The Trump Card: The True Alternative

I have good news and bad news for supporters of Donald Trump. The Good news is that Hillary Clinton will NEVER be President. The loss of the 2016 Presidential race signaled the end of Clinton’s political career. Already 70 years-old, she will would be the oldest person to ever run for a first term in 2020 and it’s highly unlikely the Democratic party would support her again. She’s done.

The bad news, for Trumpers is that they no longer have a convenient excuse to ignore and/or defend the incompetence, ignorance, arrogance and corruption of Donald J. Trump. Last weekend an attorney friend said to me “I know what Trump is, but Hillary…”. I stopped him in mid sentence. That’s irrelevant now. It was an understandable reason to vote for Trump. I couldn’t vote for Hillary either. But now, Hillary is done and is no longer an excuse to support Trump, especially, if you know what he is.

The alternative to Trump now is Mike Pence, and if that seems like a horrible alternative to you than you had no place voting for Trump to begin with. The first and most important role of the Vice Presidential pick is to be able to step in to the Presidency should the President become unable to fulfill the duties of his office, or as may be the case, is removed from office.

Pence isn’t my favorite conservative and brings his own bag of ridiculous to the party. He doesn’t think smoking is bad for your health and that kind of puts him in the “flat Earth” category as far as I’m concerned. He is however, light years ahead of Trump in intelligence and competence in governing.

Impeachment now would be the best thing for the Republican party, and a good thing for America in general. The government is stalemated while Trump remains in power with a new scandal to address every day and credibility on both sides being stretched to the limit.

Republicans would be able to stop trying to come up with lame excuses or cover stories for their folly and actually move their agenda forward. They may even find some Democrats willing to work with them in a bipartisan way to achieve progress. Instead they continue to try to justify the biggest mistake any electorate has ever made.

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