Self Defense Techniques – Five Basic Hand Strikes & Defense

[Music] hi I’m Jeremy Pollak and you’re about to watch a lesson in self-defense remember our goal in this world is not to create more violence and aggression but rather to try to create more peace in harmony whenever we can so we’re gonna use these techniques only as a last resort in the preservation and defence of innocent life thanks for watching hey guys so today we’re gonna do some of my favorite stuff this is our five basic hand strikes okay so this is really important for self-defense we’ve done a lot of stuff on controlled force we’ve done a lot of stuff on a reactive force we’ve done a lot of stuff on empty hand against weapons this is empty hands against empty hand striking okay we’re just gonna do five basic strikes get the five most common strikes it’s really important that we do these really really well get their accuracy down get the technique down before we start using speed and power and then and then slowly start to build up speed and power okay so first we’re gonna get our proper stance okay so anytime we’re fighting we want to get proper stance rate proper balance okay so my proper stance for this if I’m right-handed my right foots gonna be in back that’s where my power hands gonna be if I’m left-handed my left foots gonna be in back that’s where I’m power stance but I’m right-handed so my right foots gonna be him back what I’m gonna do to get the stance is essentially just take a very natural step forward okay and drop my weight this this foot can be a little off off line and this what’s generally gonna be pretty straight on line okay so my feet are gonna be like that so I’m gonna keep my hands up the whole time this is called answering the phones when I throw one the other one comes back protects my head when I threw the other protects my head answering the phones okay answering the phone I never want to throw this and my hand drops down here this is called swimming I don’t want to swim okay so getting my stance bending my knees hands are up elbows are in to protect my ribs and my chin is tucked okay this is my fighting stance my striking stance I’m gonna bounce a little bit I like to move from one from one foot to the other okay some boxers they jump ok my guys they rock like this kay I’m more of a Muay Thai guy that’s my background so I’m going Rock a little bit okay and sometimes if I’m really in street self defense mode I’m just gonna set and I’m just gonna kind of move around okay so first we’re gonna do our jab our very first strike our very basic first strike K is our jab my jab is gonna be my straight-out punch with my left okay it’s my distance shot it’s my the longest range strike that I have that front hand jab okay so when I throw my job my fist is gonna come out straight and at the end it’s gonna turn this is a proper boxing now it’s always it’s always gonna look this pretty but this is the idea this is the theory I’m gonna come out straight elbows dropped my hand comes straight out at the end it turns like a key okay my thumb stays over my second part of my knuckles second part of my knuckles nice and relaxed all my my fists are relaxed until the moment of impact it comes out everything’s relaxed and then it impact I turn and hit with these two knuckles and flex in okay tighten up and then come back to relax okay as I do this I’m gonna breathe I breathe on every strike and I step with my jab okay the key that you’ll see is with striking as with a lot of different techniques is I’m always gonna use my hip power always gonna use my body weight to get the power so I’m not just gonna throw my arms I want to use my body weight to get the power so for my job to get the body weight there’s different alterations some people teach turning the body okay turning that front foot okay spinning like you’re putting on a cigarette spinning like you’re doing the twist okay putting that hip for that shoulder comes forward I like to teach just stepping forward okay I can turn a little bit cut that shoulder into it which is stepping forward okay so this is what I want to practice arm comes out elbows drop turning at the end stepping forward and breathing okay nice and relaxed just getting the technique down before I start adding in speed and power okay so first technique then I can start adding in some power then I can start adding in speed okay so anytime I add in speed and power typically a lot of times your accuracy is gonna drop okay any one of those three goes up accuracy speed or power the other two might drop either the the goal is to get everything down so nicely that when you take all three up they all stay up okay accuracy speed and power okay so that’s our jab straight out stepping forward using our body weight and breathing just just coming straight back to protect the head okay the other ones high now from here I’m gonna turn and get my cross that’s my second okay my second basic strike is my straight cross that’s my right this straight cross is my power shot okay I’m using this for my power when I do this I’m turning this back foot okay the back foot turns it spins like I’m putting on a cigarette doing the twist hip comes forward other shoulder pulls back okay shoulder comes forward other shoulder pulls back this whole side pops forward other side comes back same concept with my hand I’m using my elbows dropped my hand comes out like this at the very end I turn it okay that makes sure that I keep it straight I’m not doing this wild thing yet this wild thing is easier to see it’s easier to block this straight is much harder to see and a block okay okay turning my body just getting that full hip turn so I get the power of my body my wit my energy my Center behind my strike okay another hand is up when I do this she’s coming straight back protecting the head answering the phone breathing turning straight out answering the phone keeping my heads protected okay okay so practicing that cross all right again starting with technique then slowly building up to power and then low B building up to speed okay turning the body okay so those are our jab cross okay the third is gonna be our hook I took our left hook I don’t generally teach a hook from the rear because it’s a little bit too while it’s a little bit too big and it gives them some time to jab me so what I teach is left hook with the front so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna bring this elbow up and everything’s gonna be in line the elbow the shoulder the wrist everything’s in line this is the theory it’s not always as pretty as this but this is the theory and it’s gonna be at least 90 degrees sometimes it’s gonna be even hot it’s gonna be even more if the person is this close to me obviously it can be 90 degrees my arm could be 90 degrees if he’s further away I’m not gonna be able to hit him from here so I’m gonna have to extend okay what I’m doing again is I’m turning my body spinning on that foot just like I’m putting out a cigarette okay doing the twist the knee and the waist of the elbow are all connected when I turn my elbow my hip my weight everything turned at the same time my knee waist elbow turns the same time everything stays relaxed until the moment of impact okay jab cross up turning that body up turning that body everything stays connected everything stays connected as I turn okay so practicing that nice and nice and relaxed at first practicing slowly getting the technique down make things make sure things are in line and then start to build up the speed and the power so we’ve got our jab our cross and our hook stepping with the jab turning the body with the cross turning again the body with that hook okay we’ve got those first three our fourth basic strike is the overhand strike it’s like a Hail Mary it’s a very common it’s probably the most common street strike okay but it’s very effective if you do it correctly basically you’re just it’s like you’re throwing a ball and chain to change your arm the ball is your fist you’re just throwing it okay as you do this you’re gonna dip your head down okay so I’m gonna dip my head okay so I don’t want to just do this I need to get my body weight behind it by dipping my head I got to be aware of knees and kicks but if it’s done correctly and in good timing right I’m gonna be able to jab or something like that and then come through okay so again I’m just throwing this like a ball and chain dippie my head down getting my head out of the way in case they strike back okay so this is my overhead it’s really not a lot of technique it just comes down I don’t want to go too low but you know just feel out where you want to be straight overhead okay you’re again you’re hitting with the two knuckles that’s the idea you could even throw a hammer fist but this is more of a quicker strike and it’s probably more practical okay and the last one’s gonna be our uppercut with our left side okay this can can be from here it can come straight up right straight up just for a little little uppercut to lift the chin up so I can use my cross but from here if I do my overhand I can come straight up BAM to the chin okay when I do this again I’m turning just like a hook I’m turning my body so I get that power of my body power of my turn behind the punch okay straight up left hand elbow strike or front hand elbow strike depending on which is your front so into my over hand from here to my uppercut if I want to just do my straight uppercut from here I’ll dip a little bit first so I’ll keep my back straight but I’ll dip my my my knees bend my knees coming through and then turning to my uppercut okay this just comes straight up I’m just launching my elbow up like a rocket from my hip as I turn it launching that elbow okay so again practicing your technique practicing or accuracy first then your power then your speed okay so we’re gonna try all five of these now we’re gonna go jab cross hook overhand uppercut one two three four five okay one two three four five making sure every time you strike you turn the body and you breathe every time you strike okay and of course bringing the hands back okay answering those phones every time one comes out what was back one comes out one comes back hey don’t get lazy with this this is really important okay so this would be a really good stuff to practice at home in the mirror working on your technique it’s also it would be good to practice with a friend if you’ve got some sort of pad I’m at my uh my assistant Josh come out he’s got a pad here okay so when your accuracy and your speed and stuff get better or when you’re working with someone who’s good on mitts you can start working boxing mitts okay if your friend doesn’t have mitts or or they’re not really experienced using mitts you can just use a big pad kind of like this the big keypad okay he just holds it up and I’m just gonna practice one two three four five okay yeah just get your balance good so we go one two three four five okay and you’re gonna practice your accuracy first your technique and then you’re gonna start to practice your power yep okay I’m just practicing your power and then starting to practice your speed okay so slowly building it up hack your seat technique power and speed okay so those are our five strikes or five basic strikes now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna learn how to defend them very quickly learn how to defend these strikes because it’s really important if you want if you know how to strike with someone you also had to know how to defend okay so you want to try Joshua and try striking for say so hands up good so he’s gonna throw his jab so for the first for the straights my hands are gonna be high okay my hip my hands are out my hands are high this allows me to to grab if I want to okay I don’t like necessarily like to do this when I’m not but not boxing gloves on my hands are out it lets me come in with spear positions and grabs just like that and it’s more coverage okay this is more coverage than this more coverage to protect myself okay so my first two my hands are gonna be high I never want to swim remember that even when I’m punching or when I’m blocking I never want to swim so I’m never gonna do this to block I’m always gonna do this okay my hands if anything they’re coming up so don’t come this way from me so if he’s going if he throws this job okay my hand gets comes up here okay I can block with my hand I can block with my wrist my arm it doesn’t matter my whole head is being protected my mark he wants to hit me in this in the in the stomach and stuff like that I’m gonna use my elbows but I’d rather take a body a body shot than a head shot okay so if he throws these jabs I’ll get my chin is tucked I’m throwing I’m just protecting throws and jabs and crosses Shh jabs across is just straight out straight out she’s good coming in towards me just moving around a little bit good come towards my head there you go good I’m just keeping him in good right in right into Marseille yeah straight straight straight straight yeah good good good good say so I’m just using I’m just using my to parries here for my straights I want to breathe every time I strike just like he’s breathing when he strikes I want to beat one might when I defend okay so this the next block we’re gonna learn is this this the hooks the hook block it’s called my check okay so when he throws his left hook I’m gonna check when I check I’m just grabbing my head on my combing my hair grabbing my head and protecting my ear and chin okay let’s go over this way he’s gonna throw his hook towards my jaw good I just protect okay hook towards my jaw good there we go okay good right into my god good good Hey good there you go okay so this practice license load jab cross hook okay one two two straights and then your hook okay parry parry hook right into my tri parry parry there we go okay so parry parry check there we go parry parry check this third one this bit of the fourth one the big one the big overhand this one is very hard to protect against so the only thing I’m gonna do is if he throws this big overhand a big one I’m gonna lean back or I’m gonna come in okay so I’m gonna use my spear all right we did this before with our defense for our overhand okay but I’m gonna do it again so I’m using my spear position coming in putting my chin in my shoulder and just walking and I’m stuffing the punch so either I’m gonna I’m gonna lean back he’s gonna throw it I’m gonna lean back or I’m gonna stuff the punch okay and I just got when I stuck that punch go ahead go ahead toward my face it’s good it’s very easy to block I put my chin in my shoulder varies about I come in it’s setting me straight up for a wrap and then I’m in a good clinch here and I can do a takedown I can do nice Ithaca ok so what’s gonna do all three all four one two three four jab cross hook and then a big overhand with this ya ready go one two three four good again use to come in towards my head so that would have missed this one coming towards my head try there you go that’s it nice okay so that’s how it works one parry parry check step in okay this last one that’s uppercut if he throws this uppercut again I don’t want to drop my hands so all I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna protect my elbow so if there’s the uppercut to my chin I’m just using my elbows okay okay I’m just using my other so he’s hitting my always hitting inside of my arm whatever he’s it I’m just gonna put my chin into my shoulder and keep my elbows tight okay so if he’s nice and slow we’re gonna go jab cross hook overhand uppercut okay just like I did one two three overhand good there you go again one two three over each good that’s it okay so that’s how it work let’s do it this way it one more time yeah good that’s it okay so see how that works parry parry check stepping with the spear protecting with the elbow okay so those are our defenses against our five basic strikes so thanks Josh those were our five basic strikes jab cross hook over Hanna uppercut and our defenses for each stay tuned for more you [Music] okay we’re done

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