The Acoustic Guitar Chord That changes Everything

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The Acoustic Guitar Chord That changes Everything.

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The D-C-G Trick guitar chord trick


[Music] hey Marty Schwartz here guitar jams calm I’ve got a fairly easy but really cool sounding acoustic lesson for you a way to spice up your playing a bit maybe spark some new ideas basically all I did was one concept with one of the first chords everybody learns is D major chord so right there D major chord yeah and also I’ve got the website guitar jams calm we can go over there and check it out DVDs you can try it for free for three days I have the lessons are all organized from beginner to advanced and different styles it’s really helpful you can go check that out plus it’s funding these free lessons okay so we take this D major chord whoa I was dropping a guitar that would be bad so a deed major chord right and this is a concept of having other videos but if you move that just the just the notes that your fingers are on if I moved it up a whole-step it’s an E major chord it actually goes up a letter and then e to F and all of music is a half step so if I move this D chord up a half-step it’s now an F major triad three note chord if I move it up another whole step it’s G chord another whole step that’s an a chord another whole step into B chord and then B to C is a half step in music as well so move that up a half step now have a C chord so you can substitute your regular chords with this D shape and it’s really great when you’re playing with another guitar player like if one guy’s playing this G chord right here [Music] you could take this D chord d e half step to F whole step to G I can play this one instead [Music] same core and they complement each other really well but here’s a little kind of embellishment concept off of that so I took this D chord and this is also gonna be called a D inversion you can play this instead of a D chord what I’m gonna do is we’re not even going to play the high E right now I’m not gonna worry about it I’m going to take our middle finger and we’re gonna put it on the 3rd fret of the B string just fooling around with you then index is gonna go on the second fret really pay attention to the fingers middle on the 3rd of the beat index on the 2nd of the G those two notes are the same from the D chord but then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna play my ring finger on the fourth fret of the d aha that makes it different [Music] so we’re not playing the root in the bass anymore if you don’t know what that means don’t worry about it it’s just a cool D chord but then what I like to do is instead of just with my index finger playing the second fret of the G I’m just kind of kind of bar this little cluster here of the you know high e B G and D and I get my middle finger right there and then what I can do that enables me to hammer it enables me to hammer that fourth fret of the D string and get kind of a Hendrix econo seven [Music] then I can also hammer the g-string as well as an embellishment and this is all just a really cool sounding D chord in fact if I had dropped going to drop deal here [Music] and when you’re borrowing it and get the high e in there you can add your pinky right here to the fifth [Music] and then you can even get figure out a way to get the third fret of the high e [Music] but look if I take that concept with the D chord and then I move it up to where let’s say my index finger is on the seventh fret middle is on the eighth rings on the ninth for the G chord and then up a whole-step for the a chord now you have just the basic one four five but with really cool sounds all right so I’ll do one time just you know basic concept so we got D [Music] – gee [Music] dr. D Mary [Music] and then update a down Ajit [Music] let me zoom in and I’ll just so you can just kind of look at what I’m doing I’m just improvising but like taking very easy basic chords and making them way more expensive sounding as I’ve used in old video so here we go check this out [Applause] [Music] keep going keep playing I know you can do it you

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