Stand Up You Spoiled Brat!

It’s time to stand up NFL!

Since Trump announced he was running in August 2015 I’ve been pissing off a lot of people who are newbies to politics, republicans, and people who have been thinking of themselves as conservatives. Now it’s time to piss off the rest of the people, the other side that lives in a fairy tale. I mean democrats/liberals.

We have a bunch of people who get paid millions of dollars to play a game protesting the only country in the world that would give them that opportunity. Ok, lots of countries have professional sports, but none have anywhere close to the quantity of opportunity to be a multi-millionaire.

I really can’t stand The Star Spangled Banner.

It’s a pathetic bunch of notes and words without relevance to modern Americans. If that makes you mad and you can’t teach me something about the war of 1812 sit down and shut up. If you don’t know what the war of 1812 has to with the song, Google it you dumb fuck! I’m sorry. That was mean, …here’s a link. The song sucks but it is the one America chooses to symbolize unity as a nation and I respect that. The idea of unity as a nation is we work to make it better together. That doesn’t fit with these spoiled brats trashing the whole nation for one issue that none of them is actually working on a solution for.


So, share your big plan Captain Concussion. How is taking a knee going to solve any problems? What is the outcome you envision or the big change that will help America be better as a result of you pouting? How about you prove that college education you got wasn’t just for scoring playing the game? If you see a problem with America, why not put some real thought and effort into affecting positive change? That requires work, not complaining and trashing the country. All you are doing is pushing America farther apart. Need Proof?

When did this plan start? Who was President then? Since then has the issue you’re trying to address gotten better? Is America gotten any closer to finding common ground solutions? Who is President NOW? Yeah, looks like your plan is working their Einstein.
In case you haven’t noticed the KKK has a friend in the White House now. If racism is the issue you’re “protesting” it would appear that it is going in the opposite direction.

I support you 1st Amendment right to do what you’re doing, but I also maintain my 1st Amendment right to say you’re a fucking idiot, spoiled brat, hypocrite and counter productive tool.

Stupidity is epidemic in this country. You may have it. Fortunately there is a simple and easy detection test you can do right at home. First, prove you can handle a single task by clicking the “like” button. Then share this post. If you can’t do that, I’m sorry to say you have been effected. Still I’ve got good news. There is a cure. Turn off cable television, read books, use the Internet to research something new you want to learn every single day, and then engage in conversation with people that are smarter than you. I know for most of you that means me, but I really don’t have the time for you. I have content to write and create.

Stand Up For This Awesome Rendition Of A Really Awful Song

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