The Cheapest Electric Guitar On Amazon vs my custom Fender. Beginners Should Buy Electric!

hey hey you’re doing Justin here today we’re going to be learning how to play a club or box not really we’re actually going to be checking out the cheapest electric guitar on Amazon this one was 62 pounds which is pretty cheap for an electric guitar so I think if we just find out what it’s like again the idea of this is not just finding out whether the cheapest guitar on Amazon is actually playable and if it’s any good but also what we can do to it in future lessons like adjusting the truss rod adjusting the bridge the saddles that kind of you know trying to get the action improved if the actions horrible maybe even stuff like swapping out electrics and seeing what what we can do with the cheap guitar to make it kind of a lot better that’s the idea of this series anyway so I’ve not opened this at all yet I mean I cut some of the packing tape but it’s um okay it comes with oh and actually it comes with a a strap and a cable and a set of strings and a truss rod adjuster I mean you know not holding any of that stuff in super high holy and look we’ve even got a gig bag so we’re stepping up a gear from cheapest acoustic guitar anywhere I mean it’s a pretty flimsy kind of a bag but you know hey it’s a gig bag and I will use it to keep this guitar in while I’m testing it can’t board so let’s have a look to see what we got we’ve got our famous kind of foam bag thing okay well maple neck not my favorite but we’ll be doing doing good it’s remarkably similar headstock to my sir actually which is kind of if you think oh it’s red – I thought I bought a black one but anyway so well this is it it’s the neck doesn’t feel bad on first great it’s pretty chunky but it’s got its contoured and stuff the first thing that struck me when I opened it up though I’ve got a I’ve got to say is that the the way the pick the pick guard is like really far off the edge of the body and it doesn’t kind of line up the same if I you know and obviously these are pretty different price brackets again but this is my sir so classic and you can I mean I’m not sure if you’ll see from this far off or not but they’re you know the contour of the scratch plate kind of sits really nicely along with the guitar it’s not even with the body but it just looks a bit wonky that’s funny plastic stuff on the pickguard which we can just take off straight away so we don’t need you don’t need that anyway yeah so we’ll get rid of that so first impression let’s see it’s almost certainly not going to be in tune at least I hope it isn’t in tune it is completely no brand again so if you ever wanted your own brand of guitar then this is the perfect one to scribble your own name on the front with it with the texture ok loops knobs feel okay let’s we’ll give that a bit of Berlin a second half a listen to it let me just so it’s character was kind of a tone down on there and somebody asked in the last video they said are you tuning up from the thinner string to the to the thickest string I always do it the other way around I don’t really think it matters if I think about it probably it’s a bit better to do the thicker strings first even though I’m not doing that just because there’s I suspect there’s more tension on them and therefore because you need a little bit of time again just like with the acoustic guitar when you go to a new guitar that it’s going to take a little while for the neck and the truss rod to adjust with the strings right well I’m just doing here something I do with my guitars were just holding the body of the guitar and just kind of giving the neck a little bit of a wobble around you know just helping it if it’s you know it’s not quite settling in it’ll it might help it on its way I don’t know if it really does anything or not but I’d I do that with my own guitars when I’m putting a new set of strings on so as usual it probably take a few goes to get the to get the strings nicely in tune you know let the neck kind of find its place a little bit it has almost definitely got a truss rod adjuster right yeah so it’s got a truss rod it’s going to be adjustable but I must say you know compared with the acoustic guitars or the beginners kind of a thing forget it this is just straight away so much nicer to play um [Music] I mean the action on this guitar is actually pretty decent you know it’s not even slightly hard to play an F course so you know in the comparison game between getting an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar is your first guitar definitely definitely definitely I recommend that you get an electric guitar to start off with you know that old people always used to say about you know getting a an acoustic guitar first and it toughen to your fingers up and it makes an electric guitar easy to play Bob yeah probably but it also gives you a lot higher chance of giving up or feeling like that you’re really hopeless at the guitar because you might have a just a really unplayable difficult instrument like that acoustic guitar that I did the review of recently I mean that was really difficult to play it was unpleasant to play I found it hard work you know and if I was a beginner I’d probably not sure I’d stick with it you know whereas this this is this is playable really put a straightaway you know I’m just going back to the tuning for a second just to because I really really don’t like guitars fit completely in tune so I’m skimming I’ll be revisiting this tuning thing fairly regular suspend because first of all front pickup [Music] hearing a whole lot of different say between [Music] from [Music] tiny little bit [Music] okay said the bridge is pried up at this it’s nowhere near as much difference as we’ll get we’ll just run this up against the sir in a second just do a comparison for those that are interested I’m running into a Kemper profiler I’m using a profile by Michael Britt it’s called 62 Lux 6 profile of a Fender Deluxe [Applause] [Music] I mean this is not bad to play at all if there would be no excuses for a beginner not able to play bar chords on this guitar I mean obviously not straight away but if you’re learning to play guitar you want a guitar that you can play easily and comfortably and this is totally fitting the bill I find the neck the strings are it seems a little narrow to me just a tiny little bit might only be a you know a few millimeters bow feels narrow to me but the strings are easy to press down the actions not too bad it could probably come down a little bit but but it’s it’s not bad the neck doesn’t even look particularly bowed maybe again it could do with a little tweak but not much the big deal for me on this guitar right now is that the I’m not really feeling the sound of the pickups right there they pick up some living up to expectations producer [Applause] [Music] doing almost nothing totally okay okay this is good so that [Music] so this the tone is almost working [Music] the reason I was trying both it should be that this front tone control controls the tone for that front pickup and the and and the middle pickup to you you okay so the way this particular guitars wired up is that the front control is is controlling the front pickup the back turn is controlling the middle pickup and the back pickup is not controlled by either of them [Applause] Oh if it is making any difference it’s very very subtle but I’m fairly sure that the way that this guitars wired is is that so front pick up front tone middle pick up the rear tone and no tone for the the bridge pickup which is a little bit wonky and and I would change that and that might be why as well some of the the the in between pickups where you’re using more than one pickup on it’s just not doesn’t sound like to me at all so that’s just let’s give you some compact a little comparison here so we’ve had listen to that okay so look I decided to go and get my red fender out of its case because it’s a little bit more similar to the test guitar and although I should explain this this is a 1990 early 90 probably 92 it started life as a Fender Strat Plus deluxe which used to have like lace into pickups innit and stuff but almost everything on it changed the nut it was been changed because the nut was originally they spent a role in that thing which didn’t really work very well a big fat wide one the thinner one worked better but the fat wide one didn’t work so that’s been replaced I think that’s a buzz faintin yeah that’s a buzz faintin tuning system not the tuners have all been changed so the tuners are original anymore all of the electrics have been pulled out because the lay sensors didn’t really work and I didn’t like the pots the bridge has been changed the the saddles have been changed so actually really I think even the output jack is different so even though this might have started as a fender stratocaster the only the neck is the same and the body is the same so that’s the only bits it’s had a reef Rhett so the frets aren’t the same yeah so there it’s it’s even that even the little peg the the thingies the strap clips are different but still it’s it’s a Fender Strat I guess and it’s single coils the pickups are the Kinmen pickups I think they were called Woodstock Kingman Woodstock pickup switch a really great love the sound of those pickups so let’s do a little comparison now with with this guitar versus no brand Amazon guitar so start with the front pickup [Music] and that’s half goat at gp1 now down here Oh same thing everything on full front pickup [Music] [Music] [Music] I mean it’s just a lot lower output sounding guitar be really interesting to just actually pull out that whole pickup and drop that pick work Guardian I’m not sure I fancy doing that but the playability of this guitar is pretty good I don’t like the feeling of the neck it’s too fat for me but that’s just a personal preference again a lot of people really like a big thick on a cricket bat feeling neck and it doesn’t feel bad there’s no birds along the edge of the the fret which is one of those things that on I always remember really cheap guitars having these kind of pokey OD frets that if you as you ran your finger up and down and they cut your finger a little bit but this doesn’t have anything like that feels pretty good I do I mean everything about it seems pretty decent really you know that the let’s just have a little look at the back pickup now so putting it on the the bridge pick up the one back here [Music] I mean it’s just really really low output for this kind of thing but that’s you know let’s let’s not be upset about a really really cheap guitar not being as good as an expensive guitar you know this this thing and you know I probably spent quite a lot of money on this over the years changing out all of the bit [Music] the neck feels really familiar to me this one because it’s um you know this was my first ever kind of real guitar after buying kind of cheat guitars and Jackson’s and stuff like that and then yeah this was the first kind of expensive guitar that I ever bought enough I’ve played it a lot over the years it feels yeah most of my big practice days when I was growing up we’re all spent on on this very sentimental a big huge big gouge another thing where I dropped it on the floor once but anyway and that’s another yeah I digress in here anyway how different that sound is to get this real kind of it it’s it’s bigger than it also to tap sensitive they a little softer and get it to clean up [Music] I think just a new set of pickups in this thing you know and it’s it’s pretty good I’m generally in print I mean I’m starting to notice more things now like that the neck hasn’t been finished very well it’s like it’s not exactly round all the time you can feel where it’s been cut or whatever which is just a bit bit disconcerting I guess it’s the kind of thing you’d get used to a bit I’m not enough of a Luther eterno whether you can just hack into these things or not whether you can get the get the sanding block out and just sand it to the shape that you that you want I’d for this much money I think I probably would be looking at that kind of thing but I just and generally impressed with the playability so for me even though the sound isn’t all of that as a beginner instrument this is really decent you know it’s there’s nothing wrong with it at all the electrics and stuff you could change out all of that um I’d have to look into how much it exactly cost to swap out the whole electric system but you know I don’t imagine it’d be that much and really if you’re a complete beginner you don’t need all of that amplification to you know and playing around with effects it’s almost a bit of a distraction you know there’s nothing that says that you can’t be practicing your strumming without any you don’t need any amplification to be working on strumming and changing cause and all the stuff that beginners really need to be working on so I’m just thinking that some you know this is a really again this is a great buy for you know much more than the the acoustic guitar that I tried out the other week was um you know difficult to play uncomfortable to play not a good beginners guitar whereas this one for the money you could get yourself pretty decent at guitar on this you know you the there are some things that I definitely like to explore you know improving changing the electrics shaping the neck a little bit maybe dropping the action just a bit to make it a little bit nicer but generally speaking this I’m I’m really impressed you know and actually I’m just looking at now the pickups are very very far from the strings so it’s something that if you didn’t realize that adjusting the screws on the other side of you you pick up kind of bring them up closer to the to the strings and that will improve the output substantially again I mean I’m looking at the necks a little bit wobbly as well there’s this section just up near the near the pickups where it kind of drops right down so playing on the last few frets is going to be a bit awkward but I mean you know generally speaking this is pretty good you know it appear kind of a good if you into doing projects yourself and you wanted to spend a bit of time you know changing out stuff like you know the tunas will find that they seem to be staying in tune they they feel fairly comfortable to turn and everything but you could definitely change those over some nice locking tuners or whatever but that’s stuff that you don’t really need to do as a beginner I’m a strong believer that having a guitar to get going on these are really that’s the important thing it’s got to be playable and work and be functional and then once you know what it is that you liked you do you want to have a single coil hear it or do you want a humbucker you know is a strat type guitar definitely the thing that you want or maybe you’d be better off looking at like Les Paul he thinks you know you know that’s that’s taste decisions and at the beginning I don’t think many guys really know about that sort of stuff that the sound of the different pickups or whatever you know and it it’s um you know I think you’re better off just as a beginner having a guitar to get going on the doesn’t cost you too much money you can get a bit of a feel free if you like it do you if you’ve got time to do the practice that you need to do to be able to get better that kind of thing that’s kind of more important than any other aspect I think this is a really solid picking the Gaetano kind of glad that I’ve bought this guitar for this much money as a you know as a standard bearer for cheaper guitars I’m trying out new ones this year and seeing what I think is best for beginners I think this is 462 quid or whatever that I think this is it’s gonna take some beating to be honest I think that’s really good so hopefully if you go and have a listen to my my acoustic cheapest acoustic guitar and Amazon video then they’ll really give you a bit of an understanding as to why I’m feeling like you know electric guitar is a much better starting point for a beginner the acoustic was a little bit cheaper half the price well yeah so quite a lot cheaper but it you would really strut if you were a beginner and you bought that acoustic guitar you would really struggle to get beyond the beginner level and you’d even struggle just playing that basic open chords is really difficult but this guitar and all of those open chords even the F chord you know that’s the F chord that I’m not having to press in fact I can almost let’s give us how you doing without having my family [Music] yeah that’s interesting you can hear that so the action is still a bit too high because by playing the chord and press it that’s just pressing harder with my hand I can press it and bender attitude so that definitely the nut needs to come down a little bit if I if I can do that that drastically but yet generally speaking it doesn’t feel too bad to play at all and I’m yeah I’m generally really impressed the thing for you if you’re going out to buy yourself an electric guitar don’t really recommend buying one from Amazon you’re much better off going to your local music store and supporting local music stores rather than buying online and going to try you know try out one and have a go you know maybe have a look at one of my lessons first and learn how to play an E chord or something like that and then trying it on a few guitars to see you know just even if you were just practicing an E chord like that draw six lines on your arm or something you know so just so you know the shape so you can try and press the strings down so that you get a feeling for how hard or easy it is to to press the strings down try a really expensive guitar that you definitely can’t afford and then the more budget guitars that you can afford and see you know get a feeling for what the difference is you know I would if you if you can take somebody who can play guitar a bit you know so that they can help you judge that kind of thing that’s always that I think probably the best way I manage to go to a store with somebody who can play guitar and let them do it but that’s another video for another time so yeah cheapest guitar electric guitar on Amazon gets the thumbs up from me I think this is a really good beginners guitar hope I haven’t waffled too much on that you found this one entertaining and I’ll see if Lenny more very soon take care of yourselves bye bye [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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