The Coolest Guitar Pedal You’ve Never Heard Of

I’m a big fan of efficiency frugality and quality and I found something that scratches all three of those ditches but first a little bit of background when I was in high school I was putting together a pedal board for the very first time and after scouring internet forums and watching a lot of demo videos three of the pedals that I had my sights set on were the key the compressor kela katana clean boost and key lima tube screamer I shelled out $200 each brand new from humbucker music and they stayed in my setup for years here’s a picture of them on a weird custom board I made in 2013 and at some point between junior and senior year of college I was really broke and I downsized my setup and sadly the Kiwi pedals were sold it was kind of dumb but you do what you got to do then less than a month ago I stumbled across this thing it’s called the Kili tone workstation and it blows my mind that this is real it’s three pedals in one box care to guess which three yes you’re correct it is the kili compressor the Kela Catana clean boost and the Keeley mod tube screamer all in one box holy crap right but maybe you’re uninitiated and don’t know how cool this is that’s the case let’s start with a Keeley compressor compressors have been used in studios forever and in the 70s mxr put one in stomp box form called the Dyna comp and everyone used it then a company called Ross copied it with some better components later moving production to Taiwan then ceased existing then in 2001 Robert Keeley entered the scene with a compressor that was based on the old Ross compressors except built better with less noise and since then the key the compressors been the gold standard for guitar stompbox compressors Brent Mason used it when he was playing on everyone’s record Brent Rowan used it when he was playing on everyone’s records Dan Huff put it in Joe Don Rooney signal chain when he recorded the guitar parts for Rascal Flatts his version of life it’s a highway which is my favorite recorded Les Paul tone of all time so Neil and Ruth uses it and he’s my favorite slide player after trapeze is it and he’s a twangy modern-day cool dude Brad Paisley used it on arena tours in the 2000s and most importantly JT Korn flossed my personal favorite guitarist and the guy who played guitar on all my favorite music he uses a key the compressor too so game set match this is the compressor to have if you’re anything like me so on the tone workstation you get level and sustain which are the main controls for a compressor here’s high sustained and here’s low sustained [Music] and as a bonus there’s a blend knob which I absolutely love that lets you mix your compress signal with a dry signal so you can get the best of both worlds here’s a compressor with no dry signal blended in and here it is when you mix in some of that dry signal [Music] and just in case you’re playing a guitar with humbuckers there’s a treble boost switch down there’s off and then up add some treble because the side effect or compressor pedals can be a slight loss of highs mostly noticeable with like Les Paul’s and stuff here’s the treble switch down so for me the Keely compressors meant to tighten up chicken Pickens so this is staying now I put it around eleven o’clock I don’t have to be too like crazy pumpy or noticeable and then I take the level knob and then just set it to compensate so whether it’s on or off it’s the same volume roughly and then the blend now I’ll turn it all the way up and then just blend a little bit a drive signal back in to taste because I like the sound of having a little bit of my dried transients sort of poking through it makes it sound really nice and clear and then as far as the treble switch I play a tele like all the time so I keep it off but if I was playing a humbucker you can flip that thing up but the treble on will sound great now the middle section of the pedal is the katana clean boost section of this switch is set to katana this level knob gives you a clean boost now the katana is a clean boost what that means is it doesn’t give you any distortion on its own but you’re turning the signal up so you’re hitting the front of your amp harder and your amps going to distort a little bit more and that’s the goal it’s your sound but more of it [Music] as a bonus if you flip the switch up to 1962 you get Keeley’s 1962 overdrive which is based on a Marshall Blues breaker and the gain and tone knobs are activated now this circuit for the 1962 is like really dark and fat which is kind of cool most Marshall boxes I’ve played are like thin and fizzy a little bit and this one’s super dark I play a really bright guitar and I have to keep the tone up kind of over here around three o’clock but for my purposes I keep it on Catana mode and use it to punch through four fills and solos like this [Music] say so last well but I don’t care [Music] clocks [Music] [Applause] [Music] the third part of this pedal is the Kili mod tubescreamer so Ibanez has a really popular pedal called the tube screamer and there are a lot of different kinds of tube screamer but they all have a signature compressed mid-range II overdrive sound when achilles earliest and most successful accomplishments was taking a tube screamers flaws and fixing them he does two versions of this mod the mod + which makes the cleans cleaner in the dirty dirtier [Music] [Applause] [Music] in the basement which makes the dirtier much dirtier you get both of them with this switch letting you choose which one you want now a bunch of people use Keeley’s mounted tube screamers which is now sold as the Keely red dirt if you want to buy it just all by itself but for me the most relevant example is Brad Paisley he’s got a Kiwi mounted ts808 in his rack for years and he used it in the studio in little moments but already did that so low for the Wampler Paisley Drive video so I’m gonna pick a different paper song it really sounds like he used the Kiwi Mod tube screen around the second half of the hold me in your arms solo so here’s that [Music] so pretty sweet pedal Highschool me I’d be overjoyed that this is a real thing well one of these in a delay pedal I could do basically any gig and so could you leave a comment and I’m gonna send one of you guys a Kili tone workstation my name a favorite pedal pretty sweet deal right by the way don’t be afraid to like this video you don’t have to but when I gave away the Paisley drive I got like twice as many comments as likes it’s almost as if you guys just want free stuff speaking which the winner of the Paisley Drive was Jack trebled from South Carolina so I’m gonna let him play us out [Music] [Music]

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