Something Strange Is Happening In The Adult Film Industry


it appears prolific adult film star August Ames is dead with early reports implying that she may have taken her own life Ames made her debut in the industry back in 2013 and since then has racked up 270 plus film credits to her name at press time her cause of death hasn’t been released her husband Kevin Moore released a statement saying she was the kindest person I ever knew and she meant the world to me please leave this as a private family matter in this difficult time meanwhile Ames’s peers in the industry have been tweeting their condolences and some of their notes hint at what August cause of death may have been photographer holly Randall tweeted I am so sorry that I didn’t know it was this bad kissa Sen said I’m sorry I didn’t do more to help some believed Ames took her own life in response to cyberbullying she endured earlier this week Ames tweeted that she withdrew from the scene with erotica X because the male performer she’d be working with had previously filmed gay porn scenes she said quote I’m not putting my body at risk I don’t know what they do in their private lives the result was an outpouring of backlash that had many attacking August for what they perceived to be homophobic coming Ames spent the rest of the day going back and forth with people in her mentions the last thing she ever tweeted was guilt she was just 23

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we also have to look at the type of culture that we are spreading around the globe we are the number one producer of pornography in the work this is deeply troubling to me as somebody who’s trying to raise young boys adolescents are always mystified by sexuality they’re mystified by it but what we’re dealing with now on the Internet is so deeply troubling we recently had a courageous owner of hotels in Sweden who began to work on the problem of human trafficking and when he realized the connection between pornography and human trafficking he removed pornography from his hotels this is something that should be honoured it should be news the country of Iceland that prohibits pornography the sale of pornography and Iceland not because they’re religious people it’s one of the most secular countries in the world but but because there are middle-class people and they know that pornography is harmful for the commonweal but what’s worse is that pornography is no longer x-rated we have in the Video Music Awards a young girl who had millions and millions of followers as Hannah Montana millions of young American girls that saw her as something to be emulated to be looked up at and in a display of other degradation human degradation to a male or a female and I don’t blame Miley Cyrus I see her as a victim of a demonic dehumanizing entertainment culture in fact I would call that a culture not a culture because of the occultic undertones in it it’s a dark culture and this is what our mainstream entertainment is producing so all of those children that saw her in the Mickey Mouse Club as a young and innocent girl are now twerking a word that shouldn’t even be in our vocabulary social science that has shown that when men see a naked woman or a woman in a bathing suit the same area of the brain that lights up when they see a tool lights up it’s not the frontal lobe it’s a complete objectification that occurs this is what happens to our women when they become objects of lust as opposed to human beings with minds with spirits with something to say not to be used and abused and then thrown away and look how many women we have out here that are raising their children in single homes because they had children out of wedlock there was no commitment by the male to a family and they suffer and they struggle some of them are on welfare and they’re fortunate to live in a country where they can get some help this is a crises in our country we also have a culture that will not talk about sexually transmitted diseases in any honest way every single thing that is harmful for you in America they’ll warn you about if don’t they’ll warn you about doughnuts they’ll have commercials about fatty foods everybody knows potato chips are not good for them everybody knows that french fries aren’t good for them they know the cheesecakes not good for them but nobody will dare speak out against the deviant sexual practices that occur in this country and are not only not talked about are promoted by mainstream entertainment and society promoted deviant sexual practices that are harmful to the human being pathogenic sexual practices that cause serious ceases this isn’t like a fatty food that takes time many years before it accumulates and causes a heart attack this is a one-time possible death sentence and yet people won’t speak honestly about it the World Health Organization tells us that rectal intercourse is the most risky form of sexual behavior that’s what the World Health Organization has to say and yet people will not say this is not a healthy choice I don’t want my child to be practicing this male or female this has nothing to do with sexual preference this has to do with a sexual practice that is done amongst heterosexual people and amongst homosexual people yet it’s harmful and nobody wants to speak about it you

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