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the John F Kennedy assassination records are supposed to be released today president Trump had tweeted earlier that the information was available at the JFK assassination records website which is archives gov slash research / JFK slash 2017 if you want to do the research yourself I’m gonna leave the links in the video description box I would definitely recommend it there’s a ton of information there already that was just released back in July also I want to let you know that this podcast was brought to you by virtual shield it is the best VPN in the industry and they were designed from the ground up for your protection for your information security if you want to protect your family’s information on the web your information on the web I would definitely look into it right now they’re offering a free trial for 30 days and if you click the link there’s a 20 percent discount it’s cheap that’s efficient it works if you don’t want to share all your information with every website you visit I would definitely look into it alright now let me share with you the files on the information and the website you can go to to get access to hundreds of thousands of files that are connected with CIA FBI a multitude of alphabet agencies a ton of information here and isn’t it also interesting that President Trump released this information previously and is supposed to be releasing it today even more so especially when you think about all of the threats that he has probably had so this might behoove him this might benefit him to do this to clear the air so if the culprits were really secret factions bring that to light so if something might happen to him then people would have an idea on maybe there are shadow factions behind the scenes controlling and manipulating the structure is already in place so let me share this file with you right now or it’s a mole that’s thousands of files but this is the website JFK assassination records 2017 additional documents release you scroll down and you can get access to the list you click the list it’ll pull up each page and reference number and what it’s about and then you can download the actual zip if the documents themselves there’s tons of them tons of them you can see this was released July 2017 so a lot of people didn’t even know about that tons and tons of information now let me share with you this this is the list one of the lists downloaded directly from that site that will give you a file name the document ID the record number the actual agency connected the file number the document date the originator like you can see here at the top okay well you’ve got the FBI involved you’ve also got mi5 the originator was mi5 the document type the review date you can see this was reviewed in May 23rd 2017 I’ve even got audio files that were released as well you scroll down CIA do s FBI a ton of very sensitive information at the time now available for you in PDF format you can cross-reference it so you can see the document number you can see what kind of get an idea a little bit about the document and who released that you can see the names that are linked to it as well and then what you can do is you can actually read the documents so these are the documents 372 documents just in this one part out of four recently released now even though this is at one time secret it is now available and a lot of it doesn’t make sense unless you really dive deep into because there’s just so much data and so much information but a lot of these that I’ve just gone through for a moment are linking Cuba and Mexico to operations very interesting I would definitely look into it more if you’re interested in this and especially if this is more of your timeline if you were a kid or an adult or a teenager or an infinite if you are alive at the time if you remember I should say I mean I don’t know if you would remember as an infant but if you remember when this happened I’m sure it had a huge impact on you just like 9/11 this is a great network of information all on one website that if you have a starting point you know you can start collecting data it’s just gonna be so much it’s gonna be so time-consuming I mean this one’s from London look at this weird is logo comes from London talking about Cuban exile and a revolution military training exile groups hello routing and record sheets there’s a lot of receipts and money trails here here’s another the subject of this the subject of this report is linking a 29 year old Cuban defector from Fidel Castro’s revolutionary organization a lot of stuff from Cuba so there you have it I just wanted to get quick and to the point I could spend hours with you guys on these files it’ll be just as interesting if not more for you to do it also check back in about half an hour I’m gonna have Clint Richardson on the show this guy is a plethora of knowledge when it comes to straw man type stuff very interesting to listen to I am not very well schooled in that type of research so it’s gonna be interesting to hear what he has to say because he is very knowledgeable he’s written books on it he’s actually given out for free he used to be in the video game industry made tons of money tons of money very talented and he actually quit that because he saw the side effects that it had and the implications of people’s minds when it comes to violent video games and the way that it kind of tweets their their head sometimes he got out of the totally different person now great guy it’s gonna be interesting to see what he has to say check back soon live slash clandestine Timelord also definitely check out that VPN if you want to keep your data and information safe and private if you don’t want to share it with every website you visit once again there’s a 20% discount there offering the first 30 days free it’s definitely worth checking out what he had to lose it’s called virtual shield I’ll leave the link in the video description box have a beautiful day question everything be the change you want to see

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