Quincy Jones Calls The Beatles

hey hey hey everyone Anthony Fantan oh here internets busiest music nerd hope you’re doing well legendary musician producer songwriter Quincy Jones is back at it in the news with another interview he came out with an interview recently where he was talkin some dirt on Taylor Swift and and a lot of other people in the music industry in general and it turned a lot of heads but this this latest interview of his which is in vulture or the Volcom he is really even more off the rails I’m kind of jealous I have to admit not of Quincy Jones’s success or money or fame or anything like that I’m jealous that he’s essentially at the point in his life where he just doesn’t give a fuck anymore I can’t wait to get there I really cannot wait to get there you guys think about my bullshit now just just you wait just you wait until I’m in my 80s I will be on my bullshit okay I really truly will he says a lot he says a lot in this interview but obviously you guys caught the title one of the most interesting quotes that he has here is about the Beatles and he’s talking some some real trash so what did you think when you first heard rock music rocky nothing but the white version of rhythm and blues motherfucker you know I met Paul McCartney when he was 21 and here’s the question what were your first impressions of the Beatles that they were the worst musicians in the world they were no playing motherfuckers Paul was the worst bass player I’d ever heard and Ringo don’t even talk about it I remember once when we were in the studio with George Martin and Ringo it had taken three hours for a four bar thing he was trying to fix on a song he couldn’t get it we said mate why don’t you go get some lager and a lime and some leopard leopard shepherd spy and take an hour and a half and relax a little bit so he did we called Ronnie barrel a dredge as drummer Ronnie came in for 15 minutes and tore it up Ringo comes back and says George can you play it back for me one more time so George did and Ringo says that didn’t sound so bad and I said yeah motherfucker because of because it ain’t you great guy though and apparently he likes Eric Clapton’s band I mean here’s the thing about the Beatles The Beatles are constantly glorified matern an opportunity that that people take to glorify them but but here’s the thing the Beatles were not I I guess I would say flashy players they were not virtuosos at least to my ear they were not I guess musicians musicians at least from what we’ve been able to observe from their studio recordings and I mean it’s it’s really no secret at this point that Ringo is is like not the best drummer in the world that Paul McCartney was not the best bassist in the world really at the end of the day it was all about Paul and John as just songwriters you know they knew how to write good songs they weren’t super skilled musicians and they were probably not up to the experience level or the performance level a guy like Quincy Jones is is at personally because his background in history is in the Jazz field so I mean a lot of the drummers and musicians that he’s played with over the years are super top-notch because they’re in the jazz scene so is is is it well is it a little mean-spirited to sort of go as far as to say they were the worst musicians in the world probably but I think Quincy is exposing a raw and a real truth here about the Beatles you know and essentially that again they were not flashy musicians I mean probably the closest thing to a musician’s musician in the band was George but you know even so I don’t know if you would even think it’s sensible to put George in a session with you know like a son raw or Charles Mingus or whatever so he houses a lot of other interesting things in this interview some of which says some of which sound completely outlandish that Jimi Hendrix was afraid to play on record that he was involved in because there were other players on the album that he was sort of like feeling like he was inferior to or didn’t you know wouldn’t be able to play along with he went as far as to say that at one point he dated Ivanka Trump for a little bit and I was kind of sitting here thinking like wow that’s that like no way that’s true no way that’s true but then we basically get confirmation on one of the craziest things he says in the entire interview that Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando had slept together coming straight from the mouth of Pryor’s Widow so considering the insanity of that statement the level that that is on in comparison with pretty much everything else he said in the interview it’s it’s like it gives everything he says so much more weight and validity because literally the most batshit thing throughout the entire read what was pretty much just like being confirmed as just a hundred percent true you know he’s wild he’s eccentric he is slightly out there but to me it sounds like he is sharp as a whip this is not just like some old guy in his 80s rambling on there are even some things and some topics here like Bill Cosby and the secrets that the Clinton family are holding close to their to their breasts that he doesn’t even feel comfortable talking about in this interview but even though at one point he says he’s a he’s brave he’s pretty sure absolutely sure he knows who killed Kennedy so although it seems like what what his statement is based on is a long-running theory you know of many different theories of of who was responsible for Kennedy’s shooting but I guess at least you know it’s not something that sounds completely made-up I guess least it’s it’s it’s a competing theory so you know he even goes on to talk about Oprah and how women have been treated in the entertainment industry it’s a very interesting and intriguing read I recommend it to all of you guys because he says a lot of off-the-wall shit he says a lot of stuff that you just cannot believe but then I think he also gets to the heart of a lot of the fundamental problems that we currently see in mainstream and in pop music right now you know and listen at the end of the day it’s it’s not like Quincy isn’t himself guilty of some of these critiques I mean look look at the man’s last record you could certainly throw some of those critiques that he throws you know at other people and Lee at least at that album however we’re talking about him sort of being at a bit of a low point in his career there when he was at his best and can’t you can’t really fault the guy you know and he seems to think very highly of nearly everything he’s done dude even takes a shot here at you too despite the fact that he seems to have massive respect for the band and Bono who he has had connections with over the years but when asked bluntly whether or not you two is still making good music apparently he just he shakes his head he just shakes his head but listen if you know your history and you’re about as old as I am there’s a lot of funny and hilarious stuff here that’s gonna be a little nostalgic for you because it’s it’s pop iconography and history that you grew up with and then he’s sort of pulling back the veil on all of it a little bit but uh you know even if you’re not all that familiar he has a wealth of information and opinions here that I think are very valuable especially given just how groundbreaking and influential so much of his work actually is so give it a singer read it’s a very interesting interesting interview and I don’t know this this is like a this is like the second of two head-turning interviews he’s put out in a very short amount of time I hope we see a third very soon I really do hope we see a third because he is really just kind of like tearing everything a new asshole and and again it seems like he’s really at that point in his life in his career where he’s just like I don’t care I don’t care I’m just I’m just gonna spill the beans on I’m pretty much everything pretty much everything seems like the only thing the only things he won’t spill the beans on aw is the kind of stuff that if he did he would probably see just instant repercussions for it but to everybody else who he’s not really connected with they’ve passed away or they’re too old to really do anything or they’re not really well connected anymore he’s just like blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and it’s kind of glorious so over here next to my head is another video that you can check out hit that up or hit up the link to subscribe to the channel let me know what you guys think of this interview when you check it down there in the comment section and you know in your opinion what are some of the more controversial things he said in in this read alright love you forever

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