Open Tuning B-E-B-E-B-E Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Scott Grove

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hello folks Scott Grove here of groovy music lessons calm you can always find out my free lessons if you are on YouTube right now by clicking the link right below here will take you to all my free lessons you can spend the rest of your life with free lessons on there they’re all laid out for guitar for bass or for country or for what have you okay since earlier today I happen to throw out a really short and worthless video for bass guitar I figured I’d do the same thing for a acoustic guitar now this here’s just an alternate tuning which is um uh Turley also useless as was the last video I did but I used to play around with this a lot when I was a kid which was like 40 years ago okay which means I’m old way older than 40 okay watch the lickin so my pic can be sticking because I grabbed a pick the don’t stick today okay so what did we do let’s get down here where we can make some actual noise okay all I have done just to let you know which generally helps when I let you know is I tune the guitar from okay so it’s e like normal be like normal and everything else is tuned down so it’s another e then another bee then another E and another B okay EB EB EB okay when you do this of course your guitar your acoustic anyway will go nuts on you and the top will shift and the bridge will shift on the neck tension will shift so when you tune these high E string and the B string at first and they’re already there anyway then when you go to and loosening everything else that these two will go away sharp on you so you’re going to need to tune this three or four times to get it right okay so knowing that now that we have everything tuned like this was it good for not a whole heck of a lot except for just your major scale okay the thing is I do is I play all B notes all six of these I make B notes how do I do that I go to the a string with my middle finger seventh fret seventh fret on my g string and then seventh fret on my high E string okay so now so you’re just skipping every other string so now you have bee bee bee bee bee bee okay all six of them are beast drinks now or bnotes okay so now we just go from our root which is B of course the whole guitar is now B now we go one two three just like your old doremi things doing be they don’t think you know just your typical scale delaney either nothing and you can play those notes so B then your two going up to the next go to the ninth fret okay 11th fret we have seven 911 Iike go 12 and then up to 14 good 216 if you have a cutaway okay so the rest of this just to get you around you can already tell it’s actually kind of cool this is this is really nice for recording okay to use this whenever you’re playing something in the key of B or any other key you can tune this way you know tune yo da da da or G you djidi djidi djidi whatever any of those tunings where it’s just root for through fifth root fifth okay but you’ll always have the same scale okay again seven again skipping everything starting on the a string then the g string then the E string seven nine eleven twelve fourteen okay seven nine eleven and twelve fourteen and as a nice passing note if you have a cutaway the 16 the other two nice ones are second and fourth fret it’s nice to stop down here at the second fret okay just same is doing the fourteenth in the sixteenth just sounds nice to stop there’s there’s an octave higher now not double over here okay what I’m going to show you is this a little actually subliminally subconsciously I guess took this from a Kenny Rogers song of all things I didn’t know I did I thought I wrote this song but come to find out a couple years later that I actually ripped it off of Kenny Rogers which is okay so taking these chords and starting at the end ninth and then 11 okay and then there is another tune that came out not too long ago I can’t what the heck it was you guys probably already know what it is I used to play with my other bands then the new – dinner – don’t interrupt and did it in – do you do that dude yeah yeah okay so you know the song and was it slide that kidding me what was called if it is let me know anyway but that’s what I came up with was that okay so that type of thing but just gives you something to mess with that’s really nice to add 2 to 4 in the low B then harmonics the seventh fret that’s just where it sounds cool as where you can get your be home Onix instead of your e if you ever want to do that to take your a string which is now your E and now it’s your 12th and 5th frets okay but your loby it’s real nice and strong here your seventh fret harmonics so again whatever you want to do with that but whatever you again whatever you want to be with it that’s it just an alternate tuning for you and just to show you how you can use just the major scale your one two three five six seven and all the way up if you can do it we can do your major flatted seven you go down to five and do open also and of course could it tune that way okay there you go once again Scott Grove groovy music lessons calm drop by any old time all the free lessons you can handle tons of you can pay forward to if you ever get so inclined to and just enjoy yourself enjoy the channel that’s got a bunch of goofy junk all over here and it’s just the strangest place to hang out and would enjoy having here okay so enjoy destroying your axe and doing whatever that was we just did later kids

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