Some Americans are ignorant and proud 34 Simple questions on the streets of USA lol super funny wow

do you know what country the Panama Canal is in kala South America South America Florida Pakistan Panama in it Panem it’s not Panama’s it starts at the P does well why would it be in Panem all that’d be weird how many stars are in the United States flag 50 as are 50 to 52 how many stars on American flag we got 13 colonies or 13 minus 50 turns me my 50 got now what is 7 what is 7 what is good how many stars on this American flag hides L know be honest are you an American yes my grandfather served in the United States Navy and I think there’s like 46 or something I don’t know hold on one second how do I need to hold your flag are you an American now are you from Brazil Brazil how many stars on this American flag I should be 50 right these foreigners are smarter than many Americans god I used to know this stuff crap I don’t know how many stars on this flag 50 where are you from Sweden Sweden what’s the biggest state in the u.s. California Texas Texas Texas right California Texas Texas Texas Alaska how many stars are there in the red flag 13 whose vice president the United States who’s our vice-president girl Hillary Clinton Barack Obama’s wife John McCain Bill Clinton Joe Biden that guy whose price Presidente nine states whose vice president the United States do you guys know a currency that UK uses what’s the currency euros euros euros pounds you got it bad zero euro pesos all right I’m gonna interview her what you did the United States date is July 4th 1776 1853 can I have a hit uh 19 not 19 hell if it wasn’t 90 1783 1692 give me a higher lower then I get an over-under what is the religion of Jewish people Jewish Jewish Jewish Jewish Christian Judaism what song is the national anthem uh it’s come on can I look it up on my phone where is India located it is located in the eastern hemisphere correct okay um the Middle East right Mediterranean Asia draw a map of the US and the state say aye let’s do it Wisconsin looks like a mitten no Wisconsin doesn’t like I’m in Michigan looks like a mint looks like a fried chicken leg that’s all right are you sure there are 50 all the early matters is Texas in Florida [Music] what is Bali um it’s a it’s the capital of India it’s like Hollywood for Indians can you name a Bollywood actor yes the gentleman whose name I cannot pronounce but he’s very very famous and his first name starts with an A and has several syllables and his last name start to the B and I think his father was a Bollywood actor too and he married a woman who’s a very famous Bollywood actress what is the currency of India hmm have no idea no idea I don’t know this is awful the rupee [Music] [Music]

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