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because I have a great team of correspondents and guests here to break it all down Shannon petty piece is a White House reporter for Bloomberg News Bret Stevens an MSNBC political contributor and op-eds for the New York Times Eddie Glaude an MSNBC contributor and professor at the college of new jersey otherwise known as Princeton but I got to start with NBC’s intelligence and national security reporter Ken Delaney and Ken there’s a lot to go through and I need to put it out there Deutsche Bank I worked there from 2002 to 2011 I mean it’s noteworthy that we even look at Deutsche Bank after the 1998 Russia crisis Deutsche was the only bank to stay in Russia everyone retreated and came home so their ties in Russia cannot be overstated they are so closely tied as far as the banking community goes and you have to remember Wilbur Ross who served as vice chair of the Bank of Cyprus put deutsche bank chairman Josef Ackermann on the board of the Bank of Cyprus the Bank of Cyprus then sold their Russian business to a Russian banker tied to Vladimir Putin and remember in the Paul Manafort investigation he and Ricketts allegedly have laundered money through banks in Cyprus it’s pretty smoky tell us what you know and so with that context obviously there’s been long suspicions about Donald Trump’s relationship with this Bank they lent money to him when no one else would lend money to him but then after the financial crash he stiffed them on a huge loan there was a lawsuit they settled the lawsuit then the Private Wealth division lent him even more money at a time when there was a Russian money laundering scheme going on at the back of the bank later paid it fine for I don’t believe they admitted wrongdoing but so obviously there’s huge suspicions around this but at a minimum Stephanie this shows that Robert Muller is poking into Donald Trump’s finances because that’s where you learn about Donald Trump’s money you go to his bank right without a doubt and we should note Deutsche Bank in a statement today said you know they’ve been subpoenaed they’re they’re giving those records forward and they said we always cooperate with investigations around the world I want to note that back in May House Democrats asked joy to bank to submit records of president Trump’s business business ties with them they also asked for documentation around the ten billion that had moved from Russia that deutsche bank facilitated that they then paid a fine on deutsche did not comply there wasn’t a subpoena so to say that we always cooperate he was cooperate when you have a subpoena and you kind of have to him Shannon I want to share what President Trump said in July during an interview at the New York Times your finances your family’s finances unrelated to Russia is that a red line but that be a breach of what is actual so that was the New York Times reporter speaking to President Trump and Trump saying that’s crossing a red line if Muller goes into his personal and family business there that’s a red line well guess what lines red what are we gonna do he’s in there exactly I Stephanie I think this is one of the most it could potentially be one of the biggest developments in this case I mean I try not to overreact about things but I feel like it really could because of this red line when we first reported back in July that Muller was looking into the business Trump’s lawyer John Dowd was very clear that that was beyond the scope of the mandate that that was outside of Muller’s reach so the president’s lawyers had said since then that the businesses weren’t being looked at the president wasn’t under investigation well here we have one more report very clearly and specifically about what Muller is looking at you know it was funny earlier today Joe Scarborough brought up that months ago went from first one he said Trump do not mess with the intelligence agencies you do not want to have them as your enemy this won’t go well for you and at the time I went to go see a big investor who at the time supported Trump and he said if Trump pushes too far and they start to get into his businesses this will be bad news for President Trump he’s led a sloppy business over the years so it doesn’t necessarily say there’s definitely something here with Russia but it’s dicey if you get into a man’s businesses who’s been bankrupt four times how do you continue to have developments when you don’t have any lenders except one bank I got to ask you about Paul Matta for six times six times i breaths here Paul Manafort after all that’s gone down there he is at home spent Thanksgiving wants to go to Florida for winter and in his free time ghost writes an op-ed with a Russian hello what happened and what’s significant about this seventy is so molars prosecutors are now trying to revoke this bail deal they had with manna for and the reason is because they’re saying this Russian had ties to Russian intelligence and this is really the first time that anyone has accused a former member of the Trump team of having direct ties to somebody the link to Russian intelligence it had they didn’t specify who it was but manna far has a longtime protege a man named Glenn Nick who he was involved in these these exchanges with Oleg Deripaska during the campaign remember when he was offering private briefings to this Russian oligarch so now it turns out potentially there was a guy linked to Russian intelligence in the middle of all that very significant Deripaska king of aluminum Eddie why would Paul Manafort do this I hope I mean at the very least if he wants to get his message out he doesn’t need to do it himself someone else can I have no idea to be honest with you it actually is evidence of how profoundly arrogant these folks are that’s a good point that there is a that there’s a sense that they they inhabit the world without any belief that their constraints on their behavior and so Paul Manafort believes I think and this is evidence to prove this I believe that he could do he can do anything he wants to do well it seems like Muller is suggesting otherwise and what we see here too as well in the broader question is that it’s not just obstruction it’s just it’s not just collusion right the money the money is at the heart of this stuff and so a lot of folks are really really nervous right now this movie is no way out and it stars Kevin Costner look somehow this behavior especially when it comes to the question of money his finances reminds me of the behavior of rogue regimes when they’re faced with nuclear inspectors they say you can go that’s not worrisome you you can go anywhere you want in our country but you can’t go to this particular military installation and what the Donald Trump is effectively saying is oh by all means have an investigation but you can’t look at my finances you can’t look at my tax returns that’s a no-go zone that’s beyond the scope of your investigation of course it has to be about the money Donald Trump Jr’s said on the record in 2008 a large poor of their business was in Russia a major question is what sort of business ambitions did the Trump Organization have in Russia after the election assuming that he had that he would that he would lose it and what were his ties to groups like the Barack group who had met whose leading members all had former Soviet ties those are obvious questions for any special counsel to ask it is that no go militant base rock group their partner in a Trump Soho Hotel which the Trump family is now disassociating themselves with but even Don junior and Ivanka were in hot water with that hotel years ago questions about misrepresenting how many of the apartments in it had been sold now it’s important to note though these things could all be facts but not connected Deutsche Bank has looser lending practices than other banks so the Kirshner family could do business with them Russia could do business with them and the trumps could do business with them but they may not be tied that’s right and just I won’t want to button up something Brett said every prosecutor that we’ve ever talked to about this investigation believes that Robert Muller has Donald Trump’s tax returns so this is absolutely a part of his investigation Donald Trump’s finances all right I want to also ask you about Shannon let’s turn to you what is your take on all of this from the Bloomberg side many people in the finance world are saying this is just business nothing will come of it and and as you were pointing out maybe it is just business maybe this showed the Trump or gand the family they take money from anyone who would give it for them they were in the real estate business a bunch of Russians wanting to buy their apartments go ahead it doesn’t necessarily mean it has anything to do with collusion but we have seen that Muller is willing to bring charges against someone that aren’t related to collusion when you look at Paul Manafort and all the money laundering charges that he’s facing so when you open up the book you don’t know what you’re gonna find if he you know if you walked in there and see something that’s not related to Russia but illegal he’s not necessarily gonna just say oh never mind I won’t look over there we should also point out that when asked I believe by Lester Holt president Trump very clearly but cleverly said no I don’t have any investments in Russia no one thought President Trump invested his money in Russia the question was have Russians lent him money all right I want to ask about KT McFarland Ken to you there’s new drama surrounding former Trump transition official and national security adviser assistant katie mcfarland what is all this about so we learned in the court documents with the Flynn plea that katie mcfarland was coordinating with flood well actually the doctrines didn’t mention her but are through our reporting we learned she knew about his outreach to the russian ambassador during the transition about sanctions and then the new york times added to that by reporting on some emails from her and it’s clear that other people in the trump orbit knew now we learned that she actually testified to congress back in july that she had no recollection actually she said i’m not aware of any contacts between trump members and russians back during this period so there’s a great inconsistency there and people on the hill want to know what her explanation is for that how did conservatives explain this are they making the argument it would be normal during the transition time for any team to speak to other countries you know I remember back in 1990 1991 Jimmy Carter was doing some freelance diplomacy on the eve of the the war in Kuwait and the Bush administration of the senior bush administration seriously thought about charging or threatening former President Carter with the Logan Act because there is a rule in this country that we have one president at a time now it happened that at least in one case the Obama administration was doing something I didn’t like politically which is it was allowing a resolution against Israel but that I opposed nonetheless it is the constitutional right even of a presidency in its final days to conduct the foreign policy of the United States without interference and what conservatives will say is well of course but they were doing sort of preparatory work because they’re about to come into office but this wasn’t preparatory work this wasn’t you know let me get to know you this was help us obstruct a goal of an outgoing administration and what sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander no Republican administration would want an incoming Democratic administration to do this so Republicans should take this seriously people say it’s the Logan act it’s 218 years old it’s still on the books and the concern is whether that this is quid pro quo right why not just simply with regards to with Israel this refers to the sanctions against Russia that the Obama administration is has levied so for me it’s not the Nixon question what did you know and when did you know it the question is why did you lie and why are you continuing dalack’s and that’s um I don’t know you realize indeed Donald Trump no you were lying that’s the quickly before we move on Shannon what’s the word out of the White House yesterday John Dowd Trump’s personal lawyer was making the argument there can’t be obstruction of justice around Trump tweeting that he fired Michael Flynn because he lied to the FBI and then later we know he one of the fire James Comey yesterday John Dowd said Trump can’t have an obstruction of justice and then it sounded like last night Ty Cobb either walked that back or distanced himself from that argument so what’s the word out of the Trump camp on this well it certainly seemed like they were starting to take a much broader interpretation of executive powers by saying the president can’t obstruct justice before that the line had been the president had an obstructed justice he didn’t tell when or Comey to drop the Flynn case he didn’t fire call me because of the Russia investigation that he didn’t now its heat and so there was an evolution of that it’s been a very odd 48 hours for the president’s legal team I mean with the tweets with the doubt comment with the cow Ty Cobb’s comment they need to get on the same page here that’s there there’s a lot of inconsistency it’s been going on Shannon’s generous has been an odd 48 hours it’s been an odd four to eight months last point one quick point so there’s a man who believes that the president can’t obstruct justice his name is Jeff Sessions because he voted to impeach Bill Clinton on that very charge we’re at Nixon territory when the President does it that means it’s legal when you’re at Nixon territory you’re in danger Wow all right hey there I’m Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we’re putting out you can click subscribe just below me or 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