Security Guard Has Bigfoot Encounter Near False Klamath, California

Security Guard Has Bigfoot Encounter Near False Klamath, California

Back in 2015, I was sent by my security company to work at a construction site in False Klamath near the Trees of Mystery attraction in northern California. I never believed up to that point that Bigfoot existed, but they do, and I saw one while there.

The sighting was brief, yes, but I got a pretty good look at one of them, a male by the way. I believe there was multiple Bigfoot as I also heard and experienced a lot of weirdness over a week’s period of time.

Here is what happened that week that creeped me out, and what I saw that had me asking to be assigned anywhere but northern California unless it was absolutely necessary.

Here are some true accounts and some Bigfoot stories from the PacWest! All of these stories are based on true accounts by the way. Many are real accounts shared by people for the first time on the PacWest Bigfoot blog, and here only. If you have a real account and would like to share your story please get hold of me here and let’s get your story out there…
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Bigfoot this is David if you have not and you’d like to get in and win a little something free I like to give a little free giveaway every month that my kids choose a random name and email I can get up there to Pac West Bigfoot comm and sign on up this month real quick just to kind of let you know I’m working on a resources page in the website for both non-fiction research books and links to different blogs and websites on the continued search and collection of Bigfoot evidence be sharing a lot of my favorite places and books out there with you that I’ve read and I kind of learn from and also be doing a lot of nonfiction as well so you guys can get kind of the entertainment side a Bigfoot whenever you’re not out there doing your research and all of that as a matter of fact this month I wanted to give a shout out to a friend JP @ JP your name I’m sorry but it is JP Joe Katz and Jacquetta Jacquet CH o qu e tte her book shadow in the woods is just awesome right now I’m halfway through it and I am half way on the edge of my seat with it it is a great book if you like some good fiction stories about big that include that involve Bigfoot I suggest you get over there and grab that shadow in the woods by JP Choquette so with that let’s get on to our pack West Bigfoot encounter story this week all security guard has a Bigfoot encounter near false climb in California all right here we go back in 2015 I was sent by my security company to work at a construction site in false Klamath near the trees of mystery attraction in Northern California I never believed up to that point the Bigfoot existed but they do and I saw one while there the signing was brief yes but I got a pretty good look at one of them and a male by the way I believe there was multiple Bigfoot as I also heard and experienced a lot of weirdness over a week’s period of time here’s what happened that week that creeped me out and what I saw that had me asking to be assigned anywhere but Northern California unless it was absolutely necessary the big foot of Clemens I am NOT from the area I’m from SoCal Redondo Beach to be exact I have been in the Pacific Northwest a few times but most of my life was spent in sunny Southern California working in Baja Mexico surfing my idea of fun is not gallivanting in the woods like some I prefer surfing but my work has taken me a few times to the northern part of the state of California I am still a security guard today after getting out of the military and opting not to head to college I instead got a good job as a security guard to a friend’s dad other than that as I said I do not do a lot of wandering around the woods most of my time is spent on a beach or just off of it surfing and I’ll tell you this after what I saw and experienced I only venture into the woods if I have to if if I have to do to work today and personally I’ve asked not to be sent there anymore if possible so here’s what I noticed an experience in the middle of the woods in Northern California not even three years ago crazy sounds in the night so the first day I arrived I had to get some sleep as I was scheduled to work that night I was there to guard some big equipment that was going to be used for the latest phase of some road work that was being done I would be there for a whole week Sunday to Sunday the crazy and strange stuff started that first night personally I think they some Bigfoot or they’re already messing with stuff or at least passing by nightly down to the river and back up into the forest I did get a chance to talk to a guy from the Crescent City area once who had an experience not long after this and one person on the crew herself swears she made out some large foot impressions near the gravel piles but she cannot be sure but back to the craziness her weirdness of that first night as I said I live in the heart of the beaches in Los Angeles and I hear crazy stuff at night sometimes but nothing like this ever this was creepy weird in an Iraq veteran like myself who saw some action was feeling very uneasy I showed up the first night ready awake and willing to take care of and watch over their goods it would be a long night that’s for sure after the foreman of the site left I headed over to the small trailer and signed in grab the emergency number files and sat them on the table next to the kitchen sink I turned on the television yes it had one and I started watching some late-night comedy thing that was not all that funny after all I heard nothing until later in the evening when I had to take a pee break in the Porta Potty about 20 yards to the south from the so called office slash trailer of course a car to here and there would be heard on and off all week as it is the main highway 101 they were working on but at night the highway is usually a lot quieter than the day and that is why hearing much of anything was odd especially when you hear people I was relieving myself when I thought I heard gibberish Arlo mumbling from not far away I figured I was about to earn my keep in a second I stepped out of the port-a-potty and it stopped almost immediately but I knew what I heard and I knew or at least had a feeling whoever it was was still nearby I was correct I shut the porta potti door slowly and that is when I heard some pretty heavy footsteps move off from the right and head off up hill and across the main highway I figured it was probably just a vagrant passing by possibly wanted to see if anyone was around and maybe break into the office and grab some food for or something that is pretty common thing to happen on sites like these I took a look around and headed back to the office after seeing nothing later that night early morning I would say about 3:00 a.m. would be my best guess looking back I decided to do a walkthrough again I would do three each night this time I took out half a sandwich with me just in case the person earlier was hungry and I happen to find him I did not but I believe here they were nearby as I started hearing whistling off in the distance I left the sandwich on top of a large container near the Porta Potty back and forth it came from down the hillside to the river and back again up the hillside across the road even during the third walk through I heard it they were pretty far off but I can make out whistles yes it was all pretty strange I admit but I was not thinking Bigfoot or anything else at the time I had no reason to until the third day on the job and yes the sandwich was gone mmm what in the world was that the second night was so an eventful I remember I fell asleep for an hour and a half but the third night would start my mind to wondering what is in the woods at the Pacific Northwest and how do I ever avoid coming back no I do not think these things were looking these these were killers looking to eat me but good lord they are monstrous scary sounding and visually frightening to look at that is why I would not want to be there again I do not want to be any closer than I was that night with these things ever and if that means not venturing out into the forest up north I am good with that personally I’ll take my luck with a shark in the water without a reference in your mind for what you were hearing and seeing when it comes to Bigfoot you truly get a sense of what real fear and wonder can feel like it all at once when you do the third night I would see something and the fifth night I would get an even better visual but it started with a sandwich the moment I started my shift or showed up the foreman of the site was letting me know that he never noticed anything out of the ordinary when walking around back and forth on the site I told him what I experienced after he saw my log one morning and asked he mentioned that some of his crew who lived in the area have seen or known for a fact that Bigfoot roamed the area we both laughed it off of course the foreman himself I would learn was born and raised and still lived in the San Diego area so he was as skeptical as I was and a former beach bum to that evening when all was quiet but the occasional car semi truck moving through the bend slowly I started my first walkthrough for the night I stopped by the Porta Potty once again and not a second later the talking was back eyes if tup and stepped out as fast as I could the talking stopped immediately again I stood there and turned on my flashlight and looked around nothing was out of place however I noticed something in the light when moving the beam near a pile of gravel that was backed by the tree line that led down to the river a plume of mist was constantly coming from the side of a tree not 30 yards from me I yelled out the typical who’s there got no response I moved towards the tree itself as I was sure that was someone’s breast creating the plume of mist in the cold night air at that moment I heard the craziest thing I in scariest thing I’d ever heard in my life and trust me I’ve heard tanks go off in the desert not fifty feet away from me it was a scream that had my bones vibrating out of my skin I shuddered and shook of it literally and just as I move the beam a flash of my flashlight back at the tree that is when I saw a massive blur of black move off faster than Todd Gurley through a defensive line and I have to say this thing seemed much larger than Todd and anyone on that offensive Rams line for that matter it was massive it seemed almost fill up the space between two large trees and poof it was gone I heard someone running downhill crashing through the forest if that was a person I thought they were going to injure or kill themselves running that fast down the hill in the dark but I knew in my gut that was no person not even close last but not least I was a little apprehensive about going back to work that night the fifth night for some reason my gut was telling me to head home but how often does a guy listen to his gut right ladies but I am a man of my word and I love my job I did talk a bit with one of the guys on the side a young guy by the name of Rob if I remember correctly he talked a lot about Bigfoot what they are their presence around the area and how he thinks they are well nice folks a little weird if you ask me calling them folks but to each his own Rob was a true believer with accounts and stories of his own for sure the fifth night started off quietly the evening before there were no visitors I know of but the whistles and even some screaming way off in the distance could be heard every night since the third night I carried a Taser and a much larger flashlight after that it was quiet like I said not a sound except for the crickets and the occasional passerby on the highway which by the way I had come to find lots of road crossings of these things reported in the area over time but seeing how there was a river below and mountains above maybe they were making their way back and forth to their food source and the site was simply in their way at that point I thought I headed out however cautiously on my second walk through around midnight I walked around some of the larger equipment that was finally going to be leaving the next day and I would be there two more nights even after this event that had me seriously freaked out I walked around a roller and a large loader when I heard a car slam its brakes on and then take off real fast I did not see the car I just heard what I heard not seconds later I heard someone or something walk a run really fast down the hillside cross the road and stop near the part of the large lot cleared out for gravel it was all but gone and where the equipment sat at the time I flashed my light in the direction the footsteps and that is when I saw a large two-legged creature staring at me stood there no longer than a second or two but it was long enough to see the Rob was telling me the truth Bigfoot is real and really big – it was massive like a bodybuilder some of my friends in the military buff I guess he could say it was almost a perfect v-shape of a thing with what seemed long like long shaggy almost dread like hair the color was almost well likely black or dark reddish-brown I think it was pretty dark outside at the time hard to tell it seemed twice as tall as me and I’m five nine it was at least nine feet tall for sure no doubt about that its neck was non-existence and non-existent and its arms were huge muscular as quickly as I could I looked at the face and yes I believe it was more monkey-like than human however the rest of the body seemed very him and you can sense it was a male I did not see any proof of that really I just seemed male for some reason I was scared my heart rate was fast but for some reason I did not feel threatened as this as then this thing might attack me at any moment it just turned and walked off faster than I could move my flashlight to keep up with it I remember the hair it was all hair except a bit around the cheeks and nose I could not make out a skin tone but the hair seemed to reddish or darker brown perhaps maybe black its arms were massive and long much like what I heard Rob described beforehand the face was frightening but it looked much like a sad monkey like face it was droopy or something not sure if you understand me but suffice it to say was scary looking for sure I was pretty freaked out though after the encounter and I decided to forget the last walkthrough that night however I did leave half a sandwich on the barrel that was about 10 feet from the office the next morning it was gone again by by a Bigfoot looking back I think gifting was taking place but at the same time my gut told me that these things were wild animals and to give them space I have not since worked up north personally I’m not much for Bigfoot I am not actively researching or reading books about them and more either I just want to surf and take my chances with a bunch of people in a city than out in the woods with that massive thing so that is my story of Bigfoot in Northern California and no I seriously do not wish to see another one again ever thanks Leland

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