Steelers vs. Bengals | NFL Week 13 Game Highlights

here we go guys Steelers the Bengals Antonio Brown active despite being listed as question that that’s right red Jessamine that’s never an injury but there’s a left you don’t want no big toe fun you know one part of that you don’t want part of Big Ben either first quarter Roethlisberger looking for Eli Rodgers but it’s Adam Jones pac-man he doesn’t go by that buddy it’s still fun to call him that and look at this oh no extracurriculars going now Jones he would leave the game with a groin injury check on for more here come the bangles Andy Dalton Oh Josh I’m alone and yeah there’s that hick we saw earlier she’s here with the lane down and this is not a replay that we really want to see a whole bunch more time she’s here would hit Malone directly with his head you see that leading with the top lays the hard hit immediately grabs his back tried to move his hands after that Vince Williams that’s his buddy it was pal that’s his guy he was on the bench shedding a few tears shazier as we told you taking on the backboard currently at a local hospital after being carted off via ambulance to be evaluated before my injury be sure to dump it right here on total access end game as well as for the very latest on Ryan shazier Mike Tomlin little shaken up so now we move to third and gold bangles drive Andy Dalton and AJ Green game plan and guys that was a end of a 12-play 85 yard drive to make it 10 to zip but this one far from done I’ll talk about AJ Green we don’t talk about you know what’s more to the 3rd we go Big Ben to live Bell Bell a little hesitation trouble – dude come on what was 20 – somebody look at these objects what are you doing he actually got out the way out the way William Jackson is his inbox right about now but sure it’s Poole you played a good game but that was a dumb phone okay first attend some on AJ green again I mean he had his head in his back pocket but as a flag to the laundry going on there okay 13 penalties 173 yards from the system TJ Watson I know it’s not on my watch bring it on bring it on back there’s that holding right there it’s just e oh you can’t win that blood I’m not gonna lie you seen them you know how strong he is fourth quarter Steelers trailing by a seventh spot Big Ben rolling out and simply throwing it away but uh once again laundry roughing the passer on do you know a kid you can’t do come on James record 173 penalty yards now what 2710 later one per pattern we were talking about the perfect will remain down monster is hit right there that’s Tom Takata can’t stand over can’t do that right there perfect grab his leg after that unnecessary roughness perfect as we told you and showed you earlier like shoes carted off in the field you would point to the sky on his way out so check out NFL comm hopefully good news on him six plays later it’s the big band and Avco six pounds do it over them too you can do it when you’re on the same team what do you always say like what are they doing out there that it is 32 on their own twine what I’ll be singing but dude three bring that pressure on Andy Dalton right there that’s a loss of 3 yards guys so the bengals forced to punt Dupree big time fans Steelers here they come Big Bend too big Bell well Curt pence first down at the sensi 24 Chris Boswell good money don’t mind if I knew you loved planets just let it on through the uprights Steelers they go on and get the win 23 million at 1 to 20 there you have it was that is how things shook out

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