Scary Ghost Videos – Ghost Caught On Camera

[Music] the top five ghosts caught on tape the doorway the Barton mentioned in Redford California is considered by many to be one of the most haunted locations in the state way back in 2001 two young men decided to investigate the abandoned house what they caught on tape remains one of the most controversial ghost sightings ever recorded got my back now something of interest here it looks as though the figure in the video has to crouch down to fit through the doorway this would mean that the person ghosts are whatever this is had to be around seven feet tall or more today sixteen years later two men who recorded the video still claim that the footage is 100% real the anguished man Shaun Robinson has been posting YouTube videos for over seven years of a painting that he claims is haunted according to Sean the painting named the anguished man as the dark history it was painted by a mentally disturbed man who committed suicide shortly after completing it Shaun claims that every time he gets the painting out of his attic storage strange things begin to happen around his house so I’m gonna set up the recording equipment may be full of let’s move yet I was and I leave the light on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] over seven years shawn has only posted eight videos to his YouTube channel he says that between filming’s the painting is kept securely locked away in his attic headless haunting some kids in Iraq are filming around an old abandoned school at first their exploration is pretty uneventful then one of the boys mentions in Arabic that his foam that had been fully charged was now about to shut off right after he says this the cameraman nonchalantly pans around an abandoned classroom just then a call to prayer can be heard from a nearby mosque the camera catches this strange footage the boys couldn’t see the headless apparition with their naked eye and had no reaction it was only later when watching the footage back that they noticed the chilling figure in the video The Phantom diner CCTV footage from Jimmy’s world Grill and Medford sure England captured some strange activity in the restaurant on tape [Music] [Music] now if this scene were being faked with multiple hoaxers pulling fishing line their strings it seems like it might attract a little more attention from other diners but in the footage no one even looks up until the noisy plates and silverware hit the floor a girl in the graveyard in this next clip from all the way back in 2005 Mexican TV personality Facundo Gomez is filming himself in what is supposedly a haunted cemetery in Mexico City suddenly he hears someone crying from somewhere in the distance and goes to investigate [Music] [Music] [Music] the family [Music] [Music] Yama’s [Music] I mean uh [Music] now this clip was first posted to the internet over 12 years ago despite rampant online speculation through the years that the film is a hoax but kundo Gomez still claims that his clip is 100% real and that he captured an actual ghost on tape [Music] [Music]

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