Robbie Williams’ experience with UFO’s | 60 Minutes Australia

Robbie Williams tells reporter Liam Bartlett his experiences with UFO’s – and assures him no substance was involved.


I’ve seen a few strange things I’ve seen I’ve experienced phenomena that I can’t explain yeah yeah here in America yeah a few things here in America and a few things back at home and it’s intriguing and it’s powerful so you believe in a concept of UFOs well a mysteriousness I mean in the mysteriousness whatever they are I I don’t know but I’ve I’ve seen one you know I’ve seen one right above me and if I got if I got a tennis ball out I couldn’t hit it with a tennis ball and and inhaler just for the record we’ll get this on tape no substance was involved no substance was involved now no substance was involved at all you sure it wasn’t somebody from take that trying to beam you up tell you what that Howard’s got some incredible technology if he has

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