No Moore GOP

If the Republican Party thinks the Roy Moore nightmare is over, they need to think again. The GOP is deep into an identity crisis. The party of Lincoln got behind a pro-slavery Neanderthal. The populist, fascists and white supremacists of the Steve Bannon Republican Party have delivered a pro-abortion Democrat to the US Senate. The true conservatives will pay the price for the Moore legacy and will be tasked with trying to rebuild the foundation of the party while still serving under a Neanderthal in chief.

There can be no forgetting about the party backing Moore. It was a betrayal of their own core as well as a selling out of America to party interests. This will not be an event that will be let go of anytime soon. For the record, Moore is a bigot as well as a pedophile and a self-righteous hypocrite. He came out of the same dirty swamp that President “drain” did and he is the epitome of everything that fringe element wants in the Make America Great Again plan.

As much as the chief excuse maker wants to distance himself from Moore, by saying he wanted Luther Strange, the fact is he was the Republican leading the charge to back Moore for the sake of the seat:

The Trump/Bannon faction has created a tsunami that is brewing in the Democratic waters that we will all pay a price for. As I have noted and and argued for a long time, America wants to be centrist. Any push too hard to the left or right will always be met with an equal force from the opposite side. Trump and Bannon have pushed the country into a corner of McCarthy-like extremism and handed the extreme left a sledge hammer in the process. Meanwhile, the party itself is now as divided and polarized as the two parties are.

Roy moore is now and for the foreseeable future the poster boy for the GOP and every Trump-loving MAGA fool owns it.

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