Scientists Claim They Made Time Go Backwards…But Did They?

Scientists performed an experiment where they claim they reversed the arrow of time, but did they really? Here’s what we know.

How Bilingual Brains Perceive Time Differently –

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Scientists Reverse Arrow of Time in Quantum Experiment

Scientists Reverse Arrow of Time in Quantum Experiment

“Time only moves forward—or does it? Physicists refer to this idea as the “arrow of time,” and the idea of unidirectional time seems to hold true for life and objects on a human scale. But on a quantum scale, things seem to work differently, even strangely.”

Can We Actually Time Travel? Einstein Says ‘Ja!’
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Time-Travel Gaze Reveals the Shape of Ancient Galaxies
“Astronomers are seeing what Earth’s own galaxy looked like in its youth by scanning the skies for some of the oldest objects in the universe. Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), a large radio observatory in Chile, researchers have taken “baby pictures” of Milky Way-like galaxies when their star formation was just beginning to accelerate. At that time, the universe was nearly two billion years old.”

Time-Travel Gaze Reveals the Shape of Ancient Galaxies
“Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), a large radio observatory in Chile, researchers have taken ‘baby pictures’ of Milky Way-like galaxies when their star formation was just beginning to accelerate.”


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time travel to the past is basically impossible without breaking some laws of physics and acquiring plutonium from some Libyans but time travel to the future is easy we’re all doing it right now so why does time go forward and not back the idea that time only flows in one direction is called the arrow of time but odd as it sounds there’s nothing in the equations that describe the laws of physics that says it has to be this way the equations can tell you what will happen in the future what took place in the past based on what’s going on in the present but they don’t explicitly state that time must go from past to present to future the math works just as well going either direction the one thing that seems to keep driving this time bus to future town is the second law of thermodynamics which states that entropy must always increase things must go from order to chaos heat must disperse from hot bodies to colder ones this increase in entropy is what keeps the ordered past behind us in the increasingly messy future ahead but there seems to be a loophole in the second law of thermodynamics and scientists recently exploited it to turn entropy on its ear apparently the law doesn’t apply to correlated particles which are like entangled particles but with less of a connection when researchers observed a hot hydrogen nucleus that was next to a cooler carbon nucleus inside of a trichloromethane molecule the nuclei behaved as expected heat flowed from the hot hydrogen to the cool carbon but when they tried the same thing with correlated hydrogen and carbon nuclei the opposite happened the hydrogen got hotter while the carbon chilled even more this is akin to putting a hot coffee cup in a cold room and watching it heat up as you feel the room get colder the scientists went on to make the bold claim that this experiment shows the reversal of the arrow of time but even if that’s indeed what’s happening it looks like it only applies under very specific circumstances on an atomic scale so not that I’m a physicist or anything but did you reverse the arrow of time does that mean time is suddenly running backwards or is there something else at play with these atoms here needed is research more I wouldn’t exactly predict a future where broken coffee mugs spontaneously reformed or rooms tidy the selves just yet special thanks to for sponsoring this episode of seeker is awesome affordable reliable and has all the tools you need to build a new website they can fulfill all of your website needs they offer dot-com and dotnet domain names and intuitive website builders they have over 300 domain extensions to fit your needs from dock club two dots pace to dock pizza take that first step in creating an identity online and visit if you watched all our past episodes then please subscribe for future ones if you haven’t seen them all check out this video on how your perception of time can alter if you speak another language in the distant future when the entropy is at its maximum there will actually be no arrow of time because nothing will be able to change thanks a lot for watching seeker

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