The Mother Of All Finger Exercises – Bet you can’t play ’em!

[Music] hi thank you for joining me in this short very effective video a lesson in the bets you can play in series this is a real chance for your left and right hand and the synchronization between two also you need to have an excellent finger independency so if you’ve got trouble with one or more of these this is a perfect exercise you just try to master this one is not only good for your technique but also touch the field of music theory replaying arpeggios to harmonize major scale in the key of C in seventh chords so all the shades we were playing are really used a lot good for improvising writing melodies and so much more so let’s dive into the exercise you’re playing in the key of C so we start off on the seat the eighth fret on the sixth string the low E string and we’re playing in the seventh position so our index finger plays right number seven our middle finger a our Ruby nine and our pinkie place right number ten please try to keep technique in mind move your fingers as little as possible and I friendly advise you know I command you to use all the fingers of your left hand so now we’re playing a C major seven arpeggio the first degree in the key of C for my right hand I only use alternate picking down up down up for every note in this exercise so every arpeggio we’re playing it up and down from C to C from C back down but we don’t play a less then we get eight notes so now we start on the second chord in the key of C which is a D minor and the seventh chord will be G minor 7 and we play that chord in the same position we started in so that’s why we’re going to use all the fingers and makes this a real finger twister are we playing on the d minor and we play for 10 mm 7 [Music] so first and the second one right after each other the third one is an E minor chord c d e e minor E – seven and we’re staying in a seventh position so from +7 on the a string down to F F major seven the fourth degree that’s G a 7th chord G tamiya and now to a minor we start on the D string fret number seven and seven degree is two minor seven flat five and here I’m doing something different with my fingering of course you can do it a multiple ways what I like to do to change my ring finger to position number 10 and play my pinkie and ring finger on the 3rd and the 2nd string ring index or ring pinky index ring and then we come clean on the C major 7 again the law school there we go back down in two octaves sort of Toto exercise play slowly sound like this [Music] of course the same goes for every exercise you’ve got to start slow to keep the technique perfect then build up the speed using the same theory you can make all sorts of awesome exercise for example this one or this one [Music] that’s where all those exercises are available on my patreon page thank you for joining me in this video and I hope you’re going to practice it is exercise because it will definitely help you get better I’m sure your technique will benefit greatly from it have fun keep on playing people practising and has a nice day you

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