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some folks so I’m so sad always on the phone oh so right now we’re in best bye I am trying to get my hands on a few gaming headsets because I want to test them out and make some videos on them so these are the options right here I definitely think I want to grab this guy in turtlebeach elite 800 I want to get the Astro a 50s I know that a 40s are pretty popular as well so I’m planning on getting just a bunch so I can work on a couple of gaming headset video if you guys are interested in that let me know if you have any suggestions because there are tons of gaming headsets out there let me know which ones are the best which ones you use that you like so I can start looking into those a lot of you guys gave me some suggestions on Twitter but the more the merrier so I could do some thorough researching so you guys could get a bit of an idea of what’s going on inside my head as I try to pick one of these headsets to bring to the channel right now is difficult because the Xbox one has a funky controller and you can’t just use regular wireless headsets for them you gotta have a special one that’s why a lot of them are designed for the Xbox one as you can see here while all the other ones will work for like multiple systems whether it’s ps4 ps3 and mobile so Xbox Microsoft has to go and make it but now the new Xbox one controllers have a 3.5 millimeter jack so you can plug a headset into that but you won’t be able to be completely wireless you have to use a cord so I’m reviewers dilemma but that’s what I’m going through right now so I was looking at these you pretty interesting has glowing lights on the sides but this is a bad thing to showcase I don’t know the brand but this makes me not want to look into it justise best buy your display lost your sale I think I’ve decided on a couple of headsets I’m gonna get try some of these guys out but there’s still a couple more that I’m gonna get my hands on so you guys will see that once I pick them up on a pedigreed people dogs what’s his name also cute so as usual Jenna’s finished but definitely he’s done because he went to be register and pain and is carrying tons of bags but he still wants to walk around and give him spiration this is what we’re doing instead we’re walking around listen I might be inspired like this before having I’m gonna side the biggest side in the world like he does some you were shopping I got candy stomping I’ll be occupied for the next five minutes what he doing so I’m trying to open jet stage making the person people say hey there we go through the problem with this is not promoter excited about you but you know windows tunnel he just spoke Spanish I don’t Windows 10 what kind of tech wise will you be okay I’m making a tower will you Cheryl oh my so greedy they’re gonna be all gone now yeah where are you pointing oh I don’t know that’s it you’re done alright guys so you guys to all the shopping Jen did and now look at him knocked out definition of shop till you drop if you follow me on instagram you probably have that picture already on instagram so if you don’t follow me go and see the picture it’s funny he definitely knocked out he’s shit so you saw all the stuff that I got from Best Buy I got some more stuff from B&H and I still got some more coming in but I just got a bunch of gamer tech so here it is you guys know that I got the Astro a 50s and the Turtle Beach elite 800 X you guys saw my whole thing about you know Xbox one headset versus regular ps4 headsets but either way all of this is what I got and I’ve still got some more coming in I think I got like two more headsets coming in but I’ve got quite a bit I want to test a full range of them I’ve got some from Asus razor I’ve got my pulse wireless headset again because I love the first one so much look it’s not completely broken but I wanted to get a another one just in case it goes all the way I’ve got some stuff from Logitech and some of these are PC headsets but I’m going to be trying a full range of them just so I can make sure I know which ones are the best got one from Triton and I even got my hands on some racing wheels because me and the girls are going to be playing some Mario Kart 8 so we wanted the full experience so we got some racing wheels but yeah this is the Xbox one controller that I’m hoping will make a lot of this stuff possible because with this it comes with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack just like the PlayStation 4’s controller I don’t know why they didn’t do this in the first place but we’ll see this is a must but yeah guys that’s all the headsets that I have in right now I’ve got more coming in so I’m going to be doing my research I’m going to be trying to find some of the best gaming headsets you can buy a couple of different price ranges good question what price range would you guys want to see these gaming headsets in some people will take it more seriously we’ll be willing to spend a bit more those who aren’t probably one spend less I want to know what how much are you willing to spend on a gaming headset definitely let me know down in the comments below just so I can have an idea of what I should be shopping around in so I can give you guys my opinions on those ranges but guys some of these headsets look freakin amazing look at these designs they’re nuts but you probably would look really silly going outside with any of these but they look cool for indoors oh yeah I forgot to mention I got this cool mousepad from a course here this is actually similar to the one that I have here but I like the design a bit better and it’s a bit thicker so should have a little bit more durability these are pretty flimsy so I got this guy not expensive either like 16 bucks you know what why not unbox one of these guys I think I’ll take out the razor timet how about that mine as well if I’m showing you guys all this stuff might as well unbox them right so let’s unbox this guy guy keep catching my attention anyway alright guys so this is gonna be a quick little unboxing I got the camera up on a monopod so let’s get this going oh so I might not even need my little unboxing knife let’s see just pull this little sticker up screw it right boom and boom so here’s the box alright so let’s open this up and boom some nice presentation here I must say so this is it this is the headset it’s got an amp a mix amp right here so let’s put this out man these headsets are huge so let’s see if we can pull this out okay I’ll strap in okay take camp out there we are all right so here we have it this is the laser TM it 7.1 surround sound man look at this does something check this out guys this thing looks nuts so these are all the drivers inside so these are the little speakers that deliver sound now typically depending on the headphone there’s usually one inside of the ear cup on each side but this one has five I believe so that’s ten different drivers that’s going to deliver some insane surround sound hopefully so this is gonna be pretty crazy I am amazed I love to see through design Wow razor good job and with something like this you can control all the sounds that you’re getting from your headset so you can control quite a bit lots of dials here buttons so it’s pretty interesting I’ve never used a gaming headset with one of these before so it’s going to be a first for me now like I said this is a PC gaming headset but I’m going to try it out with all different systems see what I can make it work with and here it is look look at all these cables guys this is how you know you’re into some serious stuff this is insane I took this little girl out her name is cookie we just got her a couple of days ago this is her debut she’s actually going to the groomers now these girls are about to take her but this is her welcome her your average Yorkie she’s actually has an Instagram page as well she’s only four months old aw shit over general does hair in her face so she’s gonna get groomed up so follow her on your average Yorkie and she’ll be interacting with you guys that this wants me so we’ll catch you guys in the next one this is just her a little debut yeah my place don’t think we’re crazy we’re just a little we are those people who have an Instagram for their doggies but it’s fun whatever there are lots of accounts like that okay so then later guys

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