New Audi A8 2018 review – the most high-tech car ever?

ever have the new Audi a8 and I know what you’re thinking is it as high-tech as a Mercedes s-class or BMW 7-series the new a8 starts at 69 thousand pounds or 73,000 pounds for the long wheelbase version so does it have the wow factor to match its price tag there’s no mistaking that this car is an Audi a8 but the Audi girls got even bigger it’s almost like the cars wearing huge dental braces this one has got matrix LED headlamps with laser lighting for super high beam as you move down the side it’s not quite so imposing it’s just a bit slab like I do like this though the way you have these pronounced haunches at the rear these bulges are a bit like those that you had on the old Quattro rally car for me they’re the best angle on this car is the rear I do love the back end of it this light strip reminds me of that on a Porsche Carrera 4s it is very smart at the back and it looks lovely while not so keen on though is this look now what do you think about the design click there to vote deeper for the look of this Mercedes s-class or BMW 7-series while the exterior design may divide opinion there can be no debating leave a eights cabin the interior quality on this car is just on another level it’s amazing the materials are lovely the leathers gorgeous I really really like this open Paul wood as well it’s just classy I also like the way that they’ve integrated the touchscreen into the dash area as well now more on that later but there is one problem with it is that there’s lots of shiny areas which pick up fingerprints so you’re going to be constantly wiping this car down to clean it one thing I like is this it’s got Jaguar style events so they open up when he turned the car on the air vent moves forward like that so it’s flush with the – it looks lovely I also like the fact that you can control the actual air flow by these touch sensitive buttons it’s it’s the attention to detail it’s incredible well it’s also incredible is some of the new technology you will be able to get with the car automatic parking systems are nothing new but this a eight takes it to another level so I’m going to engage the system by pressing the auto part button and the car will scan spaces am I and it can look for bay parking and parallel parking now what I do is press this LD AI button down here I don’t have to touch the throttle all the brakes I do it all with this button and I have to keep it pressed down to prove that I’m still here and the car does it all for me so the steering of course like in current systems but like I say throught on the brakes that’s all done by the car and it weird thing a broach a pillar and automatically brake and then maneuver a negate this is weird this is weird it’s a bit disconcerting you’re gonna get used to it but at first just trusting the car that it’s not going to crash huh it’s interesting and then I just release the button and we’re all good but it gets better you don’t even have to be in the new a8 to bark it so in the BMW 7-series you can park the car remotely using a key with your ID a 8 I can do it with my mobile phone so it’ll just steer it nicely into this space here and it can even deal with awkward angles look at that it’s just driving into the gap dead easy look at that the new a8 is also able to drive itself at speeds of up to 37 miles an hour on a dual carriageway without you needing to keep your hands on the wheel though this feature will only be enabled where it’s legal to do this ie not in the UK for now however there are some other companies new technologies us Brits can enjoy if you have a car fitted with the active suspension it has a predictive element so a camera can read the road ahead and it’ll lift the car up if we get to a bump to smooth it out so you can turn it off and on I’m gonna try the car first without the system on so driver off you go so the first bump is like a manhole cover I’m also recording the vibrations on my phone that’s the first button wasn’t too bad now the second bump which is like a speed hump it’s comfy but you do feel it so let’s see what reading I got so that was a maximum of five point five of my special vibrometer scale and an average of 2.8 so fairly comfy but now we’re gonna try it with a predictive feature on so the camera will spot those bumps and prepare the car it will lift before we hit them here we go so the smaller bump like a manhole cover now for me I did not feel that at all I did not feel it it was like it wasn’t there bigger bump I felt it a little bit I felt it like the manhole cover in the predictive system off mode so let’s see what this says the vibrometer it doesn’t lie so the vibrometer says the maximum was 5.1 and the average it was 2.6 so I could feel it and so could the vibrate opposite in my phone the system uses an electric motor at each corner working in conjunction with the standard vision adaptive air suspension these motors can lift a well up or push it down independently almost instantly to respond to bumps and stopped the car from pitching and diving under acceleration and braking however they also have another use now I’m gonna try out is new side protection collision system so if you have the LD AI active suspension let’s say you’re parked or pulling out across a junction and someone hits you from the side the danger is that they’re gonna come through the door which is the weakest part of the car but this car has a special trick of its sleeve so let’s start the pretend collision I’ve got this yellow block of foam that’s going to come towards me there is a glass panel between me and the foam so that it doesn’t damage the car and you’ll see what the car does so here comes a pretend vehicle oh no I’m about to be smashed into I’m in trouble so what the car did it instantly jacked up the suspension on the side so if that was a car he would have hit the sill not the door and the sill is much stronger so that protects you a lot better now one of the problems with driving such a huge car such as this especially if you’ve got the long wheelbase version is low speed maneuverability so I’m driving a course here which is which is fairly tight and you can probably notice that I’m doing quite a bit of wheel twirling especially to get it round 90 degree bends such as this and where’s the cones don’t want to scrape the side on a cone obviously the power steering’s nice and light but I’m still having to move my arms back quiet a lot there’s obviously disadvantages with having something quite as a big as this especially when you have to do a u-turn like this so no can’t get around they’re gonna have to do it’s a bit of a manoeuvre yes it’s not so dignified when this is supposed to be a very dignified car but Odie has a solution so you can get the active dynamic steering and what that does is make this car drive like it’s much smaller so we’re just going to engage it now to compare the difference so the way it works is that you actually have the steering decoupled from the the actual front wheels and so they can turn a lot more and a lot faster at the rear you got rear-wheel steering as well so you can make the car turn much tighter so into the first bend I mean already I can notice that it’s just look look at this I’m going around the same cause and it’s it’s as though the car is just shrunk it’s like I’m driving something like a small family hatchback not a big limousine look at this this was a really annoying turn earlier look at that it’s just so easy I must say it was a little bit weird and he’d be slightly artificial feeling now this is the chicane part which was a nightmare that is that is effortless absolutely effortless now the real test is going to be this maneuver the u-turn now can I do it in one go if I can do it in one go I would definitely have this option come on car I’m like a London taxi cab they went round I’m amazed now this system you can’t turn it off and on if you buy it it’s on all the time we’ve just able to turn it off and on for this demonstration needless to say most of this cool technology is functional still the a8 does have more standard kick than its rivals but it’s not all perfect there are a few areas where the Audi a8 isn’t quite as impressive as its competitors boot volume okay so it’s large enough but it’s just a few litres down of that that you get with the BMW 7-series and the Mercedes s-class then there’s the weight it’s heavier than both those cars by a small amount this long wheelbase version weighs in at 2 tons miss ladee weight isn’t the only issue I had with the a8 now there is one thing I’m really worried about with this car and that’s the fact that Audi has ditched the swivel wheel to control the entertainment system I’m gone for a touchscreen and there’s two of them let’s see what it’s like to use when you’re driving because that’s what matters and that’s where touchscreens are a bit of a problem but ok let’s see if I can do it so when I press a button you do get a click sound and it vibrates slightly like your mobile phone does so you do know that you press the right button that you want it but I stopped feeling that I’m taking my eyes off the road a little bit too much once again if I want to use the the heating controls which is located down here I have to just you can probably see my eyes off the road a bit too much you just got to move your finger in three dimensions whereas if you’ve got hold of a wheel you can just do it in two and it’s easier but there is a solution so the voice commands in this car are pretty good so I can control the ventilation system using those so set temperature would you like to said 25° I’ll increase the temperature to twenty five point zero though she can do decimal places okay let’s try another thing find restaurants use the same methods sorry I couldn’t find any matches for this category I just don’t think you tried hard enough love let’s try something else in fact let’s set temperature get to order I’ll search for walk along the route okay sorry I couldn’t find any matches for this category so it kind of works but it’s not a great cancel cancel go away no you can’t stay mad at the new AF belong though there’s just so much to like about it now while this car supposed to be all about comfort there may be the odd occasion where you have to whisk your VIP away from a dangerous situation maybe you’re in the remake of Ronon so how does this car handle some bends that’s a quite a respectable speed so will it fall over no looks like it it’s a big old thing quite heavy but that active suspension props at the corners of the car so it doesn’t roll too much I mean this is look it is and of course it got Quattro all-wheel drive lighting that power down it’s no sports car but it’s no big Bart either from launch UK bars will be able to choose from a three liter diesel and three litre petrol AIT but sadly not what I have near the car I’m driving here is the four litre turbocharged v8 it’s got 460 horsepower and it feels pretty quick what I see just how quick it is accelerating so I’m going to put it into dynamic mode there we go and pull up and then I’m going to launch it selling it takes me to get to 100 kilometres an hour or so okay it’s pretty quick and that’s the 16 well effortless this Luxury Limousine did naught to 60 in just 5 seconds dead but really this car isn’t designed to be a drag racer cars is just as much about being driven in as they are driving them so what’s the AAA like in the back well this being the long wheelbase version it’s pretty nice and I’ve got lots of toys that I can play with so down here I’ve got this little iPad thing and I can control things such as the seats the lights and we actually have matrix lights in the back which means that I can move the spotlight from there around say if I want to read something in the dark it’s really quite clever other things I can do here is mess around with the blinds so I can choose which blind I want to raise or lower so I can raise the blind keep the Sun off bit of extra privacy other things you can do is work the media system the TV and stuff and if I wanted to I can actually remove this little tablet I’ll put it back you can also use these screens here as you can see I can swipe between different menus come on and there’s a sat-nav as well but what about the comfort well yeah it’s super luxurious and just so quiet you’ve obviously got acoustic glass and the seats are lovely and I can recline them myself as comfortable as possible and this is comfy this is the long-wheelbase car and it’s comfy but I feel like I want to stretch out more well I can I compress this and go full first-class mode so that seats moving forward this one’s getting into a nice position and then the headrest is dropping down seats moving out of the way and the next bit you’re gonna love hmm I need somewhere for my feet this will be just about perfect look take me home James well Jack if I let’s go to the McDonald’s I’m hungry this particular cars all-wheel steering really helps it navigate the narrow drive-through lane but it wasn’t all plain sailing okay I’ve spotted a bit of a problem I’m gonna have to clamber across and this thing in the middle makes it a bit awkward hello hola can i order a chicken Caesar salad and a diet coke please well it’s away so you’ve got an Audi a8 long wheelbase you’re probably not used to waiting especially not for McDonald’s yeah yes right yeah now you might be wondering why their hair Oh or a salad of all things from McDonald’s well while this car may be bought by a fat cat I don’t know end up a fat Matt now hahahaha well I spent a day with the new Audi a8 and I’ve been blown away by its comfort its luxury and its technology has it got what it takes to beat a 7 Series in an s-class well my first impressions are yes it has I think it could well be the ultimate luxury limousine now if you click up they can get a car bio at UK to compare offers on the new a 8 or any car for that matter also please 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