The iPhone X Unboxing You Deserve.

[Music] [Music] okay all right I see how it’s gonna be yeah I see how you wanna play it why don’t you sing one to him on the planet not him [Music] not one for me though no say what he’s thinking he might do something drastic [Music] [Applause] maybe because I speak my mind [Music] we’ll just one Tim I bought my own [Music] maybe it’s cuz get to see what I want I bought this like you buy don’t want him to be a disaster [Music] well since Tim didn’t get me these phones let’s talk about who did dbrand of course with a new grip case [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] how did what was how did it link in the description go check it out [Music] so the iPhone 10 is obviously a very exciting device and you know I had to bring you my perspective I’ve noticed this phone popping up all over the web days before release this is the first launch where Apple sent this device out hundreds of pages of results for iPhone 10 unboxing videos in advance of the actual retail release Wow I don’t know if you’ve been following me on Twitter but you probably noticed that I didn’t have one these were purchased in a store just like they would be for any regular customer in the past I’ve made videos about Apple products may be less than favorable go back far enough you probably remember when I begged an iPhone that video there it wasn’t even motivated by destruction at the time a family member had the phone bend in their pocket while they were snowboarding and I was like let me see if this is real I went on Twitter and I was just having a bit of fun I tweeted at Tim Cook I was like listen if you send me a phone I’ll give some money to charity my Twitter just in general before I even made that tweet where is your iPhone 10 video are they trying to avoid him is there something that he did Apple did reach out to me I’ll probably follow up with that next week I’ll see what they have to say going about procuring them in this fashion it kind of frees me in a certain sense as far as what I feel motivated to say about them I got them the same way that you would the same way a customer would now that isn’t always the case plenty of these devices are coming early and they’re coming as a point of privilege in a way it kind of like tints what you’re gonna say about it cuz you feel so great so special to have it in front of you in the first place I’ve participated in that to a great degree how can I not when I eventually see this product look at it differently than if I had have had that same privilege all that said this is a real change from the stuff that they had been making previously I’m genuinely interested in examining this device one of them here is the silver the other one is the space gray no stick look at that and there it is it’s definitely nice-looking you can’t take that away from it camera module on the back controversial for a moment but it seems like people have gotten used to it one advantage of going with the lighter model is that fingerprints are gonna show up less the power brick I get it this is super portable and that’s nice the phone does support quick charge the competitors in the phone segment they’ve got the quick charge power bricks in the box lightning ear pods and adapter old-school headphones lightning cable I think it’s time to say goodbye to this connector and to bring type-c to the iPhone of course this notch at the top is prominent I have to admit it’s kind of an awkward implementation I’m a little bit apprehensive here you know the face putting it in the database here they say that they’re protecting it as far as I know this is the first mainstream device it’s a completely forgo the fingerprint reader in exchange for this face ID you know if you have a massive beard you go shave it and iced a face like these like who’s this man not gonna be an issue for me this face hasn’t been shaving since I was 12 [Music] if I go up there you go who worked there this time you got to have a bit of an angle on it so now it’s telling me about the true tone display attempts to automatically adapt the display to the surrounding lighting conditions now if I touch this area here it shows me the display without the true tone setting it’s a little more yellow when the true tone is enabled welcome to iPhone ok here we go kaboom is that really so bad comparative to a home button I don’t know if I want to go into multitasking I just I’m gonna lift up and then kaboom now as far as reaching the top corner here it’s not as convenient as at the bottom trick for you Tod John in the house alright everybody say hello if this man doesn’t deserve your thumb then who does Jack deth am i right give me okay I agree like this sucks from up there yeah General accessibility reach ability a word oh man that is weird down down oh man I I don’t know the second down is easy the first one yeah you got to get used to it for sure you’ve been using this phone you’re one of the you’re one of the special people like anyone who says that they don’t see the notch with video don’t believe them ah the same problem right yeah you got a much smaller screen than you thought you had oh no no way you chop off to Dee’s hairdo and he works on that thing now the notch stands out quite a bit more right I’m tapped out what do you think though like brightness okay I wouldn’t call the display stand out to me it looks like other OLED displays you’d be nitpicking to pick one specifically over the other Samsung makes the display on the iPhone 10 you have to wonder though your Samsung you make the displays who gets the a list who gets to be I don’t know yeah I think either way both look super bright and super good they do thumbs up for John let’s listen to the speaker on this thing okay above average I stopped blowing me away but it’s getting the job done let me just remind you okay up until this phone I never heard a phone it sounds like that tough comparison all right what about the camera my expectations here are pretty high snaps very quickly hey that is a huge attribute of these phones that’s a fast shutter fairly nice there’s nothing digital about that zoom there you’re switching over to the other lens and that’s a nice image as well and that’s very detailed we have some new options for video now if the default for video recording 1080p 30fps we can take that all the way up to 4k 60fps 4k 60 frames per second variate hi Jackie how are you doing okay good to see you do this portrait mode natural length that’s a good selfie these cameras are awesome studio light contour stage light this is all about the drama kind of cool you get this dramatic effect all right so key takeaways for me here the device feels high quality the knotch thing not so great for video the first oled screen on an iphone the facial recognition thing is not exactly something that I can test extensively in a video like this here it seems to be getting me every time I wish there was a way that they could have still included a fingerprint scanner they found a way to get touch ID into the button here along with face ID as an option if you’re looking for the best camera in the game probably looking here you’re probably looking at the pixel recently yes it’s a great device I’ve really been sitting here considering just how great devices have gotten in general there are good phones available now for a lot less money than what you were expected to pay even a year ago are the improvements I might see with this device worth the price of admission how much better are any of these things they’re all getting very good and I’m not so sure that you need a $1000 plus device you might be better off saving that extra cash and getting something that’s 90% of the way there and doing something else with your 500 bucks of course that decision is going to be yours it’s hard to take a device that’s new and shiny and tell you guys what to do everybody’s needs are different you guys saw the intro I talked a little bit about the backstory regarding myself getting my hands on this phone to begin with know that my intent is to try to guide you towards what would be best for you because the question of best in general isn’t really a thing that can be answered the best device for you is not necessarily the best device for someone else but the beauty of the situation right now is that there are so many best devices so on that note why don’t you guys drop a comment down below and let me know which is your best device [Music]

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