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[Music] [Music] [Music] my name is Ken Walker I’m a taxidermist I live out in Alberta Beach I was born and raised in Edmonton been interested in sasquatches since I was a kid I went through this phase when I was young you know where I clipped the newspaper article was about the dam incidents and things and like most people you know most kids that are into it as I grew up I realized that all and all this can’t possibly be you know they would have found them by now they would have told me more they would have done this they they they and many years later I was faced with a couple of anecdotes from very good friends whom I know we’re not lying and so I slowly started opening myself up to the possibility but I’ve always been kind of a driven person so if there’s one out there I’m gonna find it right so yeah then I started just within the hunting community which I have a pretty good repertoire with Hunter says being an award-winning taxidermist I won the World Championship two three times I do work for the Fish and Wildlife and people like that you know so I know these people personally and they know me they know I’m not a crackpot so I’ve been able to I’ve been able to get access to people and accounts that a lot of people would never get you have to remember to being a taxidermy but you’re like the hairdresser of the woods right you know the hairdresser’s hear all the good rumors taxidermists are like that too I mean rich people it won’t take calls from half their business associates but they’ll always take a call from their taxidermist you know so yeah I’ve been privy to a lot of investigations so I you know about ten years ago I started seriously looking into this matter and what I have what I have found I think is astounding I was hunting bears on the old Simpson timber road out of Blue Ridge you know you go to Blue Ridge you go down pass through Blue Ridge across the river and then you take the first left now that used to be the only road they called it the Simpson timber road we just had bears on that when I was kid 16 17 years old and the thing is that well I’m 55 now so give you an idea how long ago that was and we were driving down that road and something ran across the road and my buddy with me actually said is that a sasquatch and I said no it was a man no such thing as a sasquatch but what ran across the road was dressed all in black it was quite far and it was acting very very afraid but there was a long sloping hill that went from the kid ran from left to right from my perspective so he went when it wrapped the hill it didn’t slow down even bears don’t do that everything that runs uphill tends to slow down this thing didn’t and I thought who is this guy and I thought well I have to be a cut line there because he hit the bush going 30 miles an hour so when I got up there there was no cut line so he hit solid bush and and it always stuck with me over the years because it just didn’t make sense all these years later from what I know now it makes far more sense that it was a sasquatch then than it being a person now that being saying I am well I know I know sasquatches are real I know too many people who’ve seen them I do know people who shot them and yeah so I’ve had a lot of people come through my shop and most of the accounts that I hear you know more or less sworn not to repeat them just because people want nothing to do with it I’m very very much like I very much like to talk to people not who want to see a sasquatch but who don’t want to see one and claim they saw it because it’s a big difference between the whole thing well I think I saw one oh yeah I did see one no they’re saying I don’t know what I saw and I wish I’d never seen it because not scared to go in the woods those sort of anecdotes in the hunting community and hunters are the best witnesses because even though they can’t tell you what they saw they can tell you what they didn’t see you know the most common thing I hear was it wasn’t a bear it wasn’t a bear you know when I think about what I sign mean it was far like it was three four hundred yards at least in front of me I mean too far to actually see if it was covered in hair but it was uniform color from the top of his head to the bottom of its feet you know from what I could see and it ran I mean if you’ve ever seen the famous Memorial Day footage that’s exactly what I thought you know something running scared and you know I got this sense of fear from the whole thing or what way was acting and I also got this sense of you know get to those trees no matter what it takes now didn’t seem to be all that big okay because I was thinking well that’s some dude you know out here like it right away you think poacher right if that’s some dude poaching all Zen to do is stay in the trees let me drive I didn’t make sense but now if I think about it and I think what if it is a younger one well before I crested that hill I didn’t see the bigger one cross and the little one panicked and ran to catch up to the one I didn’t see now that makes a lot of sense because in the majority of good film and good cases there’s usually young ones involved the Patterson footage people don’t know the story behind that but they were tracking three her and two small ones and yet she walked through the middle of an open clearing and they do know from following the track she came back that night to pick up the one she hit she was basically walking through that clearing to lead them away from the one she stashed like a bird dragging a broken wing or a fake broken wing to get you away from a nest a lot of the anecdotes I hear where sasquatches make big mistakes almost every single one has to do with the other even the Justin’s mayor shooting which I was the first one to talk to him about that and he did shoot two sasquatches not two ways about it you know especially since and I’ve talked to him since you know he’s a reasonable guy you know so I mean that’s about the only time you’ll see them making mistakes is when they have young and inexperienced ones that they’re trying to take control of and if you read through the BFRO reports there’s a lot of sasquatches and young ones that compromise himself [Music] [Music] [Music] you have to see this here I won’t cut the camera off I’ll just point it over there to show you so all the way on the other side of the river there that tree fell over and landed directly on top of that tree that’s sticking up to that half tree it’s sitting on top of it making a perfect tea structure like what are the odds of that but it’s just sitting there like that it’s very strange highly unlikely but it happened so you know weird things can happen out in nature if it is natural yeah maybe something did put that tree on top of that one there there’s not very good odds it would fall and land and just be resting there like that and not roll off it’s a full-sized tree almost very strange right now it’s hovering between minus 15 and minus 18 degrees Celsius the last video I made the last documentary people were saying that it wasn’t actually as cold as I said it was because you couldn’t see my breath but like I can’t see my breath right now and I know how cold it is look at my beard you can tell even though the sun is shining it can still get pretty cold and in Alberta minus 15 minus 18 is normal like throughout the winter that’s like an average temperature it’s not unusual at all [Music] [Music] you know everybody says they want to find where there’s a Sasquatch you know and and I was in the very beginning I thought that they were just a big lumbering monster that lived in you know deep woods somewhere I since come to the realization a long time ago that’s not true Sasquatch is basically anywhere that he wants to go now obviously they’re gonna be a lot safer in a remote area and that’s has something to do with how they winter they get themselves in very remote areas for the winter but for some reason or another historically they like mountains they like steep terrain you know they seem to like places where people can’t go almost everything about their whole existence is staying away from us they’re very cellular they’re self-aware you know from what I’ve talked to people who’ve been up close to live ones and dead ones they have told me the same thing and that is that they are a hominid they’re not an animal you’re not dealing with an animal you know if there was an animal I would have stuffed one for the museum already I can I can assure you there’s a lot of people who’ve seen them at the distance and just to automatically assume like I did that there another person but if you start getting into the morphology and things you can understand that they’re not so they tend to be they tend to be a long river ways and in remote areas and they’re also very nocturnal they find strategic places to set themselves up during the day and they see extremely well at night and they’re nocturnal animal we’re a daytime critter night time greater you know and if if you compromise their area where they are they depending on the area but they they kind of go off the radar they they leave the area once this animal is officially discovered and recognized we’re going to learn that there’s a lot about them that that will amaze us like off the chart things like adaptations that they’ve evolved that we we didn’t see coming and couldn’t figure out you know there’s always a reason for anything to be secretive a reclusive file as I’m dropping weight tales okay yes and her bottom one of the bat trophy hunter so I’ll admit it that means I don’t kill her him any animals right fuzzy that might kill them all but I don’t I just kill the ones that I want so I might go five years about getting it dear now these big deer usually been shot at so they’re they’re nocturnal and the only time I can catch them is when they’re chasing doze in the in the springtime or in the fall time I should say in November so they have to they have to make a mistake and they usually don’t so the sasquatch if it’s a hominid it’s very important to remember that at one time in in the world there was I think it was six species separate species of hominid okay and now there’s only one recognized species of hominid and that’s almost a P now they do know that if you’re not African your DNA or your hybrid species we are if you’re a white person you’re at least five percent Neanderthal our skin gene and our hair gene is Neanderthal that’s why skins white and our hair straight and I believe Asian and North American native even more and there’s another comment that’s not been identified that is also in the mix up of our DNA but we’re pretty much homo sapien okay but you stop and think about if there were six species of hominid now there’s one if there’s anything that’s in our nature it is that we do not tolerate anything like us okay I mean it’s bad enough we don’t tolerate each other if we look different or if we speak different we are very very well known for killing each other so the only hominid that could have survived alongside of us would have been one that adapted to hide it makes perfect sense that if there is another hominid out there its sole purpose of survival is to hide from us it’s the only thing that makes sense all the other ones didn’t and they’re dead they’re gone there was no why they couldn’t adapt there was yeah they couldn’t adapt to us burning the forest down just to get three of them you know that’s how we think we’re very good at wiping things out especially people the sun’s going down quickly and it’s getting a lot colder look at this it’s freezing so I’m just trying to get the shelter wrapped up and get the fire going and then I’ll be collecting firewood and hopefully I can get some food in me I brought some stew some other snacks I am gonna have a cup of coffee too so I don’t intend to fall asleep early I’m gonna stay up as late as I can to see you know if anything comes around the camp if I can hear anything or it’s gonna be kind of tricky you know because the rivers right behind me it’s gonna be harder to hear the sounds that aren’t as pronounced you know the river masks the river is gonna mask a lot of that you can see behind me kind of I’m just getting the spruce boughs put down trying to make a nice comfy bed and finding me the beginnings of a fire I got to collect a lot more wood for the night but just gonna get the bed made up with the spruce boughs and then throw my tarp on top and I’ll be done then I can relax for a bit have some food have that copy okay it is a mortal sin I know but I brought instant coffee I actually don’t mind the taste but I’m probably gonna go to hell for it finally able to take a little break I think my stew is almost ready to eat I got it on a little MSR burner here just to save some time cool smoke effects right CGI I got some CGI smoke effects I got out here pretty late like 3 p.m. and you know I didn’t start building my shelter till 4:30 ish and now it’s dark out and it’s creepy oh and usually when it gets dark out it gets creepy out wherever you go I can occasionally hear the ice on the river cracking and the sound that it makes is almost like a tree knock so when I first heard it I was like what the heck is that and then I heard it again and I could tell it was right at the river the history of Sasquatch in this norte area is just insane there are so many accounts way back to the early 1900s and before that and you know a lot of it goes on near the forestry trunk road off of the forestry trunk road and the crazy thing is is that you don’t have to be in a super remote area to have an experience you know you can be an account in a campground a lot of these things happen at campgrounds they just walk right in and start messing with people I think that’s very interesting [Music] no signs of anything yet all I can hear is the wind no howls nothing sometimes I don’t know why I do this shit okay that was a weird sound I don’t know if that picked up on camera came from this direction when I’m walking around I’m trying to get in the habit of aiming okay I actually just heard something my heart is racing I can hear an airplane now as I was saying trying to get in the habit of keeping the camera aimed in front of me in case something crosses my path or is there then I’ll get it on camera there has been a DNA study okay and a lot of people like poopoo it and say yeah we’re gonna melt the catcher’s DNA stay that’s not true the DNA study is is is real okay and you have to remember that you know for GenBank not to recognize it that didn’t come from scientists I came from the lawyers think about that for a minute okay I do I knew Richard sub stat he worked on the study I knew him personally unfortunately he passed away of cancer but he was a very cool guy and he didn’t believe in sasquatches until he was involved in that in that study and he told me that the mitochondrial DNA of the Sasquatch at least the samples they tested was human which is carried by the mother and of course now with with what they know about DNA he said the DNA was particularly an area in Europe that was cut off by ice 30,000 years ago so the Sasquatch is uh probably a hybrid species well according to their study it’s a hybrid species much the same we are now the thing to remember about a hybrid species is every true species is environment specific in other words the environment that gives rise to the species you know you got the weasel family okay pine marten is a weasel okay and a half lives in trees but not any trees has to be old-growth forests because they have three percent body fat so they have to sleep in rotting logs it’s ask the old-growth forest okay an otter is a weasel lives in the water catches fish can’t climb trees right this is a weasel but it’s shaped by its environment okay now if you were to cross Marten and a weasel you would have an animal that could live almost anywhere and so when you have people that are of a hybrid species you have something of Inuit living in the most inhospitable place in the world you have you know people living in cold countries of mountains all over the place so like a mule deer is a hybrid species you got mule deer in the desert you got them in the mountains got him in the parklands got them in the in the prairies there’s mule deer for almost every environment because the environment didn’t give rise to the species the species just adapted to other environments so the Sasquatch if being a hybrid species would mean that doesn’t matter where it is it can thrive as long as it can think they have the ability to be extremely dangerous I also believe they’re predatory I believe firmly that if this is something that is symbiotic with nature and it is a hunter there’s no two ways about it it has then there has to be situations where they have taken people there has to be well the natives talked about it constantly but they are also smart enough to know that there’s consequences to such a thing because I’m sure if they’ve ever grabbed somebody all of a sudden the forest or Foe people looking for them you know I’ve learned behavior I think that upon discovery there’s going to be some very very hard questions that are going to need to be answered because well there’s a whole network of books called a missing four one one books that talk about missing people in the forest and the way it reads is a cover-up but if if the animal exists and I know it does and that’s the only thing you could do if you’re trying to hide its existence so I think like I said there’s some hard questions they’ll have to be answered because there’s a lot of people that wouldn’t take their children in the woods if they knew what the thing existed so there’s some liability there and that could also be another reason for keeping it quiet I think that there is upon discovery there will be some liability this is a recreation of a sasquatch based on the measurements taken from the Patterson film stills so basically what’s in that film is what you see here according to I made my own measurement chart from the actual foot and I compared it to John Green’s and it’s the same it’s always been kind of a pet project of mine to try and recreate one I would like I’d like to work further on it’s supposed to be trees on here things like that you know but this is basically I’ve had a lot of witnesses come in and say this is what they look like so it’s been kind of a fun project you know I also use this thing to smoke out potential witnesses you know if they laugh at it I know they’ve never seen one if they get all weird and they can walk away then I know they’ve seen one so then I can talk to them right and so if it’s an icebreaker I think when you’re talking about an encounter be terrifying it’s pretty subjective because because I believe that they they can actually manipulate electromagnetic field you know like the dogs do it wolf wolf pack’s is the only way they communicate or they know which one is gonna do what when they’re hunting they’re not otherwise if you just chaos I think that the Sasquatch is taken it to a level so far beyond like the same level we’ve taken making sounds turn it into language music and art and everything else I think that they’ve taken the whole electromagnetic energy thing to that other level and I think that what soon as you’re into a situation where you’re close to one you will experience a very unreasonable amount of fear okay so almost every time you’re close to one that’s a terrifying experience a lot of people think that’s haunted I think there’s goals sir whatever like they got a bad feeling you know demons blah blah blah but I think that the most I talked to one young hunter when he was young he said a big one tried to grab it he says he fired three shots to turn it it ran across the clearing towards him screaming and and he was just a kid he fired three shots and and he was visibly visibly shaken just telling the story like he started to relive it it was almost like I guess you what you would describe a PTSD encounter be you know and I had to calm him down I lost you and I think I think that was an interesting account because he was just a kid and he was on our Riverwalk with his gun and they have a creature watching him that reasons oh that that’s a young person and I’ll bet you they’ll think he was just lost if I grabbed because that’s what would have happened they would have said all poor kid we knew we shouldn’t let him go off on his own you know he got himself lost no there’s people in Alberta backpackers that backpack around the world they didn’t so much just find a matchstick from their backpack everything’s gone gone like just vanished you know in areas where I know the BFRO I’ll tell you there’s sasquatches in those areas so although I think that it’s extremely rare I think that they can be very dangerous [Music] [Music] you can see behind me here there’s a tree break I’m I have to admit I’m not huge on this tree break thing I have seen weird tree structures and you know you’ll find branch twisting and stranger things than just branch breaking like it doesn’t it doesn’t mean a whole lot to me apparently the sass cultural break branch is at certain heights or whatever to mark their territory or to mark trails or do let you know that they’re there I can’t buy that just because there are so many trees and broken trees and deadfall naturally that I personally just toss this stuff out I don’t know unless I see something where it’s like consistent where the trees are snapped and it’s one after the other and they’re all perfectly at the same height and in the same direction then I might start thinking okay this is kind of weird but when you find branches like this I mean this thing’s like eight feet eight and a half feet tall it’s the right height right for a sasquatch but I don’t it doesn’t mean anything to me I’m sorry to say it’s a clean break you know they say oh it’s a clean break like the hands just grabbed it right up there and snapped it but there are so many other things out here that can break branches and the these trees are just exposed to the elements 24/7 for hundreds of years like there’s there’s better pieces of evidence out there the tree structures are more appealing right the ones where the logs are kind of like floating in the middle of the structure like how are they staying in there that kind of stuffs weird but just the typical tree breaks out here I don’t really buy into it unfortunately that’s just my opinion I know a lot of people are against my opinions but I’m allowed to believe whatever I want and so are you and that’s the beauty of it right as long as we don’t get into arguments and we stay civil hard thing to do in the in the Bigfoot world I know it’s very interesting with the tree structures and I’ll tell you my experience with it when I mean I was already in an area looking for sasquatches that my friends had taken me to when I spotted the first tree structure you’ll see a lot of on a lot of like Survivorman and Todd standing stuff like you’ll see that big teepee one that was the first one that the trapper and I actually discovered now the only reason that I recognized it while we were doing past it was because of my research online there was all of these tree structures from Florida to Alaska the people you know researchers saying is you’ll find these structures if you’re in an area that had sasquatches well so yeah they basically correlated exactly like the people who took me in there didn’t find the tree structures I did I found those and I took another fellow in there and and he knew a little bit about them as well and we found a bunch more and and then I found another area out there with some amazing ones also an area out there where the Sasquatch have been feeding on bones and there’s tooth marks on the bones now I know it’s somebody to study on that and I need to get some of that stuff to him but I’ve had to be real quiet because I don’t want these other guys going in there and turning it into a freaking circus you know I don’t like the idea of coming forward with anything without evidence you know I mean I can make an awful lot of claims I can say Sasquatch bury their dead I can say Sasquatch gift their dead okay but I you know I can’t necessarily take you and show you a grave I can’t show you you know where they buried one or things like that without betraying maybe somebody’s confidence and the thing is I know that those two statements are true but I can’t I can’t prove them in a proper way and until I can I can only say something like that I know sometimes I seem pretty skeptical but sometimes I am you know I have to maintain that I can’t just believe every little thing I hear already a little theory or piece of information someone gives me because a lot of different people tell me ooh a lot of different people tell me a lot of different things and it’s up to me to decide and to distinguish what is legitimate and what is plausible it’s up to you guys to do the same I mean there’s some crazy theories out there people some people believe that the Sasquatch are from another world or they’re light beings and they change into trees and they go into trees and I’m open to all kinds of mysteries and theories and even the interdimensional stuff I’m open to the theories because there’s a lot of stuff we don’t know about the universe but we can’t try and explain this mystery with more mysteries you know what I mean we we need facts we need hard evidence unfortunately right now no I’m basically what I do is I try to gather as much information as I can weigh it out but the only time that you will actually see me you lace on my boots and rent on the doors when somebody says they have something physical then I wanted you know which is why I had the test the scat tested now the hair the bag of hair I sent to John bender Nagel he sent to other people who have since said they didn’t get it and unfortunately dr. bender navel passed away a few days ago and I have another friend Tyler Huggins he’s a researcher he’s working on that for me and that whole bag of hair then a skin attached to someone and I and I know it’s from a sasquatch because I collected it myself personally from you know from a sasquatch that was actually in a trap and it’s really too bad but on the other hand if there is somebody who is intercepting this evidence which I firmly believe then it makes all the sense in the world that was a mistake sending all that hair in one Bay I should have sent half of it it’s a mistake and the other thing too is anybody who was lobbying for Sasquatch DNA evidence or anything like that is the last person now that I’ll send it to I’ll send it to somebody else as a matter of fact if I get physical evidence there’s probably about ten different people right now that are on the list and they haven’t spoken to and if it was public you can be you can rest assured they’ve already got their samples it has to be that way I don’t understand why unless somebody comes to my house and explains to me why it’s being covered up and can give me a good reason that I agree with you no I just wish when I worked at the Smithsonian that I knew more about this subject because I went through the anthropology storage area I would love to have gone back in there and talked to a couple people but unfortunately I just left the Smithsonian when when that when I got into this which is a shame I think it was a missed opportunity for me night to another cold night no activity you know time at home goes by so fast you do the same thing every night you watch Netflix you have dinner whatever next thing you know it’s time for bed you wake up in the morning this type of work but when you come out here the time just time slows right down and you’re like aw crap what am I gonna do for the next 12 hours and in the winter it gets dark out so early so it’s like makes it worse when you’re alone you know when you have friends with you it’s not that bad it’s a lot more tolerable cuz you can just bullshit tell jokes and stories it’s a lot easier a lot easier when you have people with you now the people I know who’ve seen the males the big males like one of my friends have seen quite a few he says the big ones he says he says they’re muscled up like you wouldn’t believe like they are just prime specimens like super super Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroids type physics on and like apparently it’s really something to behold like they are so intimidating they’re just you know very much shoulders you know what narrower to the hips you know whereas Patti had the wide hips you know I mean she looked like a female in a lot of ways if you look at the differences so I think that and the males are a lot bigger a lot taller you know big tracks are like you know 19 inches long and a friend to measure the tree said one with an 18 and 3/4 inch footprint was 9 feet 10 inches slouching but the big ones slouch anyways they have that almost like I don’t back up here you can see the break in the back even on the Patterson footage and then some of these little photographs that I have when I look at photographs of sasquatches around it to the break to the shoulder is one of the first things I look for you know another thing they don’t straighten up like the peg was taped where the ones looking up in the trees but still when here that one looks up in the trees you’ll notice that the skin stretches from the chin to throat in other words it doesn’t normally have its head out so everything stretches there normally it has its head down and it said about intermediate between a gorilla and a human you know so the physical characteristics – is they tend to have like a shorter shin when they bring their leg forward the foot is longer the shin is shorter so their shin tends to be parallel to the ground when they bring their foot forward you can’t walk like that but they do it’s right there in the film but it’s all that stuff is so subtle unless you’ve trained your eye you don’t really see it unless it’s pointed up to you looks like a man because it’s on two legs you know somebody finds a skull they think it’s a human skull because it looks human somewhat human or very human they’re not looking at the forehead saying well why is in the forehead you know straight up why is the cranium slope backwards you know things like that you would have to be knowledgeable about skulls in order to pick that up right away show a sasquatch track to a foot doctor and they will tell you that’s not a human foot there is no arch they have a flat foot and they have a mid tarsal break but if you look at a true Sasquatch footprint you’ll notice the indentation is on the outside of the foot where as our arches on the inside of ours because we have a fixed art and they have amid tarsal Brits and the foot flexes in the middle but almost always you’ll notice there’s an indentation to the outside of the track the young ones have a narrow heel I believe you found a track I have no doubt that that was very little very likely and it wasn’t a bear track I saw the picture of it it’s likely a sasquatch track and it wasn’t a big one you know you find a 12-inch track it will have a narrow heel you know if you find a 15 inch track with a wide heel it’s likely female you see you find a 15 inch track with a narrow heel is likely a male because it’s still gonna get bigger but as they get bigger their heels wide note but you know the whole thing about talking like that is people I’ve already made up their mind they don’t exist so they think you just reached up and pulling this stuff out of the air I have something to say about skeptical people – is no big deal if you don’t believe in something that’s your writer there’s no big deal okay but if every time somebody brings up the subject you have to say oh no they’re not real well no they’re not real over and over again you’re not a skeptic you’re narcissus because I heard you the first time you know there’s two types of people if you’re investigating Sasquatch sightings and that is people have seen one and people who haven’t okay people who haven’t people who have right and the last thing you need is all those people I haven’t seen what making noise so you can’t hear the one person that you should be listening to you know I don’t blame people who have never seen the Sasquatch or never looked into it I don’t blame them for not believing they’re out there be skeptical all you want but keep it to yourself you know really you can tell somebody wants you not to just saying it over and over and it gets really in the way I’ve got a few pick though that I’m looking forward to talking to if the mysteries ever solved it’s all in fun but I’m looking forward to you know but they don’t even take a look at John Boehner Nagel he spent his life you know on this mystery he passed away a few days ago I think it’s that I would like to have seen him realize you know see the thing accepted to the world before you had to go but a lot of really good researchers have died without it being recognized [Music] you

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