hey guys how’s it going welcome back to another video so right now it’s still pretty early in 2018 so far 2018 has consisted of Tide Pods Logan Paul what else is that it we need to step it up but since it’s still early in the year there’s still time to get ahead of the 2018 trends that are coming online I found this article that predicts what fashion trends 2018 will have I thought today we would go through some of these and actually test them out on myself and see if these trends look good on me or not you guys can actually be the judge maybe 2018 is the year that I’m gonna changing my style I don’t know let’s see propper is apparently something that’s going to come into fashion you’ll never look at your mother’s dishwashing gloves the same way again with brands taking your rubberized materials and molding them into unexpectedly cheap silhouette so this one’s pretty out there I don’t know if this one will catch on honestly so they predict in 2018 you’re gonna be wearing rubber shirts rubber jackets rubber pants so I went online I searched for a rubber shirt I found one but it was like $70 $70 for a rubber shirt why are they so expensive so instead I found something that looks like a rubber shirt and if the whole rubber shirt thing catches on you already know I’m gonna invest that seventy dollars but for now this works so this is a nice fake leather shirt great for a night out is this how you do with clothes off now I just change into the shirt three two one oh this is this is not good oh my gosh this just doesn’t look right the shine just makes it look like a trash bag like a slim fit trash bag when you’re trash but still want to be fashionable I’ve had this on for like five minutes again that’s kind of hot I think the real question though is how would women feel about this if I approached you at a club with this on would you be into it or what I think I already know the answer such a weird material to be wearing I feel like a condom and on the penis oh this was real rubber it would be probably all squeaky – let’s hope wherever shirts don’t become a thing this is really hot hi baby supreme if supreme had this exact thing with a supreme logo on it people would go crazy for it and that’s not even like a joke you put a supreme logo on anything and people will buy overall I’m gonna give this fashion trend a three out of ten I’m sorry I’m just not bad also by the way quick side note when I was searching for a rubber shirt I also found this thing on Amazon what the is this thing what is it four words imagine being the model for this wide leg pants go wide in the skinny or not pants a debate people are sliding with those wide leg bottoms and crops now this one is pretty different from what’s in fashion today because most things are tapered nowadays now I have never really liked baggy pants how they look or anything but I went online and I found the baggiest pants that in the entire world and here they are whoa what the hell oh my god it’s like a skirt it’s so baggy what is this look how wide each leg is that is thick okay well let’s put them on and test them three two one oh my god oh I don’t know I feel about this they’re very comfortable I’ll give it that I feel very free these are so bad it looks like I’m about to go skydiving are these the pockets really it’s such a baggy pants but the pockets are like an inch deep I look like Aladdin with these on fashion wise though I don’t think I would leave the house with these I think I would just get roasted by a stranger anyway let’s get a wide shot of this Wow I don’t think I’ve ever looked more attractive imagine if you took these to the movies though how much candy you could sneak in like you would be able to fit so much stuff in here see it doesn’t even look like anything is in there no one will suspect a thing kitty are you watching this Tim then once you get into the movie you can just get your pants and enjoy your almond milk so you know what overall I think I’m gonna give it a seven out of ten I was gonna give it a four out of ten but then I thought of that movie idea ex-girl sunglasses this 90s sunglasses shape is back it comes in the form of razor edges Oakley s touches and fearless experimentation with color so I didn’t really know what ex-girl sunglasses work so I’m assuming from the pictures and the description it’s sunglasses was like it comes out words like that honestly these look like something a time traveller would wear I don’t think it’s something you really just wear to the mall and the ones below them look like goggles like you wear those to swim and see underwater anyway so I went out and try to find glasses that went outwards and I ended up getting these look like I look like a completely different person this is something like Bella Thorne would wear right these are a little extra though I wish they didn’t have glitter but you know what these I actually think and maybe catch on I can’t talk seriously with these on I wouldn’t be surprised if these kind of glasses or ex-girl sunglasses become fashionable because the sunglasses I were last year these I thought these were just a joke but then I saw people actually wearing them not ironically and online there’s a pair for like $300 so I guess I’ll keep these I’ll keep these in my car if the Sun is ever in my eyes these could save my life I think I’m gonna give these a 5 out of 10 I don’t think I really pull them off well I can give him the kitty and she can maybe pull them off why isn’t she moving Berets Berets were that it topper for fall runways 2017 and it looks like it’s on the upswing for next year – and why not they’re cute super lightweight easy to wear and take any look from bland to bold oh so I bought one I’ve always kind of wanted one of these is there a certain way that it’s supposed to go or I think this is the best way to put it on for me the thing is with me is that my hair needs to be showing if my hair doesn’t show like no all sudden look like I can paint really good I should have bought a baguette ah it’s okay I can just I can Photoshop one in my hand right now it says how I imagine everyone in France to look is that racist short-shorts it says short slam back into men’s fashion in 2018 I don’t know how I feel about this one oh my god they are so short there is no way I’m just gonna call it right now these aren’t gonna be in fashion well what the hell it has a section just to hold your oh my god they’re so short my shirt goes past it it just looks like I don’t have a pants on I don’t even know if I can show these these are too revealing I like my video is gonna get demonetised for nudity why did I choose this one I might edit this whole thing out I’m gonna show a little bit of it my boxers yo pass what are you even supposed to wear with these summer 2018 you’re gonna walk out everyone’s gonna be looking like this they’re very breathable gave them that book for fashion I’m gonna give it a rating of negative 12 because I’m not feeling these this article says that the shorter shorts are gonna be worn with suits also um again I’m gonna take a guess and say that’s not gonna happen this is kind of a side trend that I found that someone things is gonna happen in 2018 no eyebrows probably not gonna happen looking back we can watch our eyebrows changing morphed with passing time they’ve been thin they’ve been thick they’ve been hashtag on fleek the brow trend for 2018 no brows at all no but for the video I am gonna do it now I’m just kidding that I wonder if there’s anyone that actually thought I was going to do it if you did you just got pregnant and the last trend statement straw hats we’re still obsessed with the straw bag but next spring you’ll be able to wear it with its head gear equal the statement straw hat and there’s examples of 9 different ones oh my god I can go through each one of these and roast them individually like that first one boy and in this picture they show a Gucci straw hat looked it up and they actually sell them one it’s for ech $500 and somewhere a thousand dollars what kind of straw is this made out of anyway I found a cheaper one and I bought it and here it is well that’s big this definitely shows a statement I don’t know what kind of statement maybe like I’m going to Hawaii kind of statement I look I look less intelligent with this on ok joking aside this one probably actually looks the best on me does more because everything else looked bad but still realistically though I don’t think I can leave my house looking like this it’s I would need a more low-key straw hat this one’s a little much ok so that was the last one my closet has definitely been improved today hopefully you take the information that I gave you today and you become the first person at your school to start these trends before everyone else is doing them if you enjoyed this video make sure to hit it with a thumbs up it helps me out thank you guys for making it to the end the video I love you guys and hopefully I’ll see you next Wednesday bye [Music]

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