New York Rangers 2017-2018 season preview


[Music] New York Rangers 2017-2018 season preview the Rangers had themselves a pretty good season last year how are things gonna do this year stay tuned to find out a few additions and subtractions during this offseason.

First let’s start by talking about the Rangers did last year and then how they finished in the wild-card position in the East 102 points 48 wins 253 goals.

They scored when the best offenses an NHL only gave up 216 goals one of the best defenses in an then range I should say I think it was 12 overall towards percent power play 80% penalty kill I remember saying towards the end the season that I feel most felt sorry for the Rangers because they were just in such a ridiculously tough division he had the Presidents Trophy winner Washington Capitals the Stanley Cup winner gets repentance Columbus Blue Jackets had themselves a fantastic season as well the Rangers 102 point team like they just they just could not take that next step but I think it actually worked out for him at least the first round of playoffs well I worked out from the second round of playoffs to if they could have pulled their act together and beaten Ottawa but they got a run around under their belt being Montreal Canadiens beating Carey price first Henrik Lanka it’s not a bad matchup and they had their chances their interchanges to beat all a while they couldn’t hold on leads but c’est la vie right what’s done is done it’s time to move forward and the Rangers definitely did move forward but I think a lot of people it was a it kind of under under the radar team underestimated and even with losing to Ottawa in today’s Dineen shell how many teams went around and playoffs right yeah I mean you know what you’re gonna have 15 teams now I don’t make the playoffs and of the 16 that do make it 8 aren’t going to make the playoffs right so if my math is all right only eight teams and even when one round and playoffs you’re a pretty good company right so congratulations Rangers I know you want to win the competence and all that stuff but hey should take your auto off the door was open for you know what I mean as far as the individual stats go bet you koala leave miss teen 59 points he said I feel like he’s way younger than he is he’s Burton could get sneaky up there at age 80 Miller fantastic players well Derek stop on who is now gone from the team talk about that here a little bit Chris Kreider I felt like this was the first year for me yeah usually I was thinking Chris Kreider this is it this is it iridium in fantasy and this year of course I didn’t and then I feel like this is the year you count blossomed into a good quality goal scorer Rick masters you can see towards the bottom they were playing 66 games last year 38 points he’s entering the last year in this contract it’s a whopper 7.8 million dollars for an older Rick Nash would they do with him I don’t know I think it might be time for him to be traded come trade deadline towards the doors dad still haunts Iran so of course not with the team anymore Henrik Lundqvist the body of work over his career is fantastic he didn’t have the best season of his life last year stay percentage down goals against down a member time there’s even controversy you know we gonna play loser number one is that one says Lundqvist I I still think it would I would have constant Blanc was and that’s what they did and they want to run in the playoffs but act like he’s all washed up um totally offseason moves that they made Kevin Shack that they brought in they loose I’m Brian Smith public comes over from the Winnipeg Jets they are named motorist situation fourth line player there and Anthony DeAngelo as well what are some of the acquisition acquisitions that’s a tough one to say I think it’s a German word acquisition Kevin shot and Kirk the best defenseman on the market I think as far as free agency goes I think it was it reminded me of a couple years ago on top of Vanek went to the Minnesota Wild and everyone knows who was going to go there was all the old shopping offers I’m walking around and stuff and I did hear some rumors that the Devils or a clearing cap room trying to lure him and stuff but I think we all kind of know that he was going to go to the Rangers sign them for a couple years and he’s going to help that power play out he’s a great puck moving defenseman sometimes I argue lacks a little bit on the defensive side a tiny little overpaid but hey look he’s gonna help the car place and help move the puck alyona the Rangers and there’s a good defensive and when you look at okay the Rangers lost Dan Girardi you’re replacing with a chem chattin Kirk I think that’s an upgrade yeah you know I Gerardi more of a defensive player and shat Kirk a little bit more more complete quick all-around got more speed hands skill all that stuff so I like I like to fly it upgrade and relinquish like you said was he 35 now boy i I feel like the window is starting to start to slowly shut I mean it’s not closed right the Rangers are still a good team like we said they were not many teams get into playoffs it actually went around so the windows not closed but it’s definitely starting to get a little bit sneaky because once look last year with with wantá– and for whatever reason lunk was called it quits you had a pretty good backup now and it’s like okay one goose is getting up there in age who’s that next goalie that’s gonna come and replace it well you don’t replace it hundred one course we all know that but you get my point right a quality number one goalie who’s capable of playing top you know a 65 games for the next ten years right it will just grow on trees so I feel like the Rangers that they’re gonna do this thing with Lundqvist they really really need to get it done pretty quickly their prey been a praying a playoff team for many many years now and but the Rangers fans they would they want the cup right and who can blame them right um Chris Kreider good season last year yeah yeah yeah the carry fry stuff I know they didn’t like 11 years and people every time I said Chris Crary ready to go Curt price like what that’s stupid come on get out here quality player big size speed I I think if he just lined up and you know sprinted in a straight line he do probably one of the fastest players in NHL that always always translate you know you’re quick there was only translating to offense or anything anything outside of being quick but 28 goals last year I feel like this is finally him starting to prove himself year after year I feel like he always the one leaving more I was expecting more at least statistically speaking and last year for me it was one of the first years I felt boom Chris Kreider here we go look for him once again keep things up he gives a bit of a jibba jibba jibba jabba the bit of a jab a lot of people with Derek Stepan Whelan were like okay this guy even number one center he’s a good player and if you look at his stats you know he’s not a top line center in the essence of a Sidney Crosby or Steve Stamkos or you know something like that but John Tavares but then he can prove it but I think he is still a number one center in the NHL and might look at the trade that they made last year for bring anything whilst Derek for sorry Brian’s avenged add I think that the Rangers are very happy with how things have turned out put up great numbers last year if he gets a little bit more ice time this year playing top line a little bit more even power playing looks and stuff I look for his dad’s to go up a little bit I’m expecting big things from him this year a lot of pressure on him but I think if he did so the Rangers to continue their offensive trend like they have did last year you need to be 65 70 point player 30 goal scorer I don’t think that’s other impossibilities for him I think he’s very very underrated he’s se made a big stink last year I think about what Walden that big sting but you and me like he was doing this tour thing like who Morgan I was yes yes – yes today at 11:00 and all that whatever usually with the Rangers have himself a pretty good season look for them to improve once again JT Miller one of the quiet one of the quiet underrated young players I think for the New York Rangers and just in the NHL in general um 24 years old and pencils a pretty good season last year once again that the offense is going to come down the guys like Zuccarello it’s going to come down as a dinner jab then come down to JT Miller these are the guys that are providing Chris Kreider Rick Nash pretty pretty well rounded now that they start rattling off the names I’m pretty impressed with exactly how they’re doing that’s a gorilla like we said getting up there in age he’s gonna be 30 I think when NHL season start and he’s a good little player as well and not knocking him like mad Zuccarello it just it’s just squeaky to me some of the players the Rangers like I feel like they haven’t been around that long and then boom all suddenly these guys are 30 I was Chris Kreider by the way look him up a little he’s 26 years old yeah Rick Nash 33 but he’s praying we’d be done at the end next year which of course speaking of that will Rick Nash what do you think happens a Rick – I think they’ll probably end up moving away from him by the end of next season I look if if the Rangers are in a playoff position if there’s comfortably in a playoff position they probably won’t pull the trigger and trade him because you know you want to have your idea that the best team possible going in through the playoffs but then of course you run the risk of losing him for absolutely nothing it’s a tricky situation it just it is it is what it is and if he’s having themself a pretty good season then you can see both sides of the coin once again like illustrate it mystery values hi let’s get a first-round pick or something like that and then while we get rid of the guy who’s already putting up 30 goals this year that’d be silly we’re going in the playoffs we want to make a run we need the best team possible so a bit of a tricky situation running into what’s going to happen with Rick Nashville overall I like this Rangers team the addition of shat and Kirk to that blue line can sort of combine those guys at Marc Staal I am a done em Brian Smith Nick Holden all you liber8 losses danger Rd as far as the blue line goes and on the the offensive side Derek Stepan goes to the Arizona coyotes in returning at the seventh overall pick that they used on Elias Anderson don’t expect him to see any time this year in the NHL but I was told through the Rangers draft issue really quickly interesting this is the highest draft pick they’ve had and like ever in fact they had two first-round picks this year and 2016 they didn’t have a pick to the third round 2015 didn’t have attack until the 41st overall 2014 they didn’t having to take total 59th overall 2013 they didn’t have until the 65th overall you’d go back into 2012 they had a first-round draft pick Brady staged squishy whatever his name is then of course in 2011 is when JT Miller was drafted so not a whole lot of like incredible young first-round draft picks just child got the bit waiting to get in that’s why I say it if you like the Rangers window starting to go down just a little bit then you want to get something done they need to do it quickly I still envision this team making the playoffs probably going to be somewhere around they were last year fighting for a wild-card spot maybe dip a little bit overall point total but not by much because I really don’t think the addition subtractions or I think they’re right back to square one right is it’s like a zero-sum game yeah you lost step on but yeah guys who are still provide the offense yeah yeah you lost your Rd but you bring in Kevin Shaq Kirk so the blue line looks good henrik lundqvist though if he gets a little bit of an injury problem or something like that or he just has an inconsistent season I’d be a little bit worried I’m not a hundred percent sort of in public when the goalies that are the goals if it brought in but Rangers I’m still expecting them to be in the playoffs this year that’s only got four days who talked below one that you think don’t forget to like comment share subscribe New York Rangers how do you think they’re going to do this year we’ll see you later

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