Sexiest British Accent

all right hey all right Carly is it yes give me a second eat some messages but back off tinder [Music] what is like a typical British accent that you are familiar with the one that they speak in Harry Potter I would like a cup of tea please mom II have a pimple on me bottom man’s not hot in it I’m really bad at British accents I’m gonna like them all equally though my shirt you’ve got that oh okay I told you out there get your coat you pulled I’ve wiped up you’ve pulled like cords like pulled pork if you’ve pulled it means you’re gonna take someone home for the night kind of thing if I open my gryffindor would you sliver in nervous yeah well because I’ve completely blinded and those strangers talking to me okay so when the Watts at least chocolate plans pardon hit me with the hardest one right away okay John off sex I’m the weather month you can expect more than a few inches tonight okay I would hope so if you say something like cheeky it’s more just to get a smile out of it and maybe get a conversation my ethnicity is Chinese and I’m great at cooking Chinese food okay would you like to try my specialty dish there’s a sweetness our clothes no it’s number 69 um do you know what you’re so gorgeous do you make me wetter than Britain in October so do you lives working on you there you know what they’re so corny that they are I just spotted you from across the room and what come on say hello hi hi I’ve got a future – you yeah I’d not be the best-looking bird in here that’s an insult but beauty is only a light switch away seriously I have to turn the lights to be pretty now the other way Ryan excuse me is your name ed Oakley I say again your name a degree because you look like a hottie but what was that what was the name I don’t even know what Earl Grey yes gotcha gotcha what if I told you I worked for ups did you let me handle your package if I were a burglar I’d smash in your backdoor burglar bar Gullah bar together what named Kelly anything yeah y’all named Jacob because you oughta cracker these are terrible come on you had like a way to prepare man whatever use these on a woman no no I’m from you punch in the face have you been to the doctor recently no no I have it because I think you’re lacking from vitamin me cinnamon me me and then me it is your last name Google my last name no it’s it’s glancing it’s because you have everything I’ve been searching for what have you been searching see you you sound like you sound young too I am 30 years old Wow well good for you super boov you’ve pulled are you doing a different accent right now I AMA this is my normal accent this is we don’t from nanos nothing Jon Snow do you not call me no you just sound like you’re from the 1800s all right how you doing I’m good how are you doing gun testing good what do you like about Harry Potter everything about Harry Potter so I know hello in six different languages okay which one do you want to hear tomorrow morning oh I like that one and you wanna blow my bagpipes must be a lucky night for you if that happens I think I like the fact that I didn’t understand anything about that we could grab some food like sushi like sure what would you like to go for it I wasn’t expecting you thank you sure so do you act out sure okay I don’t know why that one’s going say did it happen when I fell from heaven oh how was that experience it was amazing it was weird very weird I I never know how to respond to people pick like using pickup lines on me anyways but with a blindfold on I think it’s funny because a lot of them started uncomfortable saying them which is actually kind of sermon I think but I think none of none of them would use these at a bar or club or to get a girl like the cock me guy I really like the last accents and I like the Scottish accent a lot so I can take the second one who is the second one black don’t crack growth it was one an accent it was I think no no boo yeah it’s kind of hot actually I’m not gonna lie probably fantasize about this tonight hey guys I hope you enjoyed the video on the sexy British accents this one started by burping which is really cool a language platform where you can learn at the language of your choice by instantly connecting with the teachers all around the globe and what’s really cool about it is you can chat the teacher but you can also mark documents in real time sent over files get flashcards all that cool stuff with a native speaker if you want to get our free lesson when you buy ten just enter coupon dating Beyond Borders I’m gonna loop to it below so you can go ahead and check it out stay tuned for next week’s video don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for weekly videos and didn’t girl the world and I’ll see you next week with a new video – for breaking down your barriers

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