thing when Van Halen called I said listen I I’m definitely gonna come out there and we’ll give this a go because you’re Van Halen and I grew up loving that bad but I don’t want anybody to know about this because if it doesn’t happen you know Nashville finds out I auditioned for Van Halen so I must really be wrong if Eddie Van Halen calls I’m Rock right I mean kind of confirmed so they didn’t say anything about it they didn’t say anything about me that’s why nobody knows about this because they kept it quiet and I kept it quiet until recently it was really a good chemistry between us as people it seemed like it was really fun I mean can you imagine doing Panama with Van Halen I was staying in the guest house across from the house house phone rang and it was the studio manager and he said they want you up here in 20 minutes I said up where he said in the control room just go sit in the control room to me it was clear that something had was good about to happen you know either they were gonna say thank you so much for coming we’re gonna send you home today or they were gonna say congratulations you’re in the band you know it seemed like that I don’t know so they were all in the lounge I guess having a meeting before I I got up there and an IDI walks in on behind the the mixing console at 5150 the doors over there big studio door like this thick the door opens the light comes in and Eddie’s like you know backlit like god it was awesome I never forget the moment it was a big moment for me door closes he stands there and he’s like well we just had a meeting he says you’re the nicest can I swear he goes is the nicest guy I’ve ever met you’re the best singer I’ve ever heard my life and you look amazing congratulations you’re in the band and I quote I mean that’s exactly what he said I was like and he starts walking towards me and I start walking I got up started walking towards him he gives me the kiss on both cheeks gives me a hug says congratulations turns around walks out of the controller as the days went on we just did more writing singing hanging out talking the fact that they had to go on MTV and present and and he brought it up a lot he never did tell me though that they were gonna present with Dave alright our next presenters may very well represent three-quarters of one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever here having now officially I was back in Nashville and I turned on MTV to watch it’s van Halen legend Joe they come out and then Dave comes out and I was like what I just my jaw just dropped and I was just like what are they doing why is Dave with them this is not good for me so it just hit me at that time that you know now the whole world thought dave was back in the band and wanted Dave back in the band including me I wanted Dave back in the band I mean I grew up on Van Halen with Dave in it those first albums were amazing I mean obviously it did it made them what they are today I think we’re here to present best nail video of the Year award when I saw Dave come out with them that was it for me that was over MTV had a lot of power back then everyone was following MTV what I was told after the fact they had to do that because MTV said to them if you want us to support the new van Halen you have to come out and present with David Lee wrong I knew Dave wasn’t in the band they never alluded to that when I was there it was never even a question that Dave might be back in the band it was everybody thinks Dave’s back in the band I’m out you know it was more like this isn’t gonna work I don’t think this could work for any other singer and so that was that was that I mean I just kind of called them and said this can’t work this can’t work for me so the industry now for me it works well because I can kind of pick and choose what I want to do sometimes I want to rock out with a band sometimes I want to do an acoustic show by myself I’m a father husband I’ve got a little girl now I like playing music obviously that’s what I’ve been doing my whole life but my priorities have changed since we had our child where I’m at in my career in my life is great I’ve started recording myself at a very very young age I got my deal with the recordings that I made in my little studio my little makeshift studio and my little makeshift studio turn into a real studio I was always mixing my own stuff and people would hear it and go will you mix my record I’ve gotten to work with some big big people some of the people I’ve worked with Taylor Swift Boys Like Girls Kenny Loggins Lady Antebellum Chad Kroeger from Nickelback it’s been it’s been you know like I said something that I didn’t think would happen that it sort of happened just kind of a nice thing people ask me why tell this story now after all this time the big van Halen fans there are millions of them and I’m one of them they want to know everything about the band now weren’t you that guy in then Halen I get asked that a lot even the fans that are huge huge fans that think that they know everything about this band they missed this part there’s a biography a book that came out on the band that I was included in that seemed to amplify things a bit so I don’t want to be known as the crazy guy who goes around saying he’s in Van Halen it’s a good thing to do to tell the story to document this it’s a cool little thing for people to know that happened to Van Halen that happened to me and so I’m telling the story I was coming back from my last year peon trip in the fall on the plane long flight thinking many things and it suddenly popped into my head that I needed to get all of my work finished I needed to get all of the CDs that I’ve made on iTunes and it’s like okay yeah the Malloy eighty-eights got to go on there the new records got to go on there this one that one and it dawns on me that there’s a van Halen song that Eddie had written that the band was playing on that he had given to me never finished it because the way things sort of fell apart was like what’s the point you know when I left he said go you know go home and write this he’s like you got a studio and I said yeah and he goes yeah you know do this right you know write the lyrics write the melody and send it to me so I thought I had to finish that that’s something that’s almost finished it’s pretty much done and really proud of it it’s great it’s called it’s the right time that’s something that people could hear I had my shit but it Oh are you sad place down one yeah yeah I’m gonna go

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