The Art of Seduction ft. Dita Von Teese

In my dating life I can’t tell you how many men I’ve encountered. I especially like young men and they’ll straight-up say I’ve never seen anything like this in real life and that’s what you want to hear. You want to be the girl that he’ll never forget and for good reasons. Like a maestro of seduction, like someone who truly knows her craft and knows that everything has to look like you didn’t try. Like you just are.

The lingerie is one of those things. That’s why you must wear it every day and enjoy it and wear things that fit. It’s not you didn’t put it on for him, you’re not like stumbling out of your bedroom like ‘oh I put this on for you. It’s like he’s lucky he’s there and he gets to experience.

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Like if a guy wanted me to wear like little bobby socks I’m like a schoolgirl uniform I would I wouldn’t do it because it doesn’t make me feel good and ultimately it wouldn’t be sexy.

The girl he never forgets is sexually knowledgeable. You should read everything you can about eroticism and sex even if you don’t want to do certain things you don’t have to but being knowledgeable is really important. I think maintaining mystery is important. When I’m with a man I don’t let him see everything. I keep my feminine wits about me.

The way that you exit a relationship is very important. Keep your dignity at all times no matter how heartbroken you are, and I have been very heartbroken before. I’ve always maintained decorum and dignity because when you keep your dignity and you don’t do things like, you know drive by his house, or stalk his Facebook and all the crazy things that we do when we’re coming down from the high of love in a relationship.

There’s so many crazy things you do and you kind of want to be calm cool and collected I mean there’s I think like just I don’t know I mean having like a having a sense of adventure you know like I bathed in my lingerie before you know taking off the stockings flung across the wall they stick you know I’m even having like a sense of adventure what a good and a sense of humor when it comes to sex and romance so if you ask a man when you were sexiest it was probably a time when you were completely free and happy and having a laughing so just the things that are true for me I know they are free you

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