Nicole Kidman: Stanley Kubrick explained to her who runs The World:this explains so much

good morning guys let’s start this with um John McCain and in the Trump dossier that we know is fake it says there are serious questions about why McCain’s longtime associate David Kramer was involved in getting the unverified sealed dossier to the head of the FBI and puppet Obama it says in rogue spooks the intelligence were on Donald Trump Dick Morris and Ellen McCann exposed a bizarre role played by McCain and his associate in question why they were involved at all well I’m about to tell you why they were involved and it involves a lot broader thing than most people realize to the individual that sent me this article and it was this was an article a little while ago actually no August 13 take that back you know usually we discount things from Hollywood however in an interview that they did with Nicole Kidman Stanley Kubrick and there are people you know I’ve always felt that people such as George Carlin and there’s some other people that these people have access to knowledge that the average person doesn’t have access to some of the people that they come in contact with are extremely knowledgeable and and so what Stanley Kubrick told her is who runs the world and it says you’re Stanley Kubrick claimed that the world is run by pedophiles according to Nicole Kidman who says the reclusive director taught her how the world works and who is really in control behind the scenes while filming the movie Eyes Wide Shut and she says Stanley told me the world is run by pedophiles she was promoting HBO’s big little lies in Los Angeles he studied secret societies his whole life he was fascinated by them and I have to admit I had been too and I think many people are and he said the elite the top secret societies they are full of men with a certain predilection they are tied together sort of bonded by pedophilia they all know each other’s dark secrets there is no way out for any of them it’s a lifetime bond if one of them even she says even if one of them wanted to go straight repent so to speak he can’t his peers will bring him down they are in it until death driving the world to room that’s kind of how Stanley explained it but it was all very complex I’m probably not doing it justice you know it is very complex and yet at the same time it’s very simple the 1999 film strained Kidman and her dead husband Tom Cruise with Stanley Kubrick’s last outing as director before his death the same year many people believe Kubrick gave away too many secrets in the film about secret societies and the global elite and may have cost him his life could well be asked if Kubrick’s knowledge of secret societies and their darkest secrets had anything to do with his death Kidman raised an eyebrow and said that’s not a question I can answer here though maybe I could none of you in the media would be allowed to print would you the men who own your companies wouldn’t allow it to get out Kidman said a brave speaker of truth Nicole Kidman had contracts canceled by two Hollywood studios earlier this year after she dared to go against the current Hollywood agenda by saying we need to support whoever as president by daring to speak about the possible reasons for Stanley Kubrick’s death she is now running the risk of further attack she’s running the risk of being killed while she was not willing to comment on the cause of Kubrick’s death Kidman was willing to say that the reclusive director was not expecting death to come so soon Stanley’s next film was going to be about psychopathic pedophiles he said he was going deeper down the rabbit hole he always had four of five projects ready to go he was a meticulous researcher he believed the most powerful films always have a hard grounding in truth Kubrick was a lifelong student of power structures with many of us films exhibiting a closely observed genius for exposing the corruption depravity and madness of elite institutions whether it was the military-industrial complex like dr. Strangelove and Full Metal Jacket ultraviolence a Clockwork Orange psycho psychological horror The Shining or psychopathic pedophilia Lolita his unnamed unfinished project Stanley Kubrick took on the issues that matter you know it’s um you know one of my friends he’s retired Air Force colonel and he he’s gotten a little older and stuff and then he doesn’t get around he had a stroke many years ago that has kind of like really taken him down and but he told me years ago there were four or five hundred secret societies and he said any one of them can rear their ugly head at any one time and you know you you don’t realize the power that these people have until you really dig into it explains an awful lot like with the the bilderbergs the Council on Foreign Relations of course the group out in California yeah it’s brown Blanc but um you know is founded back in 1923 or something like that and you know all of these groups are so many of them and they’re all connected by pedophilia and I have no doubt that Donald Trump was told that after he became president they told him they said look you don’t touch Soros and you don’t touch the Clintons there’s a certain people you don’t touch because if you do we will destroy the entire economy we will bring it down we will destroy not only you but we will destroy all of it we’re going to come after you but if you try to take these people down these people are untouchable that’s why the Clintons walk in Obama that’s why they’ll walk around like they have nothing to fear because they’re so protected so the next time me you or anybody else gets angry at what’s going on and and you get angry at Trump it’s like why don’t you do this why don’t you do that just remember I surely believe that he’s been told you leave those people alone or else I have no doubt that Jeff Sessions has been told you touch the Clintons you touch Soros and you’re all going to go down we will take you out I have no doubt of that and for Stanley Kubrick to do what he did and to tell and for Nicole Kidman I have newfound respect for her um you know for her to come out like this I mean she’s not only put herself at risk she’s put her whole family at risk and I mean these are powerful people but you know and I go back to the prophecy of Mark Taylor when he says you’re going to see people going down that you’ve never thought I believe Donald Trump has a plan to take these people down but it’s going to take a while to do it and we have to be patient these people are not easy to get to it’s there’s certain things that have to be done you have to go in it I think in a back end sort of way if that makes sense and you have to work your way up and then take them out take their feet out from underneath them and you have to it’s kind of like a fighting a fire you know if you go head-on to a major fire it’s going to eat you up so what you do is you go around the back way and you cut off any escape that the fire would have and you basically let the fire eat itself out and that may be what what President Trump is doing and they are coming at him from all directions and and remember that Mark Taylor and Kim Clemens both said that the pedophilia is worldwide so when you think about that think about McCrone especially Angela Merkel the pupils we Netherlands Great Britain these are the people at the top it’s not just men it’s women too we know we know Hillary is just rotten to the core we know about the dust we know about Bill we know about all these people we know the pedophiles Hollywood is filled with them we know that or we have rumblings of Jaycee we we know that from Justin Bieber and I have to say I actually have some respect for the guy to come out and to say what he did about how he was approached it’s like look here’s the world the financial world that you have access to if you come with us if you have sex with that kid over there and he realized eventually he would have to kill that jet you can be one of us and he knew if he went that direction he was done that’s all for now god bless y’all have a good day guys bye-bye

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