My Dogs Meet A Cat

are you doing ah welcome to my frontier here’s what’s going on on the Reg so as many of you may know I asked Julian for a cat just about every day and the answer is always no and also our landlord won’t let us have any more animals whatever but I had an idea that maybe we could just invite our friends over who have a cat let the dogs play with the kitty and Julian will get me a cat know what that’s not part of this see I told Julian that we were just gonna have a play date but what this really is is just for you to get comfortable with a cat and like like it and then you get me a cab you need Jesus I’m not getting a cat because we’re having a play date with a cat why are you not listening what I’m saying we’re getting a cat Oh a nun yeah cat dog and we can’t do it well thank you the eggy’s are like their cat you’re pretty cat like we invited our friends Jason gaps over who have a cat her name is melody she’s beautiful and after this Julian’s just gonna want to get a cat so bad I’m ready I’m gonna film I’m not gonna literally like film you trying to sway me into something without telling me the whole day today no you said you wanted the dogs to meet a cat and that’s what we’re doing that’s it that’s period at the end something in your face I’m really excited to see how they react it’ll be proof for you to be like wow this we can have a cat thank you not gonna say you know my video no cut cut no cut you want a boy cat or girl God so Jason and gabs are gonna come over I’m gonna let melody like explore for a little bit hang out and then I’ll probably have the dogs meet her individually carpet first probably because he’s the chillest then maybe peach she’s very excited and marbles last or if at all if it’ll I’m like for one I’m a little worried that she was gonna jump up and try and kill at oh yeah get in that tunnel he’s gonna be okay can she get up though yeah cats can jump like on top of your refrigerator yeah no we’re not getting a cat I never know we’re just get a top for its cage but what about stuff on the counter like we can’t leaving food on the counter Jenny you can’t we’ll help you be less of an Aries so our friends are here and then have brought melody how old this melody tell us about her she’ll be two in April she’s a Siberian cat so she’s hypoallergenic anyone know who’s allergic to cats is still allergic to her so the doors upstairs so she’s when I told Jane this he was like who legal I played the yard there’s so much stuff to smell yeah yeah sure here let me I know look she’s really big dogs who just lay there mmm however her experience with little dogs who have energy say a peach she just cries away so we’ll see how this goes [Music] I did [Music] that’s not that’s not that’s a bear it’s okay are you excited currently there you can do it your eyes don’t know what else to a blur your body look current is a confusing clear to me the cat you have to wait for her friendship you have to take her out to dinner so uh say is going well it’s looking up [Applause] benefit would be checked energy is not suitable for anything hey do not do that force thing [Music] Pete you’re acting insane you are independent woman stupid this is looking third-person she’s an absolutely crazy person see you look joined this could be our life now you sit here the dogs and the cats chase each other around the house hangout it’s a great time so do you want to you want to get one tomorrow or the day after no why they clearly love each other she only dislikes time know marble likes me the most of anyone in the whole world except for Jason get it what are you doing my mom has quite literally right there would you believe it if I told you there was cat oh he’s looking at now that convinced trillion that we could have a cat I know I’m dying I’m right here and I have not agreed to anything what don’t you can’t hear me life’s too short to not have the cat that’s not Jesus said that I like seeing them just being called out of their own stupidity like non-stop that’s funny it’s funny to watch them interact with an intellectual intellectual intellectual I mean I’m really proud of all the dogs for being able to do this because I know it’s in their blood to be like yeah I’m really proud of melody for even being open to the idea to hang out such annoying dumb creatures it is really funny to watch them interact because she’s clearly just lost a lot B this weekend we just sang my plans go adopt Oh your dad’s visiting this weekend I can’t go get a cashew laughs cat no no we’re not getting a cat my dad has a cat yeah that’s his we can take his cat we can go take your dad comes to visit you we traveled in his house Carabas cat it’s the new Buddhist place well I think yet and the eyes lowercase yeah it’s an iPod oh my fucking god subscribe to hell yeah I know this wasn’t like the most exciting thing royal but I was it was four feet today was the most exciting day in the world puppy it was like she went to a monster Jam Disneyland and her first birthday all in one day oh let’s say that cat lovers make sure you let them know in the comments you not have we should get squeeze it to heart oh oh yeah make sure you subscribe to my sister’s it and my dog’s have the pleasure okay you know the cat today I hope you enjoyed seeing what it would be like if we lived our true dream life this is what it would be like every day

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