hey everybody Jason Burma’s here reporting for we are and this week there’s been a lot of media attention surrounding Donald Trump saying he will finally allow the infamous JFK assassination documents to be declassified now there have been a number times in the past that these documents were finally supposed to come to light so a lot of people are treating this like a big deal however I got to tell you folks although I somewhat anticipating them I kind of already know what’s in them the reason is that a document was made available to the public in the early 2000s and it was even included in my 2010 documentary invisible Empire a new world order to find so what is this document and why is it so important well first of all it’s a document that’s dated March 3rd 1964 and it’s a correspondence between the chief of the u.s. Secret Service James Rowley receiving from John McCone the director at the time of the Central Intelligence Agency and really the only way to do this document justice is to read it in its entirety taking pauses to point things out momentarily in response to the requests made by your office on the 24th of February 1964 a response to Lee Oswald’s activities and assignments on behalf of this agency and the Federal Bureau investigation aka on behalf of his involvement with the CIA and the FBI there follows a narrative summary of the internal subversive actions of the Oswald’s subject I recommend that unless the Commission makes a specific request for specific information contained herein that this information not be volunteered this agency has reason to assume that some junior commissioned staff members may be potential sources of to the news media or to other agencies due to the highly sensitive nature of the enclosed material it would certainly be in the national interest to withhold it at this time unless there is of course a specific request made it is my understanding that mr. Hoover has certain sensitive information within his agency which he transferred to his own personal files for safekeeping he concurs that no material should be voluntarily given to the Commission which might affect the status of field operatives or their safety so basically right here folks they’re saying they’re not going to share this information with the Warren Commission he is particularly concerned about the de bruit memorandum which central intelligence has obtained and which I understand you have obtained it is imperative that this information at least for the time remain under wraps so what is the de bruit memorandum well the fact is that no such memorandum has been Declassified to the public but let me give you a little background on who wrote this memorandum Warren C de brewery’s was born December 26th 1920 he served in New Orleans in LA and in Mexico City from 1943 to 1944 as a special employee in the FBI’s counterintelligence role including matters related to clandestine German microdot communications he was instrumental in Dallas during the Kennedy assassination investigation where he also directed the overnight analysis composition and assembling of the first report consisting of eight hundred plus pages so folks if all the documents relating to JFK are actually Declassified we should see this eight hundred page report by Warren C de bruit de buri has since passed away in 2013 at the age of 92 years old continuing with the document the Oswald subject was trained by this agency under the cover of the office of naval and for Soviet assignments so right there the director of the CIA is admitting that Oswald was trained by the CIA under the cover of Oni during preliminary training in 1957 the subject was active in aerial reconnaissance of mainland China and maintained a security clearance up to the confidential level his military records during this period are open to your agency and I have directed them to be forward to the Commission the subject received additional indoctrination at our own Camp Peary site from September 8th to October 17th 1958 and participated in a few relatively minor assignments until arrangements were made for his entry into the Soviet Union in September of 1959 while in the Soviet Union he was on special assignment in the area of Minsk it would not be advantageous at this time to divulge the specifics of that assignment however if you wish this information it can be made available for your personal inspection within the confines of your own office or I can send it by courier on the condition that it not leave the custody of the courier now here comes a bombshell piece of this document I am concerned that this information were in any way disclosed to the wrong persons it would lead the media to Eero Gnaeus lis claim this agency and perhaps others were directly involved in the Dallas action while the persons involved were in the employ of this agency as well as the Federal Bureau investigation it is virtually impossible for this or any agency to maintain full 24-hour a day responsibility over its operatives so right there Makonnen is admitting that the assassination indeed involved operatives within both the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s and the Central Intelligence Agency it’s right there in black and white folks at the time of the Dallas action the Oswald subject was only seldom in our employ after the soviet assignment we found him to be unreliable and unstable he was of little use to us after his marriage and de bruit from what I understand concurred this he was provided with a few unimportant infiltration assignments and proved of little or no value it is possible that Oswald given his instability might have been involved in some operation involving Hoffa as noted in special agent-in-charge Bertram’s report to your agency dated 136 for mr. Hoover advises that his agency is trying to determine whether Hoffa might have been involved laterally or vertically with the Dallas assassination I have advised that I would be interested in seeing the results of that investigation in special agent-in-charge Bertrand’s 136 for report are basically correct his agency has advised deputy suite against any further unauthorized statements to the news media which might adversely affect the investigation mr. Hoover advises he has no knowledge of how deputy suite obtained his information and there is no record of the agency distributing any such information to sweat or any other member of the Dallas Sheriff’s Office it is regrettable that this information has come to the attention of the news media but I am sure mr. Hoover will be able to clarify the situation speculation within this agency and this is only speculation at this point is that Oswald subject may have become unstable following surgery April 1st 1961 in the minsk hospital he may have been chemically or electronically controlled a sleeper agent the subject spent 11 days hospitalized for a minor ailment which should have required no more than three days hospitalization at most six days after his release he met marina press Cova this agency is particularly interested in her intelligence background and I have requested a report from our Soviet embassy contact so here McCowen actually talks about Oswald possibly being undermined control whether or not it’s this rogue in the FBI and the CIA that he says carried out the attack or whether it’s Russian agents is really unclear but it’s pretty stunning that this is in the actual documentation between the director of the CIA and the head of the Secret Service after his return to the u.s. Oswald worked in New Orleans through the anti-communist League of the Caribbean and friends democratic Cuba his case officer was Special Agent in Charge guy Bannister from the Chicago f13 one office he was transferred from his assignments there after he was arrested and fine stemming from an incident of his distribution of pamphlets for the fair play for Cuba committee while our files show no further assignments or contact I am requesting a check on the subject from our New Orleans and Fort Worth offices please direct any further communication on this matter to my personal attention so that your request will be expedited or feel free to call me anytime my office is always available to you John McCone so there you have it folks a bombshell document that shows Oswald was trained by the CIA worked with the FBI that he admits the director of the CIA at the time admits that it was carried out by rogue elements of both agencies and he even alludes to MKULTRA style attacks by Oswald as a possibility so again be on the lookout and let’s see if Thursday we get to see this 800 page memorandum by this special agent in charge in the beginning de bruit as always if you like this video please share it on social media go to we are follow me on Twitter at Jason burma’s and if you can please make that donation folks it’s only through your financial support that reports like this one are possible

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