NASA Proves Emdrive Works And Physics Is Broken | Answers With Joe

this is crazy I’ve been asked by a lot of people over the last couple of years to talk about M Drive which is a spaceship propulsion device that should be impossible there was some news about a year ago or so of some people who built a homemade M Drive and it seemed to work but now nASA has reviewed the papers from that experiment and it seems legit this is something called peer review and it’s very important to the scientific process even though it’s really boring to talk about peer review is basically when a panel of experts looks at your project and goes over the conclusions and the experiments that you did and make sure that everything’s solid without going through peer review it’s almost impossible to be taken seriously or get published in any kind of scientific journals and the M Drive has officially made it through peer review which is amazing because it literally breaks every law of physics now I did talk about this in the past video but I just kind of looped it in with a few other new technologies that NASA’s working out I didn’t really focus on it specifically because it was still sort of fringy so most Rockets work on the whole every action produces an equal and opposite reaction principle but the M drive works by firing microwaves into this conical structure called a frustum and the microwaves bounced back and forth inside of this intensifying an energy and thus creating a thrust but wait how because the microwave don’t travel outside of the engine there’s nothing firing one direction to push the ship the other direction it’s all enclosed in this capsule so that shouldn’t be happening it’s like imagine if you’re in the back of an 18-wheeler we won’t ask how this happened let’s just go with it and let’s take away the engine so you’re just you’re just a box on wheels if you were to push against the wall the truck wouldn’t start rolling because you’re contained inside the truck it would be totally insane if you pushed on the side of the truck and somehow that made the truck roll but that’s exactly what’s happening with M Drive the thrust is only one point two micronewtons for a while which is so small that literally a passing gust of air could have caused that thrust so they tested it again in a vacuum chamber and yeah now we can’t yet say that it works because it’s only passed peer-review but by passing peer review that takes it out of the list of friends ideas and that itself is really cool now there are four theories that have been put forth to try to explain why this thing works and I’m just going to touch on all of them here and I’m going to be completely upfront and honest with you I barely understand any of those very over my head like it’s wet it’s way up there the first one is radiation pressure this one says the difference in pressure the radiation exerts on the different areas of the cone brings forth something called the Lorenz force which acts on charged particles to create thrust somehow the next one is vacuum energy now this is something that would be called a QV t a QV T stands for quantum vacuum thruster this is a theoretical engine idea that works off of quantum vacuum fluctuations to create low density plasma through a process called magnetohydrodynamics you know that old chestnut now some also point to pilot wave theories which is a non mainstream interpretation of quantum mechanics as a way to explain it pushing off of the quantum vacuum to create thrust the third is quantized inertia a physics professor named Mike McCullough created an explanation that he calls quantization of inertia this relies on a theoretical type of energy predicted by general relativity called Unruh radiation which an accelerating body would experience as blackbody radiation in a very low acceleration the wavelength of Unruh radiation can actually be longer than the observable universe at which point it has to become quantized problem is this assumes that Unruh radiation is real which it’s never been proven and it would also require that the speed of light would change inside the chamber which is not supposed to be possible but as crazy as this one sounds it is actually testable so there are some experiments going on right now to try to work this one out and last but not least is photon leakage and this one I might actually understand this relies on the wave particle duality of photons in the chamber so that as they bump into each other and combine they can destructively interfere with each other which removes their electromagnetic field around them but allows the two photons to pass through the chamber wall which means that there is actually photons escaping out the back of this thing which would actually provide a little bit of thrust I’ll put links to all these down the description so you can read them and figure them all out yourself like I said it’s way over my head school me if you can but let’s just assume for a second that it does actually work what does this mean well it’s very very small to us but because it’s constant acceleration the speed increases exponentially so while it may take a really long time to get going over time it can reach incredible speeds but a drive that doesn’t require propellant does more than just you know open up the universe to us it also offers up some just mind-blowing possibilities you could basically create a perpetual motion machine if you set up a giant wheel like structure in space with these engines pointing it in a rotational direction over time you could get enough spin going on that thing that you could actually use that to generate energy free energy after the cost of building the giant wheel in space of course now this could be the beginning of a whole new technology it could all fizzle out we don’t really know there’s only been a few people that have built this thing and it hasn’t really been like optimized for performance or anything like that yet but at its current state it really doesn’t produce enough thrust for it to really be feasible on any kind of missions that we would be doing like inside the solar system it wouldn’t be comparable to an ion drive per se unless it was just on a really really long term like deep-space mission so we’ll see but more fascinating to me even if this drive is not you know feasible or practical this harnessing of the quantum world to improve things in our world is really amazing to me there are things energies and matters hidden underneath the surface of reality and whether it’s things like M Drive or quantum computers we are just dipping our toes into this chasm of ignorant that’s always separated the quantum world from our world and that’s friggin awesome so again I’ve got links down in the description for you guys to go and research this yourself a lot of this is just super in-depth and I know you guys are super smart so you could probably talk it all up in the comments and discuss which one of these different explanations makes the most sense to you all right like and share 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