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So as I get asked about this a lot and as valentines day is fast approaching, I thought I’d share. This video includes my love life & relationship history and then also how I met my husband, our engagement story and what he does for a living.

I’ve had hardly any sleep and my invisalign was in, so sorry if my teeth look weird. I forgot my foundation this morning, so had to use concealer and I also forgot my hair brush!! I think it’s good to see real chilled home life me anyway 🙂

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hey guys so welcome back to my channel and today’s video is going to be a little bit different to my normal videos and it’s gonna be a bit of a storytime a slash Girl Talk video so as you can tell I’ve just set up a bed in my pajamas in my loungewear so yeah I’m really tired and the last few nights I’ve not been sleeping very well but for a while actually I’ve been getting up at half 2:00 in the morning half three so I’m a little bit knackered but I could go to bed after this goodnight maybe I will so today’s story time and it’s something that I get asked quite a lot and it’s about how I met my husband so what I thought I would do rather than just doing the story on how I met him I thought I’d do a bit of a story time on my love life if you like my my relationship history so you can kind of understand my path to how I finally met Chris so yeah obviously you’ve got a bear in mind that I’m all done a lot of youtubers so it might sound like I’ve had quite a few relationships but I am older so if I was in my early 20s then it would be a bit different but yeah so so my first kind of like proper boyfriend we will call him Malcolm that’s not its name but we’re gonna use pretend names so his name was Malcolm and I was with him kind of like in Saucony school and I was with him for three years so yeah a nice guy but it just sort of fizzled out and then I met my second boyfriend who will call John and John was a bit of a bad boy so when I say bad boy he was he wasn’t a bad boy but he was he was quite strong he was well known a lot of people respected respected him / feared him but yeah a really really hard working guy we were together on and off for 10 years which is a long long long time and and although separately we are really you know I would like to say good people and bit together we were above a nightmare I hope both quite fiery both quite strong both quite independent so yeah sometimes we would clash a little bit so wid breaker would get back together with breaker would get back together and it was just a story really for 10 years and in the meantime I went away to university so we had quite long periods where we weren’t together but we would always end up getting back together but then we knew we knew we weren’t right for each other and I knew I’d be happier with somebody else he knew he would be happier with somebody else so eventually I met my next boyfriend we will call him Bertie so Bertie and I we were together for seven years and we got a house together we lived together and we were really happy for quite a long time and also I thought and I think so he thought really and but again we’re kind of just drifted apart we were quite different and so yeah I don’t think we realized you know that perhaps we weren’t as well suited as we thought we were so both of us thought we would be together forever everybody thought we were like the perfect couple and that people change and the things changed and although I knew I would probably happy with somebody else and he did it was still a really really difficult breakup that’s probably one of the hardest things that I’ve ever ever been through and it was difficult cuz I had to sell the house and I was older so I thought oh my god what the hell am I gonna do and I’ve been in long-term relationships most of my adult life and so it was really scary and because I’m a bit of a control freak if you like and I thought I could fix it and I thought that we’d be able to sort it out but it just went it just went and yeah it was a really really strange time we tried to like date and we tried to get back what we had he moved out and we would go on these dates but it just wasn’t the same but I found it quite difficult to accept that and sort of give up on it if you like and there yeah everything happens for a reason so if you ever go through a difficult breakup and you think that person was the one they probably weren’t and when people used to say to me oh everything happens for a reason la la I think shitty face like I don’t want to hear it you can’t see that reason but at the end of the day if a relationship is broken what’s the point what’s the point you know if you smash a mirror it’s in little pieces if you try and put it back together again that mirror is not gonna be the same I think of relationships like a car if you’ve got a car that keeps breaking down you can’t rely on that car you want to trade that car in for a new one so yeah we had to do it split your nerve we sold the house and I lived on my own for a bit and I think that was the best thing that could have happened and I think the breakup was the best thing that could have happened because it made me stronger as a person and it made me more independent and I learned quite a lot about myself and I was probably a little bit overpowering in that relationship but somebody say it’s that that gave me a little bit of a wake-up call and then I met another guy that was just a short-term relationship I will call him Paul and again nice guy just not the right person for me and I’m not a jealous person at all and I can be insecure and they’re not normally in a relationship but sometimes I used to feel quite insecure and quite inferior and quite not jealous but I used to feel the things that he did really Wow Mia and like I always thought he was like looking at other girls and stuff when I was out with him and it just didn’t make me feel very good about myself and looking back I probably didn’t behave that great because I’d feel insecure and then I’d end up drinking and then just yeah get too drunk so it was it just wasn’t a good a good relationship really although he was a great guy just not the right guy for me so this kind of led on to how I met my husband so what happened was and where I live I know a lot of guys and stuff and I thought I don’t want to go out with somebody that you know lives where I live where everybody knows them there probably been a load of other girls where I live I didn’t want that and I’ve never ever ever ever done online dating and loads of people meet people online so I thought right I saw my own one night and I thought I’m gonna set up a profile on plentyoffish now I’m just like shall I go on it shall I not go on it and I thought well I’ll go on it and I just have a little look who’s on there so they don’t need to know who I am but I could go and check out if there’s any hot guys on that so why did I set up a profile and I can’t even remember what I called myself something about being blonde and can’t remember now blonde with brains I think so embarrassing I think it was blonde with brains and I wrote a little bit about myself kind of just like my height my color my hair and the fact that I was into like fashion and health and stuff like that and that’s that’s what I did I didn’t put any photograph on whatsoever because didn’t want people to know it was me so I was on that for a bit and I saw a lot of guys that I knew and I had a few weirdos messaging me because you do don’t you and I just thought I don’t think this is for me so I was just about to come off and as I was about to come off I got an inbox from this guy so I was looking to his profile and I was like mom okay he’s pretty fit I liked how he described himself he seemed like you know he was a good guy and I thought wow this is really bizarre likewise he messaged me when I’ve not got a photo time when he’s like good looking good job lovely like house and stuff this is just like weird so I messaged him back and we just got chimed and I was like what made you message me and he was like to know what I’ve never messaged anyone before without a photo but something just said I need some message this person so I was like right okay I’m not staying on here and because it’s just not for me but if you want to add me as a friend on Facebook then this is my name so I gave him my facebook profile but because I have a work Facebook and a private Facebook I think he thought well this is a bit weird there’s two of them is this actually her so I confirmed that it was and he added me as a friend and then obviously we both went through every single photograph on our facebook profiles so I was like I seems like he’s really nice so we got chimed through Facebook and then we swapped phone numbers so we started chatting on like whatsapp and stuff like that and then one night he said Oh what’s your landline and I was like why I don’t think a very good reception he said I’ll give you a ring oh my god I’ve got speak to him on the phone how embarrassing so I was sat there and the phone rings no no no my god so I answered the phone and we were just chatting for ages and I was laughing my head off he was laughing and he just sounded like such a nice guy so then he was like messaging me afterwards anyways that oh I really want you want to take you out and I was like oh I just don’t know you know I think I should be single for a while I’ve not been single for that long and I’m not sure there I thought to know what I’m just gonna go so he was living in Birmingham at the time so I said to my mom and my friends and my sister so I’m gonna go meet it but I I wanted to be in control so I drove and I said look you can come and stay in a hotel near where I live and I will pick you up and we’ll go on a date we will go somewhere not like where I live because I didn’t want to be bumpin into many X’s so he he did that so he went got a hotel and then he said oh I’m ready and I would have picked him up so I remember getting ready I remember my mom night make sure you text me what if he the murderer you know okay I was like yeah mom don’t worry I will so then I got ready and then I went and picked him up so normally people look better in photos throughout that so normally they yeah they always look better in photos and and then I just saw him walking out from the hotel and I was like oh my god he is fit I was like he dresses well he’s got a nice face he had some swagger gonna really what sure I was like oh my god so I was like message of a friend and outside he’s really hot he’s really hot this is gonna be good so I just knew instantly that I would see him but I didn’t know what was gonna be like as a person so he got in the car and I was like oh hi yeah just like chatting away to him and then we drove to the place where we were going to go for our first date which was like a cocktail bar and we just got on so well there at the time I’ve been and quite ill with veg go so I’ve had like lots of dizzy spells and things like that so it was that having drinks and I suddenly start to feel funny and I just thought oh my god like I’m and you get like panicky and he was so sweet he was I’ll go get you some water he was like just sit there or do you need to go outside or you know just let me know what you want me to do and I think he’s actually said afterwards that he thought I was faking it to get out of the date that’s like no I’m actually ill so he was really really sweet but luckily when and that’s what my vertigo used to be like so when so we had a few more drinks and and then we got a cab from there and wanted to go for another drink but the place that’s sure so we were like okay well that’s kind of like leave it there and then he was staying in a hotel and just around the corner from where I live so the connection was instant like literally there and then it felt like we’ve been together forever so normally in like new relationships and I found this with like couple of guys I’ve been on dates with there’s a lot of games and there’s like all about tech stuff like five days now yeah good one that’s a really good way to make a girl like you make icarly bothered with all that so literally the next morning I woke up and I had a message of him Annie was that uh what are you doing today and I was like listen slight hangover but oz fight and he was that what would you want to go join a well I was like yeah okay so he came to pick me up and we went for a day in Stratford the next day and it was a really really nice day and we went and got some food from Marks and Spencers and it was so weird we touched each other and we had like one of them electric shocks and we were like oh my god that’s so weird and then we went to got some food like picnicky stuff and we’re gonna sign the park and I had this picnic or just talked here and we were like holding hands we were like kissing I like to anybody that didn’t know I said I thought would have been together for years we’ve known each other well a day not even two days a day a night and a warden who knows the next day hi oh my god like this guy is really nice is it too good to be true and I was always trying to think of like things to put myself off him nah I’m you know he might be a player or whatever he so wasn’t he was a really really good guy so that was it I saw him on that day and then he drove back to Birmingham and then then two days later I went to his place for a date so I got there and his apartment was amazing and it’s near the mailbox it’s really really nice and it made me dinner and it was so good and it put so much thought into where and it was almost living well friendly and yeah it was amazing so that was it we have not been apart things so we carried on dating he’d used to come and stay at mine in LA I used to go and stay at his and then eventually we just want to be apart so quite quickly he moved over to where I live and yeah so we rented for a bit and to begin with just to make sure we got on well you know living together which we did and then after about I think it’s about a year and a half or 18 months and we were like let’s go away for the weekend because we like doing City breaks so we went to Amsterdam and I think we got to sit down and we went on like a boat tour and we were listening and to the compair talking about like all the culture of Amsterdam and they said oh and this is the skinny bridge but by that point I’ve got a bit bored and I was like I’ve often listen anymore but apparently they went on to say this is where people tend to propose it’s a really romantic well known bridge and basically two sisters were separated and every now and again they would manage to across the bridge and embrace on the bridge and hug each other and then they get separated so it just had a quite a lovely story to it and it was really really well known and lots of people proposed on it so he thought that I’d heard this but II didn’t realize I turned it off on stop stop listening so that night we were going for dinner and he was like oh we’re gonna go out tonight and I was like yeah well we’re gonna get a taxi out way and he was like no let’s just walk and I was like walk I’ve got massive high heels on I’m gonna be freezing so I’ve got a little dress on I thought let’s just get a taxi inside no no he’s fine we walk it’s not far oh my god not far I was walking for miles and the streets were really covered it I’ve massive high heels on so I start moaning and the next minute we got to this bridge and he just got down on one knee and I was like what the heck did you do it and he was like will you marry me and I was just like I’ve never been so shocked I had no idea no idea so I think I swore a few toes and and then obviously I said yes then I cried and then he got out like this lock and it was engraved with the date on that he proposed in our names and you lock it onto the bridge to simplify simplify to symbolize your eternal love so after that I was like why did she make me walk here and it was like wow I thought you’d have heard the fact that this was the place where people proposed so if we got on a taxi and said I want to go to the skinny bridge you’d have known I thought Chris I won’t even listening I was sad walk for about an hour and I was horrible I was bowed in the hallway the poor Blake but before today what I’m gonna keep this ring I’m not gonna bother us get up so after the a keen and revealed that he’d bought this amazing steak and lobster restaurant which was just around the corner so whence the restaurant ran my mom and my sister and my best friend everybody was over the moon and had this amazing amazing meal and then after that I was either going to go now and he said oh we’re gonna go to this sky bar and it was like a cocktail bar and that was amazing and he told them that we’ve just got engaged and they bought out fireworks and cocktails and stuff which was really cool and then we were like what we’re going to do now well we’re having Amsterdam so really you’ve got go to the red-light district not very romantic I know so we’re tied to the red light district everybody watched a show not really my thing but you in Amsterdam so after that we went back to our hotel the hotel was absolutely amazing and I’m not kidding you that night I was planning where I wanted to get married I was thinking about my guest list I was like on it so we got married quite quick I think we got married so it was probably about nine or ten months after we’ve got engaged so we got married and ho cough which is in nolé and it’s the most amazing stunning venue and the wedding and oh my god it was just incredible that speeches were amazing everything was amazing my friends all looked incredible the music was outstanding the banner out-of-this-world food was of anything it was just such a such a good day and so yeah that was how we met and honestly I’m not joking it took me quite a long time to find him and also for him to find me but when you know you know and I’ve never ever ever been with a guy that makes me not like never ever and I love funny people and I’m a brother is absolutely hilarious but brother-in-law is for neighbor I shouldn’t admit that on here because he would never let me live that off and yeah you leave by the way so I just love like I love funny people of people who make me laugh but I’ve never had that and and I’ve never really had somebody either that’s like yes sort of they’re laid back and they’re chilled out so they can handle being with me but at the same time they can put me in my place if I need it but put me in my place in a nice way you know like just being firm and being respect not like having a go at me or shouting at me or just going to be quiet and not say anything so we’ve just got that like perfect balance so like people that have been with like could be from one extreme to the other and he’s like just the perfect like middle so the kind of person that I was looking for really so I I feel like it was completely fate you know he didn’t even know what I look like he feels like it was fate and the fact that the connection was just like straight away like almost love at first sight really I think we were definitely definitely meant to be so yeah lots of people comment and say what a nice couple we make which is so lovely it’s really really nice and he’s a golf pro so and he used to work at the belfry so he was a god Pro that but now he set up his own Academy so he coaches golf he’s really really good and but as well as that he does and YouTube Sue’s got his own YouTube channel and then he holds golf schools in like America and stuff like that so it’s really really really cool because he’s really passionate about social media and being self-employed and having your own business and obviously I love it as well so he was the one that kind of inspired me to start doing YouTube because he’s got a really successful YouTube channel so I had no confidence to do some fit like this and I had a camera for over a year and he was like just doing it and then he taught me how to edit so if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t really be doing this sort of thing either so we just we just go together so well my family adore him and the fact that he’s a golfer went down extremely well with my dad and my brother and my brother-in-law and and it’s just I don’t know how good guy so they do exist they do exist so if you aren’t worried about me in anyone or if you think it’s too late trust me it’s not and a lot of people discount them going online because they think oh no they’re all idiots they’re not honestly there will be some idiots but there’ll also be some good guys that just want to meet a nice girl so the wetter now is that last night they met online so honestly if you’ve never done it just do that just do that just go on there you’ve got nothing to lose at the end if you want to come off you can come off and so this was a while ago so this was before like tinder I’ve never done tinder not sure I’m not sure if I could cope with them how shallow tinder is so but you know whatever I know people that I’ve met on their band have gone on top babies and things like that so yeah that’s that’s how we met I’m not like I say I get asked quite a lot so I thought I would just come on in the PJs in my bedroom and just have a little girl chat so I hope you enjoyed this sort of style of video I think it means that you kind of like get to know a little bit about me more if you want to and if that’s not your sort of thing then obviously you probably weren’t have watch this so if you did enjoy this video it’d be really good if you give me like an indication of if you like these sort of story time videos and just give it a quick thumbs up and if you want to subscribe to my channel and get more videos I post about loads of stuff a post about slimming world a post about IVF and because we are now expecting a baby which I can’t believe after three attempts at IVF and and again that’s another reason why I’m so glad it didn’t work out with anybody else because if it worked out somebody else and I’d have got pregnant I would never have met Chris so again everything happens for a reason so yes it’s been really difficult yes it’s been a struggle if I could have had children naturally I might never have met him so you know the universe has got it all planned out for you if you do like this style video then don’t forget 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