The BEST Ways to Get Millions of Dollars | The Fastest and Easiest Way to Make Money in GTA 5 Online

yoke’s I had to go guys welcome back to another GTA 5 video so just over a week ago I put together a video showing you guys the top three best ways to make money in GTA 5 online I’m going up to feedback it seems like a ton of you guys really seem to enjoy that video as there is at least of one method in a video that all of you guys can grind out straight away and stack million however some of the methods in that video haven’t have changed or they’ve been updated so I thought go ahead and put together somewhat of an updated version to that video seen as so many of you guys really seem to enjoy it so as always if you guys do enjoy this video and you do want to see me cover more epic money in RP methods in the future all I ask is you show support by dropping the lights down below and feel free to subscribe as I do post daily GTA 5 videos without further ado let’s get into the video okay so the first method I’m going to be showcasing in this video is how to complete this week’s brand new time trial it only takes one minute to complete and will earn you guys a very nice fifty thousand dollars so you really have no reason to complain I guarantee all of you guys will come and straightaway and smash this time trial at the park now would suggest you guys go ahead and use a motorbike so this time trials there’s tons of super fast motorbikes you guys can easily complete this one in including Sanctus that koutou tena koutou drag this your Toro so in this video I’m going to keep things mutual I’m going to use the Battie 801 which only cost around $16,000 so I guarantee all of you guys and at least afford this motorbike but like I said if you guys own any of the new faster motorbikes by all means go ahead and call that one up okay so this week’s time trial is called Cypress flats and let’s have a part time of two minutes seven seconds now once you guys arrive at a time trial you don’t want to do as I do on screen and fail knocking down this fence so I’d include this in the video cuz it was such a fail but nonetheless once I fail I get up off my bike wipe myself down and I get back to the process at hand so the first thing you guys want to do is knock down this fence that’s right behind the time trial you are actually going to be driving backwards off this little dirt road so you can get up to the highway and save yourself ten plus seconds this is by far the best method complete this week’s time trial I am aware there’s a few different ways you can do this week’s one so it is particularly easy like I said however I did do the other methods and this way is by far my favorite I’ve actually completed this is my first ever go trying this method and you guys will see is actually so food diet stalled on my wife’s like five six seconds and it’s still managed to complete it it got to the point while it’s actually going to restart the race right at the end because I failed so hard but because I was so ahead of my part-time I was able to survive myself down and get straight back onto it so as you guys can see on screen you want to knock that fence down just to get rid of the barrels and the fence that I’ve your ways you can go straight on to the third pass now from here you actually want to start the time trial so you can see the finish line so you can set your Waypoint now once you guys set your Waypoint to the finish line it’s going to tell you to take a write down this highway you can see right here I took some time out to show you this because it’s going to make more sense in the gameplay you’re basically want to avoid that first right off the intersection onto the highway you want to go straight past up more to the city and you want to take the highway that’s more on the inner circle so exactly where you can see me mask enough now is where you run ahead this will make more sense once you see me do to gameplay you could take another through the landmarks I’m going to spire to you guys as you guys can see we’re going to follow a straight highway and then jump up a hill and we’ll be able to finish right here at the finish point so go ahead and set your Waypoint and you guys will notice when I set my Waypoint as you guys can see directing me down the right side of the highway however once we ignore that and go down the way I’m going to show you you will get back on track with the Waypoint and all you got to do is follow it from there okay so as soon as you guys start the time trial you want to head down the Aerie just not down the center if you guys remember we’re gonna pop as many readers as you want to go straight up this little dirt path and taking immediate left down this side pick it straight up to the highway keep hopping as many weeds as you want look after that red billboard and you guys will see you’re straight to the highway now from here it’s pretty self-explanatory keep hopping as many really Sanders highways you want make sure you don’t take a right of center section we’re going to keep going straight keep going straight like I mentioned earlier we’re not going to take the first right off onto the highway we’re going to pass this highway here we’re going to keep going straight until we get the next turnin so remember these landslides as you can see you’re going under a lot of different roads a very ‘rememorable area this is why it was extra easy and as you guys can see you can tell when you’re approaching the next time because you’ll see like the skyline from the city in the background I know I did do a few time trials at night time in a few you guys asked why am i doing and nights are about that I didn’t realize that is obviously a load more easier for you guys to see during the day like as you guys can see to take a right and get straight into this highway if you guys are able to go into this highway with under a minute gone into time trial then you’re way ahead of your time like I am right now and because you guys are saving so much time by doing this first part I’m showing you you will literally have like five or six seconds spare to mess up and still be able to complete this time trial I did complete this a few different times and I decided to use this gameplay here because I messed up so hard and I still finished it like I said at the start so it goes to prove so if I’m able to mess up and waste six seven seconds hanging in a tree and I still can do it I’m pretty sure the majority of you guys would be able to do it however once you pass that big factor where you’re going to come to this little dirt path area all know its mouth all these brushes you want to go in between the two roads so you go off-road as you guys can see on screen onto the grass keep going straight because you’ll be able to see the finishing line and you basically want to cross the road and then jump up this hill anyway shape or form now here is where I messed up look I messed up once they’re like taking too long in the air and here look at this I’m literally sitting the tree five six seconds and I thought to myself I should not give up I’m going to reset and I realized that so much time to go I just got that little hill and power forward it I’m still able to finish it under the part-time so as you guys can see this when I go straight for all these windmills this is pretty self-explanatory and bang 52k and less than two minutes honestly I’ve done a lot of time trials as you guys probably know if you’ve been subscribed to my channel so I like to give you guys my honest opinion and this time trial gives you soft a head start this is practically impossible to you guys to fail however moving straight to the second-best method that you guys should definitely be making the most of as of right now since Rockstar Games are going to be ending this promotion in just under three days now and that is by making the most out the double money and double asking promotions and I have managed to find out a method that allows you guys to earn and amass payout from this new adversary mode it’s all good me just telling you guys this and you take my word but just for example as you guys can see right here on screen not only have I been earning millions from this method but as you guys can clearly see all of you guys have been earning millions swell some insane powder you can see on screen right here well over a hundred K and these are from playing single games of this new adversary mode I literally received over a hundred tweets from you guys showing me these insane payouts of sorry I couldn’t include all of them in this video but just as evidence as you guys can clearly see right here nonetheless I’ll quickly run through the best method to actually grind this adversity road in case you guys haven’t seen a video but one important tip I will say is leave a comment underneath this video if you do want to ground that method to someone else because you will need one other player just say willing to grind method to leave your gamertag or your PSN and you might be better off leaving what time you’re usually on a web run that you’ve got Mike from my personal experience and on certain players only like to play other players you’ve got Mike and from what I’ve seen if you want to leave what time you usually play GTA 5 online it’s more than likely you’ll get more replies first thing I would suggest you guys go ahead and do is I have a bookmark one of these brand new adversary mode or do what I do go ahead and create a brand new playlist and to do so all you guys want to do is press Start go across the online go down to the playlist create we’re going to go down to add mission and you want to find one or two of these new adversary mode called power mod now like I said a great thing about this adversary mode compared to the older adversary modes where you would require a minimum of four players all you guys need is one of a friend to grind this method out with so if you guys don’t have that many friends that do play GTA 5 online be sure to definitely leave a comment underneath this video with either your gamertag or your PSN and you might be better off leaving whether or not you’ve gotten life because I do know certain players only prefer to place other players who’ve got Mike’s however as long as all of you guys watch all of this video all the way through you won’t even need Mike’s I going to you all be able to come on straight away and start slacking something to stay in cash straight away now it is also worth mentioning this is not like the old adversary mode where you would receive more cash bonus for having more players in your game you will get exactly the same amount of money if you have one player your team where you have five players in your team there is one massive difference that you do want to make sure that you don’t change and that is you want to make sure that you have enough players to split so you only have two teams the reason you want to do that is because we want to split this into two payoffs the winners payout the losers pout where if we have more than two teams you’ll get the winners payout then you’ll get the second-place payout then you’ll get the third-place payout and you’ll get the fourth-placed out so it’s actually the worst way to grind money because in the long run the majority of the lobby are going to be losing out on thousands of dollars every single round for nothing so you’re always much better off just grinding this out with one other player like I’ve mentioned do be sure to definitely leave a comment down below tons of active players in my community always up for grinding money now once you guys are in this part of the menu you want to make sure you have it on first to win two rounds with the round duration on 15 minutes and the target score set at 7 and then from here go ahead and launch the game now if you guys end up or winning around under 3 minutes you’re only going to receive 10k and the losers will only receive 5k if the round finishes between 5 and 7 minutes that will jump all the way up to 16 K for the winner and 8 K for the losers if you guys go ahead and finish this game between 8 to 10 minutes that will jump up again to 20k for the winners and 10k for the losers and if you guys go ahead and finish the game between 10 and 12 minutes your payout will increase the 26 case of the winner and 13 K for the losers however if you guys go ahead and spend the 15 minutes in the round that you guys will be receiving the max 40k per round as well as a very nice 20k for the lose offs now of course Rockstar Games have changed its adversary mode for the max we can go up to is the plus to win two rounds whereas the previous one overtime Rumble was the first to win a war round so if I go ahead and win two rounds in this game and lose one round of a receiving 40k for each round taking my total to 80 plus the losers payout 20k taking my total income to a nice hundred thousand per game yet you guys might be thinking how the hell was I pay up at a hundred and fifty call at this far two games and that’s because I went ahead and earn something called the winners round bonus and as you guys could tell after a few games this will make a massive difference to the money you guys will be earning in the long term from grinding this method and it’s very simple to do so because there isn’t too many rounds on this from adversity mode like I said it’s the first to win two rounds what you guys want to go ahead and do is I have go ahead and play against a noob so you can just let him win the first round like go afk so you get 20k and then you go ahead and win the next two rounds so you’re winning them back-to-back in other words one after the other you guys will be receiving an extra fifty four thousand dollars for doing so so as you guys can see here I just went ahead and let my friend at beat me in the first round then I started to play properly in the second round went ahead and won the second round got my 40k he got his 20k would throw that one round eight I went ahead and won the next round after this which would drag me another full EK i instead of receiving $100,000 by a hundred and fifty four k as well as an insane fifteen thousand or three holy I’m not gonna lie boys by far one of the easiest and fastest methods right now stuff all of you guys should definitely be making the most of however moving straight into the third and final method in this video and this actually goes hand-in-hand with the second method because every single time that you guys finish a game just like you guys can see on screen you can go ahead and sell one of the most expensive in-game vehicles of course a few weeks back I did show you guys have to spawn in the most expensive Street vehicle which is the dub stir too which is also extremely rare so I will leave a link to that video download in the description however that method can be quite tedious and can take quite a few guys to actually land whereas this method is spawning these modified Sentinel excesses can be done consistently over and over again and I actually did notice a small percentage of people in the community thinking this modified Sentinel excess with a fake method and I’m not gonna lie I’m not surprised because there is so many fake GTA 5 YouTube is that literally close to fake GTA 5 money glitch –is every single day I’m feeling to expose one of these guys because I literally saw a video the other day where someone’s trying to tell you you can make over a million dollars from a single race I want to actually watch this video it was so ridiculously fake I thought I had to expose this guy so leave a comment down below let me know if that’s something you guys want to see me do in the future however just to prove that this is real as you guys can clearly see right here not only have I been turning in a bunch of these sentinel excesses but a bunch of you guys also and filling up your garages are very very easily and bringing in some very easy cash now the first thing you guys want to do is be in a free roam session this could be a public session in by only session or a crew session it doesn’t make a difference now once you guys are in a free roam session you want to wait until the in-game time turns from 9:00 p.m. or 2100 hours now if you guys aren’t aware how to check the time in your game you can press the start and it’s using the top right or you can just pull up your in-game phone and it will have it right at the top of your phone however once it reaches 9:00 p.m. in the game you want to make your way to this point and you basically want to run this route you can see me tracing so if you guys start in this corner you can see me starting on now you want to drive towards the Eclipse Towers pass one Street taking immediate left and take another left plastic Street that we just passed again and take another left getting back to the corner where we originally slide so somewhat of like a mini rectangle so as you guys can see on screen right now I’m running the rectangle that just showed you guys plus any epsilon tile which is a pretty well-known spot so look out for that you just want to drive up this road and then take another left going towards the tequila la lava I can’t even say that name to save my life but this quarter you can see right underneath the billboard you guys I’m pretty sure wouldn’t know this part you want to take a look in the lane driving away from the Eclipse towers and then you guys should know is that I will spawn in a modded sentinel XS from here it’s on a park in front of it jump out jump in the Sentinel and literally take it over to any of your own garages within the game now this is another great thing about this method if you guys own an apartment at the Eclipse towers Del Piero any of this still apartment is literally less than a mile drive from the spawn location so it’s very quick you can simply go back and keep on getting them try and stock up as much as you can however if the route I just showed you guys isn’t strong in them in and try and drive in the opposite direction of that route I just showed you guys and as you guys can see now I’m using the naked dune buggy so the car really doesn’t make a difference and as you guys can see a sentinel XS spawns in yes again all I have to do is throw the person out and simply go ahead and park it in my garage now this time someone came over to attack me because I was a CEO and I’m glad they did so I can show you guys or what to do now say if you guys are recei you’re a VIP and as you guys can see some random persons came behind me start shooting at my car it’s like the panic right next to my thing so what you want to do is quickly pull up the interaction menu retire your CEO and quickly enable passive mode now because guys will blow up your car and it can kill you and I’ll probably rub it and just go ahead and sell it for themselves so as you guys can see this guy tried it with me and it was very nearly successful at doing so I’m not going to lay it this is a big thing because you guys do have to remember the Eclipse Tower is the most owned property within GTA 5 there was always people hanging around this area so if I was you guys I would take no risks describe passive mode for a little while he’s stuffed up enough that you’re happy with however as you guys can see on screen right now I’m using the new besties OTPs which is based off the new Ferrari and as you guys can see bang is still sponging the new sentinel XS and like I said if you guys do want to help out some of your friends or some of your crew members you can get them in the car as well and get them a version to class I’m not going to stop them from spawning in one little tip I will give you if you are playing the friends try and tell them not to hang around in that tequila lala bar area you don’t want to have a certain car just parked up on that road because that will prevent it from spawning in that’s the whole reason we run that little route it so it gives you time to spawn in as you guys probably know GTI used somewhat of like a class duplication system where if you’re driving a muscle car around you may notice a load more muscle cars are driving around that’s just the way GTA 5 has been for as long as I can remember way way back on lush lush then ps2 days was it GTA 3 plenty remember however as I mentioned earlier you can’t spawn in the yellow version of this class well so I thought I’d show you guys gameplay of this very quickly and as you guys can see in my personal opinion I don’t know if you guys agree I think this hard looks pretty sick they both come with a very rare and unique looking color decline a player from LS Kustoms they have a pearlescent over as well as well as tinted windows and a bunch of the features on the car are actually modified already so you may have know it’s like the rims deep source the body wash they ask hit it out so once you guys have got a few of these cars and you sold them like I said you can always keep two for yourselves or to show off to your friends they are pretty nice looking cars just like the modified sandking XL so I showed you guys a few months ago they also came in blue in yellow now if you guys aren’t familiar I believe this is somewhat like a mini Easter eggs as rockstar games two logos Rockstar Games and rockstar games north are always blue and yellow there’s some I’ve liked that little trademark colors but I’m just going to show you guys also in case your garages do fill up you can take this car over to any of your own garages and you’re off the story as many times as you’d like and just in case you guys don’t know this is one of the highest selling cars in the game rockstar games haven’t lowered the sale price its build ourselves at 17 and a half K so like I said if your own least one 10 car garage it should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to filled up and that guy wrote a lobby worth one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars which is extremely good for such a easy and straightforward method now I do want to show this to you just quickly of me selling the car in LS Kustoms as you guys can see seventeen and a half thousand dollars now the yellow version it’s all spawning a lot less and you will get like a thousand less for the yellow version so if you do have the option to go for over the purple or the yellow like I said if you can do as a friend always go for the purple version nonetheless that’s gender for me guys hopefully you guys do appreciate me covering three methods rather than just one in this video don’t forget to leave a comment down below if you guys are going to grind up method two and if you guys who want to see me cover more epic money and RP guides in the future all of us can just relax down below and feel free to subscribe as I do post daily GTA 5 videos thanks a lot for watching guys see you my next video

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