Relationship Q&A With Robbert | Tea Time

Go make yourself a cup of your favourite tea, coffee or hot chocolate… It’s tea time! Today I’ve invited Robbert to come answer questions you guys sent in about our relationship. Enjoy!



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hey guys go grab yourself a cup of your favorite hot beverage cuz it is tea time today I’m here with Roberts my boyfriend we thought we would do a relationship Q&A tea time video for you today so I asked you a few days ago to send me some questions on Instagram and you guys in a bunch so we’re gonna try it out to them for you today we’re having oh great tea today let me know what you are having in the comments first question were you a Roberts first girlfriend and is Robert your first boyfriend she’s my first boyfriend I’m up his first girlfriend technically yeah he had a grow up in the elementary school how did you meet huh well we took like six years to meet there’s a meeting during six years yeah we were in high school together we have we weren’t high school together all throughout high school so from the first year up until the last minus one there was one year onward in same class but are you that same class all throughout high school what are some fun things you guys do together we like to walk Scottie yeah like home stuff I really like going on day trips to other places Esteli of course always or like I don’t know other places the zoo or just different city I really enjoy that overall I don’t think we really do alone together we’d like to be born as well yeah we’re really boring people do you guys get bored of each other and now that you live together or did you stop going on dates and fell into monotony I don’t think we’ll ever be bored of each other because we love being bored we never really went on dates to begin with we’re not very dates going people it’s not a word I just made that up I think we just we just do stuff together like naturally enough necessarily going on a date like yeah we have to go on a date now or something I guess you could say we kind of thought someone else only a little bit but I don’t mind it I don’t think you do either it’s yeah maybe later yeah I mean we won’t live together for like two three months yeah so for now it’s just kind of comfortable and mice um we may grow bored of it eventually but then we can do something about it we can start going on baby where would you like to travel together next mm-hmm you’re not a big traveler no but I would like to visit your grandparents oh right we’re thinking of maybe visiting my grandparents in Slovakia sometime this year I’d like to visit loads of places the world I’m a very big traveler either but a little bit more than you are I’d like to take you to Ireland one day there aren’t that many places I like to travel myself but the places I would like to travel it I’d like to go with you you’d come what do you feel the balance of mutual and separate interests is in your relationship or we flip this down pretty well we have lots of separate interests I’d say most of our interests are separate do we really have common interests yeah sure really but it’s like very simple things I think yeah but I think it’s healthy balanced yeah yeah it’s always a difficult thing I think as one unless you accept that things you want to do in your own each other hmm should be alright you mean like that you don’t have to do everything together yeah exactly where do you see yourself in five years oh it’s that question job interview question hmm probably a different house definitely it’s still together before yeah I hope so just see you thank you in any case different city to preferably I hope so yeah dreams 5 years how old will be 5 years will be 35 years so yeah you know what I’m gonna say them no no do you think I’d like to take with me over the next five years so yeah hi Lucy does Robert ever help you pick your outfits you guys don’t really know very often when we do outfit shoots for my blog he’s actually the one that puts together benefits helps helps together outfits I don’t know why you’re so good at this but he’s way better than I am well what’s your favorite I really like the long green what is your favorite food and what does he do for a living we have like a mutual favorite yeah definitely we love Mexican food but we didn’t really stick to our once-a-week Mexican food I remember will do you like not again every day so we’re gonna go back to so you’re gonna go back to vici Mexican food yeah sure it doesn’t have to be to say that yeah Bishop so what do you do for a living I’m a programmer a software developer yes when are you getting married we got this one a lot hmm I don’t know that time is there is there something you would like to change in your apartment yes what is it should I go first yeah I would like for you to be a morning person so the only thing I’d like you to mmm-hmm feel better back yourself stronger who is the one who asked out the other hmm I honestly don’t remember we don’t even agree on what our first date was ever from your eyes you was the one to ask the other person out yeah could have been me actually probably was probably I think kind of like the meaning behind the question is who kind of initiated the whole thing no that was you definitely yeah yeah yeah like way in a beginning you made a move how do you handle conflicts like disagreements talk about it I think yeah yeah that’s the best thing I always want to talk about everything she sure did annoys him sorry but it’s really important did you have to know what’s going on you know what the other person especially when something’s annoying you or you’re just not unhappy with something needs to be talked about mm-hmm I think what’s your favorite trait of the others personality Thank you very we sensitive and you know what you want in life I really like that you are kind to everyone and gentle and just a really nice person since you have to make a lot of decisions together do you ever feel like you make the other do something they wouldn’t do out of their own accord I don’t feel like I do with maybe I feel like when we do kind of do that it’s in a positive way like like for example I tend to force you to eat fruit and vegetables which is something you maybe wouldn’t have done yourself but I feel like that’s a positive thing right yeah sure yeah but as in big things big decisions not really no we’re pretty in sync do you both have the same taste in music / films or how are they different no especially music yeah I think yeah especially music like I don’t think there’s any type of music that the both of us like maybe like specific songs or something but no I mean I know some artists that you like that I can tolerate there I’m sure there are some artists I know that you can tolerate but it’s not like we’re gonna be like yes let’s go to this person’s concert together yeah I don’t think it’s gonna happen ever well you did go to the concert with me yeah he goes to concerts with his friends and I go with my family mostly it sounds bad with movies yeah we do watch a lot of movies and shows together yeah especially shows I think yeah kind of same level with it I love my costume dramas you know which is understandable and what are some of the best memories you two have of each other the best memories there’s a little bit where you sleep isn’t there a song because best memories I was thinking you let’s do you meant like there’s some that’s their best memory together it’s our son I think that’s one of the best memories really it has to be right it was fun we’re house-sitting forwards cousin and we were cooking Mexican food and we had a baggie of like seasoning mix and we made a song and we des – it was fun yeah but I again I really enjoy kind of the days where we go somewhere and do something fun like go to yesterday things like that how did you decide that you should live together yeah I I’ve been ready for a long time when I was about to move to detect I already asked me if you want to come along but really feeling it yet yeah my thing at home I think it was kind of when I finished my study when you finish school that’s when you were like yes let’s go let’s move all right do you guys plan to get fat cats yes touchy subject yeah always had cats or is this family always had cats growing up I have rats I don’t know I don’t know that the cat we probably will end up getting a cat at some point because he really wants one I do too it’s okay for rats just replace two rats we talked about this one what were your first impressions when you met all right let’s go back eleven year old frog to Lucy can I mention the rainbow swimming you can mention the rainbow swim everything I did not wear the first day I remember exactly what I were the first day school I wore my mom’s old like 80s blouse and it was pink and white stripes he was a button-down shirt and I had it tied around my waist like in that horrible way that like teenagers do I had a tiny one not here so it was like a crop top and I was wearing jeans and pink shoes I remember exactly what I was wearing very think everything was pink there must have been your impression of me because I wore pink at it so literally we didn’t really know each other because there was like a big class I do remember that my first impression of him was he’s just like super super tiny are there any difficulties with your dietary differences I myself AM vegetarian my fiance’s nuts we’ve never had any issues with it but I’d like to I’d be curious to hear another perspective are there yeah kind of the same situation I think mm-hmm you’re just gonna end up eating vegan meals with me most of the time and when we eat out you kind of just order whatever you want cheese I do get cheese fur over every nothing because he really loves cheese but that I think you’re pretty happy eating vegan meals with me right yeah we’re kind of cool if you won the lottery tomorrow how would you lead your life moving forward I don’t for sure like to buy a house somewhere in the country yeah yeah move we would definitely move would you quit your job hmmm I don’t think so no me neither no that’s a good side we enjoy our jobs yeah and I’d like to travel I think a little bit let’s see much I got a car oh my gosh I would get a car maybe travel to like somewhere in Asia or something were you each other’s first kiss no he was mine tips for a healthy and strong relationship I would love to hear about how you guys deal with bad things that might happen I’ll be there for each other yeah say the same thing um first of all communication always communication just talk about what’s on your mind always and I think knowing that you can always rely on the other person to be there when the going gets tough I think that’s really important for a good relationship just knowing that you can depend on each other yeah what was your biggest fight we don’t really get into fights a lot I think we do have like arguments each we’re just the one person gets annoyed and then the other person gets upset and that’s pretty much it I don’t think we’ve ever like been in a fight that was about something that actually even mattered really usually just little things yeah and I don’t think we’ve ever had a little really big fight we’re like slamming doors and shouting at each other and like raping your chairs you’re open getting back together things like we don’t do that kind of stuff no we’re pretty chill people how are you enjoying living together what is something that both of you find different about living together as opposed to living alone winter interpreted like when your own yeah I like alone alone alone oh I lived actually alone you’ve never lived alone you live with your family before this well obviously I have to consider you and decisions I make mostly actually is strangely enough I mostly feel it in like interior stuff I’m so used to being able to change everything all the time whenever I feel like it no I have to kind of consider your opinion Oh matters million opinion that’s the biggest kind of difference there has been for me just kind of having to get used to the fact about everything around me is mine well I’m from a quite a big family so it’s always busy and noisy over there yeah it’s very quiet call here so I think that’s that’s the biggest thing we’re enjoying it yeah right yeah I am I’m wondering if you both want children and if so how many of you both well you want to write do I it took me once before oh yeah if we have children I do think I’d like to have two but I have to give birth to them so I’m not sure how old feel about that the first one I don’t want them yet but maybe like later on probably yeah yeah yeah I I’m not ready for kids yet at all so if we do have them it’s gonna be in a few years at least this one’s for you specifically are there times when Robert gets annoyed or overwhelmed by your job as a youtuber especially with vlogmas no you enjoy it so yeah yeah I’ve tried so most they kind of keep you out of it yeah I said let me show you give me out it’s yeah for both of you this an interesting one when did you know or realize that you were in love with the other person yeah well did something gets there because we were like friends before right so I’m not sure if there was like well you there mister good there must have been a point where you thought like okay I liked her but now I’m like in love with her hmm probably but you know remember I would I don’t know like a specific moment yeah I know thank you I remember exactly the moment when I realized it was at Kingsley a few months after he kind of made the first move and I rejected him the first time and then around Kings a few months after it was we were in Amsterdam in the city at a party and it was super crowded like dangerously crowded they kind of they canceled that event it was a yearly event they canceled it I believe the year afterwards because it was just getting too crowded dangerous but we were trying to get out of the crowd with a friend and trying like look to lose each other and then you grabbed my hand and I felt like butterflies in my stomach and I was like do you do gross things like farting etc none of each other that you want to skip this question let’s go for it you rather do I’m prefer not to I really prefer nuts here sometimes it’s never on purpose let’s put it that way at least from my side never on purpose and we don’t pee with the door open or things like that when the other person is in the same room we don’t really do stuff like that mm-hmm I’ve read as a sign of a bad relationship ooh so maybe we should start maybe when we get bored of them the melting of our relationship we can start pooping your phone how do you manage your finances do you split the bills pay half in half oh yeah at the moment yeah well we have kind of decided that the best thing to would be to kind of split things according to height of income but we currently have around the same income you know generally so we kind of just split everything half-and-half or we split the big things and the little things we just look at let be yeah okay so that was the last question thank you for being here doing this video with me thank you for having you can go back to the room next so we’re here now thank you guys thank you guys for sending in your questions I hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy don’t forget to give a thumbs up subscribe to my channel for loads more videos and I will see you very soon in my next video

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