Summer Beach Song – An Original Song

hi this is just a fun song you can sing around the campfire at that beach or in your backyard whatever you want its pitch they’re ready for a burrito today cuz we’re all back home for the summer we don’t need no lenzen are you working on my Terrace enough sunscreen my skin feels like butter Santa step into my license to my arms would let me tell you that it’s definitely on my vibe and all the steps we pack can be giving this a key as a severe allergy to treatments oh ho I have enough last riding the waves maybe later we can poke the dead guy buried in the shallow grave it’s summer time it’s hard in our sweatin if you want that say this is the perfect setting forgive me a horse with food and technology the season the mess that leaves that’s the sooner audiology I love so much but to the mosquitoes because I’ve accepted this is how I’m gonna die but if you rub some old chatter on Jenna mouth neither shall be taken as a human sacrifice is going down werewolves come out by the tapas we got silver bullets till we accidentally should pray who would gotten in the way can wash this memory i’ll try to Silkwood it whoa whoa I’m gonna forget you right for real you’re a good man oh ho now bury him next to dead man’s down just take the whole little deeper it’s so much time it’s hot and I’m sweaty let’s catch the ways before they start having a go to Scientology this season’s the best at least that’s the Sun radiology break it down now throw your hands up if you love the Summa who needs school it’s such a bummer fill your hands up if you’re the guy with the guitars where I half the people here are disney channel stars i love summer can’t you tell i wish it lasted forever oh wait that’s called well don’t touch that stray cat we call them hairless Harry in men in the rabbits world they just got married and good for them honestly throw your hands up if you drink the last year oh it was Ginny throw off the blue the beach is the best you can’t deny chain myself to a dominant so I won’t have to say goodbye it’s summertime it’s having are sweating these places some mammal tuning forgetting couple Bugatti Emma that’s basic biology this season’s the best that leads you that’s summer ideology that’s some early ology demux it is starting to happy summer 2015 we’re all angels without wings

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