Obviously there’s way more that goes into a relationship than what I list here and I am in no way a relationship guru but these are more the foundations, in my opinion, for which make up a healthy relationship.

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[Music] hey guys and welcome back to my channel today I think I’m gonna do a video and prep for Valentine’s Day which is in about three days time by the time this comes out I am going to be giving you my top tips for a happy and healthy relationship obviously this is gonna be from my perspective so this is not me telling you what to do or how to be this is just for my experience and also I’m gonna be speaking because I’m in a relationship with a man I’m gonna be speaking with like oh here’s him he so just bear that in mind but this can up like obviously apply to any kind of relationship with that via man boy whatever whatever so yeah let’s just get started so my first tip would be to take it slow you know you’re just kind of getting to know them you don’t really want to be rushing this kind of process especially if you kind of want to take it seriously in that regard I mean I do know some BP people who have kind of like rush in into their relationship but it’s worked out very very well and I think it kind of goes either way it can work out really well or it can go to so I think you know discover your own pace maybe that’s like a better thing to say go with your own pace but yeah in my experience and there’s absolutely no need to rush anything you’ve literally put your whole lives ahead of you and oh like like I feel like the start of the relationship is really nice but you’re just trying to get to know them and stuff so I do think that it’s nice is to kind of take that slow and take your time and you know it just gets to note to note know them slowly so another tip that I have for you guys would be to give each other space and and I know that can be quite hard especially at the store relationship things are brand new they’re fresh they’re exciting but it’s still important to kind of give each other space you know still obviously kite with your friends others are stupid because of course duh but I just mean like some people get so caught up in their relationships that they don’t really be out with their friends or let them meet up with their friends and I just think you know it’s important you still have your own lives in that respect so and so yeah like still got out still have a have a good time give each other space very very important because you don’t want to start to suffocate them because they’re just gonna get annoyed with with you and vice versa there’s nothing less attractive than someone who is just smothering you I’m not letting you do your own thing it’s cool to just you know to let them do their thing you still do your thing and yeah you’re a team so just got to take things slow so another thing I have for you guys is kind of an obvious one and that is to learn to trust each other and I say learn to quite specifically because it is something that you learn like I feel like it takes such a long time to fully 100% wholeheartedly trust someone because when you’re in love with someone you feel so vulnerable right so you don’t want them to hurt you and you don’t want to get hurt so you just want to protect yourself so you kind of want to check up on them and you want to see what they’re doing because you just want to make sure that you’re not being hurt it sounds crazy but you just have to learn to trust so and you’ll feel so much better there for it as well like once you realize if they do love you and they just want to kind of be there for you and they only want to be with you once you realize that and you fully let that sink in that’s when you become happy and that’s when you know you could just enjoy your life and your relationship with no worries and whatsoever so yeah I mean I know that timer ticks such a long time so that completely trust someone so as I I said at the very very start take your time get to know them because maybe there’s a reason why you don’t want to trust them you know I am all about that gut instinct so so yeah but yeah just take your time with that and yeah it will soon come so another tip that I have this is also another obvious one I feel like they’re all going to be quite obvious so I should just stop saying that and is to respect each other and I personally think that respect comes up here and Trust comes here because if you respect someone you’re gonna trust them right because why would you why would you around someone that you respect you just you just don’t so if they respect you then you trust them more so if they could they kind of combat hand-in-hand and but I also mean if you like to respect someone if they’ve got something that they were talk talk about to you you need to listen and you need to try not understand even if if it’s something that you’re just like what like what are you saying like you need to take the time to appreciate the fact for one that they’re approaching you about it and that they want to talk talk to you about it and also to understand and to be there for them for like for whatever is that their talk talking to you about and it’s so important to just be a team and to work together to work towards a solution because they could be feeling something that you just have no idea tear about and for them to like approach you it’s gonna be like a big deal for them so the worst thing that you could do is like laugh at them or take the piss out of them or whatever so just respect each other be mindful and yeah so another tip I have is to communicate and when I say that I don’t mean saying am i hello how are you I mean if there’s a problem speak up it’s always so important to let them know if they’ve upset you or if they’ve done something wrong or it could be anything it’s so important to speak up and let them know and when I say that I don’t mean you know go out there all guns blazing I just mean you know approach them in a normal manner and say look I don’t like this or I don’t know what what you did here or whatever but just let them know and communicate how you’re feeling and and it could also mean like if you’re feeling down one day and they’re asking you what’s wrong tell them say look I’m just feeling down I’m so having up a bad day and if they love you they will they will try and make me happy like happy so so yeah just communication is important and also things can be so is easily misinterpreted especially that over text and I know that now like our generation and the people who are like younger ever we all kind of can communicate via text and stuff and communication over text is appalling that you have to make your emotions and your feelings so so so clear over text because it’s so easy for it to be miscommunicated so yeah communication and just expressing your emotions is really really important in my opinion and another tip kind of leading on from that is to talk and not argue so again it kind of goes with like the whole can be a communication thing you need to communicate in a proper way so there’s no point bone up to your partner all guns blazing blah blah blah blah and I haven’t a go at them for something that they did also me that you think that they done wrong because it could be a complete misunderstanding what’s best to do is to go up to them and talk to them about it maybe ask them like what have happened here or why did this hack happen and you’ll get such a better response so talk to them in a figure out what you want to say first and then approach them with that and it will come out a lot smoother trust me another tip that I have for you guys is to pick your battles and I basically just mean if you constantly pick up on stuff that they do that annoys you or whatever it like whatever it is it’s you need to just drop it sometimes things just aren’t worth arguing over and life would be a lot easier if you just dropped it and ignored it because it’s not going to be detrimental to your relationship and there’s no point of causing an issue or kicking up a fuss about it so sometimes you just need to think is this is this really gonna affect my relationship no does it annoy me that much no so it’s probably best just to leave it and you’ll forget about it in like an hour or so so it’s wherever cool and my last tip that I have for you guys I know that obviously a lot of my viewers not obviously but I feel like a lot of my viewers are younger than me and may not be of age to even do this but I was going to say it because I think it’s really important in any relationship anyway for those who are above the age of 16 its sex and intimacy and closeness and all of that good stuff because I think if you’re if you’re both on the separate pages with that regard I think things can put a big strain on their relationship and because you know you need you need to be on that same page and to be on that same page is again to communicate so you need to obviously say like if you’re not getting something that you want you need to say look blah this is what I want and to express things that you like to express things that you don’t like more importantly and vice versa it’s good to learn about each other each other’s wants and needs and what I’m and I don’t mean to obviously do whatever he wants just to make him happy and vice versa and that’s not good at all I just mean you learn about each other in that regard as well and because if you’re both if you both know where you stand if you both know with each other like you’re going to have so much more fun and that’s what it’s all about in it later it’s might have fun and enjoy it so if you know what he likes of what she likes then it’s great so yeah just making sure you’re on the same page is really really important but also on that same kind of topic don’t feel pressured into doing something that you don’t want to do ever so if he or she is at all let’s do this and you’re just like no I don’t want to then you have every right to speak that and to say that and you should say that so yeah again communicating I think I should just call this video ways to communicate because I feel like communicating is important especially especially when it comes to sex and all of that stuff but yeah just also just to wrap that up you know having sex and stuff and all the the things that surround sex is such a great way to be close to meet each other and you know it does bring you closer in my opinion and and it’s fun and it’s just you’re so yeah so yeah thank you guys for watching this video in prep for Valentine’s Day I hope that you all have a good day and you’ve got nice things planned whether that be with your family your friends your boyfriend your girlfriend whoever and and yeah I will see you next time bye [Music]

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