Projecting the 17-18 NY Rangers Lineup

so while kids in the neighborhood screamed bloody murder in the background and I don’t know if that’s going to get picked up by the microphone or not just starting with that let’s talk about the Rangers now the Islanders are kind of at our picture the Rangers not so much but so we’re turning forwards you got a good bunch you got Nash Stefan Crider Zuccarello JT miller kevin hayes michael Grabner pavel book nebbish Jimmy vici restricted free agency got Perry humble Savannah dad fast and Lindbergh pump oh I think they’re just going to let him go I mean I don’t think that they’re qualified I think he’ll go is a us a period Enel as a vintage ad they’ll keep him because you know they gave up for sard to get them so they’ll keep them for at least a while longer if nine million in cap space their blue line is better than it gets credit for it got stalled Girardi McDonough Cline Holden Shea camper assigned for two more years that to me looks like the kind of guy that you assigned to go hey Vegas one grab this guy and then clad beddings a restricted free agent so the Rangers showed in round one that they can compete and they can play playoff hockey and locusts the returning goaltender again next year he returned to the playoffs and was victorious this year the first row the second round was more of the challenge and in terms of where they’re at lunk fist is is still one of the best in the game but it’s going to start to be a factor from here rata is one of the best backups in lead I know I did a bate a while back where I talked about ten goal tenders who could help other teams and I didn’t mention righto which got a lot of flak from Rangers fans are just casual viewers to my channel I didn’t mention Ron tech because I can’t see the Rangers giving up Ranta I believe he’s the guy he’s going to take over for lumpiness and I think the Rangers brain trust knows this and they have no intention to moving them so it’ll be interesting to see what they do lunk list has an eight million dollar contract still but Ron tala gets paid a million so that’s that’s chump change for what Ron – brings them I expect more of a split next year between the two in terms of 50:35 whether Lundqvist is healthy or not but it’ll be interesting to see what happens – cuz upfront Rick Nash is a lightning rod on the blue line shows Marc Staal Girardi definitely has been as well in terms of what he brings in whether or not he’s worth what they pay him and maybe that’s a New York thing maybe Islanders Rangers are both guilty of having guys on their rosters who are paid too much money the fact that Nash and Stefan of the two highest paid forwards is odd since Zuccarello is the heart and soul of the team and JT Miller and Chris Kreider or the future and Vukovich in VC are potential future a VC came in with a lot of a lot of hype this year and I kind of knew he wasn’t going to live up to it but I think he’s a good forward and I think he provides good value and I think there’s potential for him to grow although as I said last year when he signed he’s cut these guys come in at a college they’re older than your junior players what you see is likely what you get so their upside is lower they come in they’re more NH already they’re more built for NHL games but in terms of their ability to become stars if they’re not stars now it’s not as likely um but I’ll be interested to see what they do I’ll be interested to see if Savannah jad continues to develop he had a not not a banner year this year but he’s capable of having those I like him a lot and I can’t say enough good things about Brady Shea I think Shea is the next guy the Rangers are going to overpay because it’s the Rangers you overpay guys it’s what you do I goes back to Bobby Halik and before that the Rangers will repay guys and I’m sure that will continue the the one thing that you got to watch too is that gravity is in I believe it’s the second year of a two-year deal yeah second year of a two-year deal he makes 1.6 million and they’re going to be tempted to Reese I numb early because I think they’re getting a deal I know Grabner scored a lot of goals last year I’m highly suspicious since it’s more goals than he scored in the last I believe it’s 5 years since he had that 30 all season I’m highly suspicious of the goals he scored this year he played well and in the playoffs he was you know a very key guy for the Rangers and knocking a Montreal but I have my doubts he can do it two seasons in a row I think he’s capable of playing well I think he’s he’s got a lot of moxie he’s he’s got a lot of things that I like in his game but that goal scoring could be a mirage and if it is who picks up the slack that could be a real problem for the Rangers next year so in terms of expansion I would expect maybe climb gets picked up an expansion I can’t see haze or steppin or anything being available and like I can’t see stepping being a guy that I guess would take but it’ll be interesting to see what happens because we have 9.2 million in cap space under the 73 million dollar cap and they haven’t decided yet whether or not they’re going to bump that up to 77 million 876 or 77 million next year if they bump it up if they bump it up it will allow the rangers to make an improvement I’m guessing the blue line and there’s a lot of talk about chat and Kirk shuttin Kirk you have to move money out before he burned Shattuck Kirk in the shadow Kirk’s gonna want a lot of money and a lot of term and I honestly think whoever gets shot in Kirk is going to have buyer’s remorse I absolutely think he’s overrated I think he’s he’s a good defenseman I think he’s he’s a top four guys good puck mover but I think the ways being talked about now you would think he’s a second coming in the clean room and and if the thought process is well if he goes to this team he’ll turn everything around and that team will be a cup contender I think that would be foolish he’s good player but as shown with Washington this spring I don’t know if he’s core guy I don’t know if he’s a guy that that you build your team around I mean I could be wrong but we’ll see and then the other problem is if you had shot and Kirk you got shot and Kirk Shea stalled McDonnell Girardi I mean you’ve got five top four defenseman right there so somebody has to go and odds are it’s going to be I would think marks all would be the one they’d want to get rid of but who’s taking that contract who’s taking Girardi’s contract so now you’re picking up Shannon Kirk but in order to get him you’re probably trading out young players along with an experienced defense Anders overpaid and you’re trading at those young players to make sure players to make sure that somebody will take to that contract and the contract you’re taking on the shot and Kirk could end up being a bad contract too so it’ll be interesting to see what they do and at the draft they’re 21 so the draft likely doesn’t help them but you can let me know what you think let me know who you think the Rangers can pick up if shot and Kirk dancer don’t forget to hit like and subscribe either there’s 38 percent of viewers who are not subscribed I know who you are the internet I can follow tubes so hit like and subscribe it won’t hurt you I promise cattle dog shell again real soon

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