MOUNT ST. HELENS BIGFOOT FOOTAGE – Mountain Beast Mysteries Episode 28.

hey everyone welcome to mountain beast mysteries tonight I want to share with you a piece of video that was recently sent to me the clips from 2009 according to the original Youtube upload date and it’s titled Bigfoot sighting near Mount st. Helens Washington hey there’s something down there see that basically in the clip these two gentlemen are hiking up this mountain looks like a pretty good scramble they’re climbing over all these boulders and rocks and right at the beginning of the clip you can see a bunch of these rocks and boulders come loose and begin tumbling down the mountain and as the rocks pick up momentum and they’re careening down the slope in the distance down in the subalpine where the trees are they see movement and when they zoom in on it there’s a creature a bipedal creature and it is getting away like it’s trying to escape it looks like a sasquatch now this video in the comment section has received a lot of hate people saying straight out that it’s a hoax and then it looks like a guy in a suit but when I look at it closely it kind of looks to me like the creature is very similar to the Fremen Bigfoot and also very similar to the Independence Day Bigfoot if you’ve seen that footage where the mothers holding the the juvenile and walking off with it the creature also seems to do the typical glance over its shoulder now I don’t know the crazy thing is like if it is a hoax I think it would have to be someone playing a trick on these two guys because in like mountaineering and rock climbing and scrambling and hiking a big danger and killer is falling rocks like when these rocks especially the ones in the video you can see how big they are when they start gaining momentum and speed like you’d have to be a complete idiot to send those rocks down to your friend who’s waiting down below in a monkey suit like you could potentially kill him so I don’t think these two gentlemen in the clip we’re hosting anything I think they saw what they saw now the question is what did they see did they see a genuine sasquatch or did they see someone trying to play a trick on them which if I was in that area I would not be in that spot wearing a monkey suit like that would kill me but that’s just me people have done crazier things so let me know what you think if you think it’s a hoax I’m sure a lot of you probably do I think it’s interesting it’s one that you know I haven’t seen until a few days ago and you don’t see it floating around on too many sites and if you have seen videos that are very uncommon and you know the links to them send them my way and I’ll make a video about them because I think these are very interesting there’s a lot of videos out there that are very popular and they kind of overshadow a bunch of other ones so yeah any of these smaller rare videos send them my way I’d love to talk about them I don’t know if you guys noticed but I did put a link on my youtube banner on the main channel page to a merchandise shop so if you guys want to check that out see the t-shirts sweaters water bottles all that kind of stuff with the mountain beast logo you can check that out any bit of support for the channel is more than welcome we’re about to hit 10,000 subscribers so I’m very happy about that extremely thankful couldn’t do it without any of your support thanks for watching this episode of mountain beast mysteries we’ll catch you next time [Music] you

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