[Music] my oh my what a difference three years can make I missed that little nugget he was so small fluffy oh my goodness anyway Kota can you tell me what day today is do you want to help me tell Cooper cuz my voice is back I can do it in our normal way do you want to help me out with it here we go alright what’s up guys and welcome back to another episode of a super Cooper Sunday come on coop come on it’s your special day we didn’t skip it this week how excited are you its back the super Cooper Sundays are back and today we have a very fun episode plans do you guys see how excited we are for super duper Sunday are you that excited are you that excited no not that excited anyway guys today we have a special episode because a couple days from now on Wednesday you guys know it’s going to be Valentine’s Day so this is going to be our special Valentine’s Day episode and we have a ton of fun stuff planned first up we are going to be starting it with a Valentine’s Day a photo shoot you guys can see we have all sorts of props we got a white sheet that we’re gonna set up and we’re going to bring you guys behind the scenes of a super Cooper photo shoot because I’m sure you guys know some like to help way too much and then others sometimes don’t like to participate so it should be fun it should be a good time and there’s two reasons why we want to do this so number one is we’re going to start posting on the boys social media more so like their Twitter account their Instagram account stuff like that we made them and we post on easily but we would like to give you guys more updates throughout the week and use the stories and stuff like that post pictures that kind of thing so you guys get more updates than just on Sunday so that’s a good thing we also have a surprise for you guys hopefully at least one of these pictures turns out and we’re gonna pick some of you to send a Valentine’s card to so stay tuned at the end of the video yes so we’re gonna make some custom super Cooper Valentine’s Day cards with pictures of the boys and some of you guys are gonna get to be their Valentine who wouldn’t want to be these handsome Devils Valentine right here or maybe you’re into bigger white boys I don’t know it depends on what you like and then at the end of the video we’ve got a few surprises in store because you guys know we like to be ridiculous and crazy in this series so we got Cooper a few Valentine’s Day bears and man I’m so excited for this you guys know he loves stuffed animals right now he’s loving on his Buffalo right here he’s seen is he sleeping how do you know you could move your head right you guys know he loves stuffed animals you’ve seen some large stuffed animals in the past I like the Olaf and stuff like that and even some of the ports but this is gonna be the biggest stuffed animal that Cooper has ever seen and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have a meltdown I can’t wait for it so hopefully you guys are ready this should be good let’s get in to the photo shoot so if we’re gonna need a backdrop so we got a white sheet coupe you want to help hang it here we go just for him he knows that we got it just for him he’s so excited about it code I don’t you like white sheets come on come here good boy check it out gonna make sure it’s safe for the house why why would you do that they say that you can test a dog’s intelligence by how long it takes him to get out from under a sheet any picked up the ball while he was in there that was pretty impressive [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] do you feel bad for these little I didn’t even get it all the way huh huh how about your brother coop help them good boy it’s okay Kota we love you I don’t know how that was lack of intelligence or just lack of effort you [Music] know I really I don’t know what we would do without all your help I really don’t it’s a good thing you were there to take that nap Kota the master of Pinterest over here has found some ideas that she wants to do what is gonna be our first picture I want to see what we have over here so we’ve got like Valentine’s Garland we’ve got roses these stickers we’ve got a sign we’ve got oh no oh no we’ve got balloons it’s a balloon he’s licking his lips already I’m sure you guys have seen the mini episodes where he hates balloons so got a mailbox here for all the Valentine’s Day letters and a little puppy on board so we got some cool stuff you did a great job girl and it looks like we’re gonna be certain basic with the garland the shine are you ready to model this is his first ever like legit photo shoot so this should be fun he loves has been dan those celebrities they’re so hard to work with oh boy do you like that trying to get the shot the first ones done we already got one a good boy yeah we can play fetch now right no it’s kotas turn let’s see what card is doing [Music] do you guys remember when I said in the intro that some like to help way too much and some aren’t really jazzed about the whole idea of helping this is that case in point right here give him a chance to shine okay you stay right here [Music] we could have likes flowers [Music] could be what do you think of the flower do you like it oh don’t eat it okay so what’s your plan with the flower I don’t hope you’ve ever been taught that but we can try take the flower hotdog Brown um I think we have a problem what one of the talent is on strike oh he says that there just aren’t enough cookies involved in this deal and he doesn’t know if he can go on any longer unless he gets more cookies we could do that boys we got cookies one for you be nice one for you be nice the current issue that we’re having is Cooper doesn’t want to give up the opposing spot he doesn’t want to give up the photo-op he wants to sit in this spot it’s not your turn come here Cooper come come sit down lay down down stay there you got to wait there this is a sticker no no no I’m kidding stay sitting is what I meant [Music] good boys we got it there were some funny ones in there look at this dude oh but we did end up getting a good one too yes that was good stuff two more one involves lipstick so it has to be the very last so that means it’s time for the puppy surprise come with me no dogs hey you’re a dog you’re not allowed no dogs allowed to stay good boy we have a massive massive bear that we are going to be introducing Cooper – now these chelsea found they’re kind of like mini bears I mean they’re big bears but this is like half this is like half or a quarter of the size of the other one so this should be good and look we’ve got kind of a yellowish one like Cooper and a white one like Koda are you excited ACOTA are you ready I don’t think you’re going to be as excited about this here we go all right [Music] [Laughter] [Music] do you doing that for bear sort of what do you think of your bear he’s big and white and fluffy just like you scoop hey what do you think he thinks he’s doing is he protecting the house is this like she was but she was but she was but it’s a nice bear he loves you best friends so we’re trying to get a picture with Cooper and both of the Bears he’s absolutely freaking out we got this backup we have not done anything to Koda in like five minutes now and he’s still just chillin over here with his friend good boy do you mind if I borrow him can I borrow your bear is that okay listen you’re gonna get some kisses from my girl don’t go stealing her though okay even though I’m pretty sure you’ve already stole her heart so here we go he’s got his little sign on so we’ve got some extra red nobody judges the application extra crazy lipstick on kisses you getting kisses cool let me kiss you I don’t need a kiss back I don’t need a kiss back I got lipstick on oh you look so cute we’re having trouble with interest in the camera so now we have the ultimate toy the ultimate way to get his attention and looking up it’s amazing how well that works good boy he’s such a good boy we don’t know how well this is going to come off or smear or what-have-you we’re kind of hoping for the best we’ll see how his mapley mat is the way to go we’re busting out the big guns here we’ve got some dog shampoo we’re gonna try this if all else fails you might have to try lake water I don’t know okay I think you would love that no I can take the kisses off kind of a little not really coming on kind of like a live science experiment here on super Cooper Sunday we’ve done some googling and we found out that lip balm might actually help out a little bit so we’re gonna try putting lip balm on his face if not they’re like different like baby shampoos and stuff that we can get that should do the trick but it’s ah Chelsea is gonna take Cooper in the bedroom and I’m gonna open this thing up this thing is literally busting at the scenes it was delivered with the tape broken there is a six-foot teddy bear hidden in this box this thing is like vacuum sealed look at how long his legs are this thing is seriously like 70% leg those legs are so long he’s kind of I mean yeah he’s a little disproportionate but he is cute he’s got a huge head he’s got brown eyes he’s got a little brown bow all right I think Cooper’s gonna love it I’m excited babe I think this is a great idea are you ready you wanna let him out could be come on see what he notices I’m not gonna tell him okay he’s on the bag it’s so big you can’t really throw it around like the other ones sauce [Music] are you tired is this your new best friend do you like him you kind of want to take his legs out holy cow he is so ridiculous it’s been like ten minutes of pure chaos dragging him everywhere trying to drag him in the rocks and then he can’t really move him very well because he’s so big and heavy so I’ve been trying to get him to keep him out here in the flat surface but he’s exhausted you guys can see he worked very very hard no boy Chelsea came up with a great idea I think well we’ll try to put this plan in action but I think we might try be stuffing the bear and having her wear the bear suit I think that would really really crazy so we’ll see if we can bring you guys that in a future episode we’re gonna let them kind of enjoy it and get used to it for like a couple weeks and then maybe one day the bear is gonna come to life that would be pretty awesome but you’re a good boy you’re a good boy too I know you’re tired we hope you guys enjoy but there are two more things we want to mention to you at the end of this video number one is for the Valentine’s Day card giveaway type deals so the first link down the description it’s like gleamed io / a bunch of numbers and letters that’s gonna be the giveaway link it’s just the first way to do it so you go on there and you get entries for every action that you do so like follow the super Cooper Sunday Twitter follow the Instagram and subscribe to the YouTube channel if you do all three those are your three best chances to win and then we’re gonna pick people here in a couple of days and we’re gonna send you a Valentine’s Day card which is gonna be awesome so good luck to you guys and I think we’re gonna try to do a bunch like maybe 50 100 something like that so you guys have a pretty good chance of winning now the other thing we wanted to mention to you guys is to make sure that you knew about and subscribe it to our super Cooper Sunday channel so we talked about it in the last couple of weeks we’re really starting to build that thing up and we actually just had a brand new video go live talking about and kind of detailing our experience this last week of taking Kota to the vet he’s currently sleeping right now but yes if you guys would be interested in kotas trip to the vet and us talking about kind of what issues we’re having and stuff like that then make sure to check it out it’s a pretty good behind-the-scenes video so that’s also gonna be the link down the description go give it a watch and subscribe if you guys want more super Cooper videos so there you guys have it thank you guys so much for watching hopefully you guys enjoy this kiss filled Valentine’s Day video and we are gonna see you guys later peace out [Music]

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