New Kennedy assassination documents released

tonight history buffs and many of those who lived during the assassination of President John F Kennedy are still waiting to see those new documents of investigating his death people are so excited about this some think that they will confirm Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed the lone assassin others though will search for clues of a conspiracy not on your side Tamaki check with what local experts think and he’s here with what they had to say okay Tom what about it well Tonya like so many others I vividly recall this sort of headline in 1963 I know exactly where I was when the president’s life was cut short John F Kennedy captured the spirit of American possibilities and his loss actually changed the world’s history since then questions of who killed him and why have produced controversial answers and the new documents may not clear the muddy waters anytime soon John Kennedy drew huge crowds when he came to downtown Cincinnati in both 1960 and 1962 he was Catholic energetic engaging and urged people to serve America Hamilton County auditor Dusty Rhodes was at that 1962 rally it was magnetic it was magnetic everybody was just enthralled Tim Burke was motivated by Kennedy to enter public service particularly he is an augur a Shinto dress I still remember the line I ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country like the rest of the nation Rhodes and Burke were stunned by the 1963 assassination in Dallas both leaned toward the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone but these new documents could lend credence to that view or conspiracy theorists neither Burke nor Rhodes thinks there will be any bombshells but they’re prepared to be surprised I still think a lot of people really don’t know what happened or think there is more to it than we ever were told I think if there was something dramatic in there frankly Ward would have gotten out by now helmet County Municipal Court Judge Tyrone Yates claims to the Lone Gunmen theory as well but we’ll look at the documents a bit differently the release of the papers are likely to describe some government insufficiency in tracking mr. Oswald as a potential threat against the President as an associate professor of history at NKU its Burke Miller’s job to teach the assassination conspiracy theories and all he thinks people will focus on Oswald’s travel and military history while searching for clues plus there were CIA and FBI operations going on and presidents been trying to protect those people because some of those Ron going now Miller says he’s excited about this new information because it proves that history is alive and can change if new evidence is uncovered still this tragedy in American history made it be maybe debated for another 50 years perhaps longer and I will tell you I’ve been talking to people who said they’ve been like waiting all day for this stuff to come out they’re gonna sit there and pour through everything and the conspiracy theory part of it will be huge of course we see a lot of websites and social media on that well

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