Tigers reaction to the kittens

okay it’s time for these little kittens to meet the Tigers can you believe it well I’m gonna just load him up it’s a big difference between the little black one and the two grey ones I can see that the two grey ones are much stronger hold the stretch a little bit high grab them like that come up out right and it’s take him down boys are they in the pool I made a noise and all the wake okay let me go yeah mothers should follow me gone call me so good just gonna put them down here on this dip first I wanted to be there as well could that be Diego so I did think about this first and then I thought no it’s almost five o’clock I should not be showing the Tigers the kittens at this time of the day why because it’s feeding time and they might get the wrong idea and then I thought well if I show them the kittens at feeding time and they don’t get it they will realize even better that this is not food these are kittens and they should even safer so here’s the first little one to close it ah Enzo screaming but that’s awful to keep him Diego yes well mother is they looking at him yeah go on his way Diego both in the shot too close well that’s pretty close its place I mean she feels comfortable with just put him back and Daisy came through I think I should just put Daisy away first Daisy basic call me so she’s getting a bit nervous I’m closing them up putting her back in yeah um Daisy call it off come come come okay nowadays he’s back in the house so she’s a little nervous they closed him up immediately just want her to realize everything is fine just give her a few seconds enjoy running that side okay let’s try again open up I just wanted to see him confirm with everything don’t want to do anything she’s not comfortable with Richard alien cat also he hurt her cries and he came to see what is going on this is something that he can do about it now he’s also only saw these kittens once he looks like he’s afraid Oh kittens right little one and tigers are God can you believe it just when I started talking and it sounded like who is gonna take the responsibility of being the dad I guess just right Oh so who is that little black one it we just put him down here first into his back I’m just gonna let them walk around here for a couple of seconds it’s about trust she needs to know that she can trust me with her kittens that’s the most important thing here at the moment sir there’s no way I’m doing anything that she’s not able to see now the thing is with Daisy when before Daisy came to us she was not used to kittens no cats for that matter so she has started to protect these little kittens whenever any thing would go close to the kittens and it’s not like a dog of her caliber should act like she just learned that she likes these meetings but when she came in here just now she was actually very nervous she was a bit nervous about having Daisy around the Keegan’s so holding the whole time able to walk around but not I don’t want to hold them the whole time trying to get them to trust the situation I noticed something just now when I wrapped my finger over this little Kingsdale he’s got like a little bump on his tail inside and I’m just gonna feel the others as well they fine this little one so fine but then on the Medicaid when I feel like they’re right on the edge of a tail I can feel she spot that as well so maybe this new is carrying that over from the mother I will just watch that and make sure that little tail stays perfect okay so let’s try this again calling the Tigers Diego responded with a Greek back let’s see you in Enzo comes yeah I want to show you I really showed him that [Music] and no response whatsoever it’s they get another one I’m gonna put this little one back it Diego vamsi enough good cake Esau let’s see if Diego comes this way let’s show this little kit do I can see how that gets up getting nervous and then I take him away this little one smelling him walking away they put this little money back as well and you can see that this mother cat was trusting me she knows that I will not do anything to her I think she’s gonna freak out then run away yep and there’s the freak and there’s the run away I know cats but most important thing let them go don’t force them to be around the kittens if they are not able to handle it yet don’t force them there you will come around and they will be fine Diego no I think I go it’s gonna come to a side let’s see he has not seen them yet Kiki so Diego look at this boy [Applause] I’ve got my eyes focused on his nose they make absolutely sure he’s thinking about it and he’s shaking his head he’s saying no I’m calling him he’s coming back and this one is lining up ready to come and see diego cakey so he’s walking away well totally different reaction that the Tigers are giving towards the kittens but let me just in the greeting the kitten but that is it I don’t really key no gasps that’s a couple of minutes on the kittens just gonna put them by their mother quickly just as she can count them and be sure that they are all fine so the black one is a bit smaller than the others and I want him to drink more than the other two but they are didn’t dominate the drinking okay well that’s it I’m gonna be putting them back in taking him upstairs they’ll all be fine cats all freaking out Daisy Oh buddy she is just looking at them constantly yep [Laughter] all perfectly fine go back Tigers couldn’t care less its interest with a nice shot from Enzo thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed that I’ll make another video soon about them maybe they’ve got some different responses have a good day

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