Mitt Romney

If Romney Had In 2012 The World Would Be A Better Place Today

I was never a Mitt Romney supporter, and I still think he’s got a spine made of jelly based on the way he sucked up to Trump when a carrot was dangled for him. I was even less of a Barrack Obama supporter and couldn’t vote for either. It is surprising to find myself arguing that a Romney victory would have changed the world for the better but that is my reality.

In December 2011,I was spending a lot of time on the left-wing propaganda site known as, aka Huffpo. I was considered a troll by most for having the audacity to present an opposing viewpoint. At that time Huffpo was still privately owned and their comments/discussion section was self contained and manually operated. Today they use Facebook and there is no moderation. Back then I got banned for suggesting that Obama better moderate to the right and if the liberals were smart they’d go along. My argument was that politics is a pendulum and it pushes back as hard as it is pushed. I said Obama continuing to act like he was given an extreme left mandate would result in the right-wing electing their worst nightmare. I was told the GOP was finished and they would never win the Whitehouse again.

I know a lot of lefties still have a hard core crush on Obama and many still believe he was a great President. Some even think he was the greatest President. We can argue about that if you insist but one thing is unquestionable: he made no effort to be inclusive and bring America together. I’m pretty sure that is job one for any chief executive. Obama created the state of disunion that allowed Trump to grow and fester like mold in a dank and dark environment. The hard left push quickly resulted in a hard right kick back. Now Trump is pushing even harder to the right and the inevitable hard left kick back is building. The problem we have now is once the pendulum starts to swing with such force it will take a crushing force to stop it. However that crushing force will manifest itself, the reality will be an ugly one for America and for the world.

You can’t go back in time and change the history we created but I think it’s pretty clear that had Romney won in 2012, we wouldn’t have the train-wreck we have now. Unless you have surrendered you brain to Fox and Friends, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh etc., you are no doubt exhausted by the daily diaper change routine of the spoiled-brat fascist we have now.

Now that I’ve sufficiently called both Obama and Trump and all their supporters idiots, I have to admit that I don’t believe Romney was a better man than Obama. As I mentioned above, I think he’s pretty much for sale and his willingness to become part of team Trump is evidence of that. I am sure, beyond a doubt, that Romney wouldn’t be causing the kind of disunity that we are seeing now and I also believe he would have slowed the pendulum down. Remember that before there was Obamacare their was Romney. Romney was no hard-core righty ever. He was far enough to the right to appease the GOP though and enough to the left as to pacify many of the middle of the road liberals. Of course that would be far from ideal no matter where you stand, but we wouldn’t be moving towards civil war, nuclear war and martial law all at once.

Feel free to tell me I’m wrong and kiss the ass of whichever party you sold you mind and soul to in the comments section below.

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