The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup

Fortnite, PUBG, Far Cry 5? Which game would you play on this gaming PC setup?


I am very aware of the preciousness of time he’s a moment act now I have spent my life traveling across the universe inside my mind I hope that science and technology will provide the answers but it will take people human beings with knowledge and understanding to implement these solutions we are all time travelers learning together to the future we brave the determined overcome us that can be done all right so I told you did I tell you we’re trying to put together crazy things and today I think we’ve done that so in a previous video I showed you a set up with a really special chair kind of been upgraded it’s been replaced by something even more outlandish by what I think by what I know is the ultimate gaming / workstation setup I’ve ever seen experience been a part of yes it will blow your mind yes it is completely bonkers that’s the point now I unveil to you my current top tier top of the food chain place to sit right here oh my goodness excuse me it’s too much Lou I can’t handle it I can’t deal with it deal with it you shall if you sat there you would know what I was talking about that one in the middle 4k LG Display 42.5 inches and then blanket with a couple portrait mode displays which is exactly what I’ve done right here yeah 24 it’s almost a hundred inches cuz you want to get immersed you’re not allowed to sit here Jack and of course we need the right PC to drive it all we brought over the side X PC from the other setup we have a Playstation there as well because there’s multiple inputs to this set up that’s what the ultimate set up needs its RGB everywhere of course we got the snack cart Sun Chips got the pirate cookies healthy diet this chair here was made by a company called Imperator works and I imported this thing it’s kind of the heart of this setup about this light on the front you slid it in there rigged it up it’s called nano leaf that just went in there for even more RGB and then over here we got the fridge you need to grab something you’re gaming baby you’re streaming in here I’m getting thirsty maybe it’s an iced tea maybe it’s a beer or maybe it’s a Coca Cola unbox therapy edition I mean the choice is yours [Music] night night this is where you want to be in life at most moments so from this spot you can control everything you hit the zero-g the whole thing moves like this a nice little recline going on I could be here a week the chair even has a massage built into it so you could get the nice little vibe going on this is the moment I have to give a big shout-out to SteelSeries for sponsoring this episode and also making such amazing gaming peripherals this headset is the Arctic’s pro game DAC this guy right here gives you a mix I have DTS that I can turn on and off and if I hold this switch right here I have even more settings there’s a mic that comes out from here this is the rival 600 super comfy pull off these side panels and adjust the weight of it each one of these units is four grams four of these on each side of the mouse now the keyboard is the M 750 the same lighting that you would get on a full-size but in something that’s more compact now you also probably noticed this playstation controller sitting up front you might want to play a console game in here the PC gamers out there in the audience to like a setup like this and you’re playing on a console I’m offended who cares it’s the ultimate setup it should have everything right the cool thing with this main displays it has a ton of inputs DisplayPort multiple HDMI 2.0 so up to 60fps in okay even with the playstation up on the main display you still see the portrait displays on the side showcasing your gaming pc so from a Productivity standpoint were you in an entertainment standpoint you could be multitasking here oh there is your mind brother I’ll come for you you you are mine brother I will come for you it won’t hit him it won’t it won’t hit them at all you don’t use an SMG in the long range brothers and sisters as you can tell the game is now across all three monitors believe it or not little bit difficult to do when you have portrait mode monitors on the side I’ve mapped it pretty well here you could play with the middle monitor and do the kind of productivity entertainment thing that I mentioned earlier you can see we’ve got a decent frame rate here over 80 fps mostly there’s the worst Hill ever – you get that real kind of twitchy whoa I found this secret area accidentally here he comes oh boy I mean what can I say I can’t think of a better spot in the world the possibilities are endless everything is right where it should be and you really feel like you could be here for a while before fatigue sets in it’s not gonna be for everyone it’s obviously outlandish yes it’s expensive but sitting here is a very special experience I promise you that so there you have it the most insane setup that I’ve ever put together courtesy of Steel series they fit right in couldn’t imagine not having the proper peripherals to go with a setup like this I don’t know you let me know if you’ve seen a crazier setup than this I don’t think you have how about this you keep this ball rolling step this up even further do more crazy setups let me know by leaving that thumb love down below this one right here don’t forget [Music]

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