Singing Lessons / HOW TO SING Acapella In The Style Of The Pentatonix – Ken Tamplin ORIGINAL SONG

hey guys ken Tamplin from ken Tamplin vocal Academy were back here again at Costa Mesa studios I thought I’d do another one of my own tunes again this time it’s a jazz piece but it’s actually kind of cool it’s got kind of a queen vibe with Manhattan transfers and take six with a harder vocal on top there’s about 200 background vocal tracks we laid down and I’m gonna put the lead vocal on top and it’s called this one’s with you and it goes like this let me just say this one time and this one’s for you so you wanna be a big star thank you big hair and fast talker go sell your soul to be a mess the big gun man to do don’t you quit you take for you turn the boys out of their share of the loot yeah oh boy oh boy this one’s for you okay so like I said there’s a lot going on here now but the key to this isn’t about belting and whaling in fact the key is quite the opposite it’s about learning how to blend and now I’m singing Polly chords which are chords on top of chords and it’s about blending within certain things and you know I love that kind of you know kind of fast Gabby like it sounds like a trumpet stab vibrato I know it’s not technically correct but it’s actually just a stylistic thing anyway and then being able to get brassy on the sound no hey no yo hey having that part and then I’ve heard all the stories found days gone by adolescent fantasies all gone all right well let me just say this one time this one’s for you so you’ve got to have that breathy Airy thing to be able to mix and blend and then no one to get brassy on the sound when you want the vocal to stand out and pop above the rest of the track so anyway just a fun bit another kind of quirky thing to do thank you for joining me ken Tamplin vocal Academy and we have more coming your way

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