Time Traveler From 2028 Shares Terrifying Warning About The Future

a man who claims to have time traveled from the Year 2028 says he risked his life to travel back in time to warn us about the future more on this today on is what is good spuds I hope you all had a fantastic weekend it is time for another i/o video by the way I’m Charlotte and you’re watching inform overload the channel that overloads you with information hit that like and subscribe button and tell me in the comments below if you could time travel to any time period what would it be a video was sent to the YouTube channel paranormal elite which has now gone viral according to the video they received a phone call from a man from South America claiming to have worked for a government project in the United States the video shows a pixelated man who appears to be in his mid-20s though it’s a little hard to tell because he can’t see his face he wanted to remain anonymous so he wants to be referred to as Noah so what does no I want to warn us about he says that Donald Trump is going to be reelected in the year 2020 which may or may not be a warning depending on whether or not you support Donald Trump he also says that artificial intelligence is going to become more and more prominent in our society as well as self-driving electric cars in the year 2028 we will all be sporting an accessory that resembles Google glasses so what are the chances that this guy is telling the truth well time travel is theoretically possible but we don’t currently have the technology that would allow us to do it we are years away from discovering the secret to time travel that being said could it mean that in the future were noah claims to be from they have the capability to time travel no claims that time travel has side effects he suffers from depression and anxiety from his years of time traveling he says that time traveling will become possible in the year 2003 I’m sorry 2003 correct me if I’m wrong but does that not sound like 2003 Noah appears visibly distraught in the video he cries about the fact that he’s stuck in this time period guys I’m gonna go ahead and say right now this video is like 100% of hoax and a bad hoax at that it is all over the map dude first of all Noah claims to be from the year 2028 yet the title says he’s been to the year 2030 and secondly he seems like he’s reading from a script’ very badly I might add and he most definitely does not have an accent to suggest that he’s from South America at the time this video was filmed the video of Noah has 300,000 and has been picked up by major news outlets may be time travel could be possible but this video is not evidence of that if you guys are interested in seeing it and making a decision for yourself click the link in the description alright now that that’s settled it’s time to respond to some comments AJ Bella said Charlotte on a scale of one to ten how likely do you think the world will end in 10 billion years when the Sun swells and explodes under its own mass I would say that’s like a solid eight solid eight too quick for you said what if I were a tomato instead of a potato are you eat Dinesh sighed Charlotte your voice and accent are so damn good that I’ll never be able to miss another video of yours well his legs I have an accent weird we’ve come to the end of the video thank you so much for watching if you liked this video you should check out it’s actually the year 1720 not 2017 click it and I’ll see you in that video as always click that Bell notification as well so you can stay up to date was let me upload our videos that is it for me later taters

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