Time Traveler Interview & A Simpsons Prediction

The first part of the video with the time traveler interview is from the channel “Paranormal Elite” The second part of the video is from the simpsons “Trumptastic Voyage” Hope You All Enjoy.
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I mean I’m a conspiracy there is to a degree like when I connect dots that maybe shouldn’t be connected I’ll know my best friend was killed over this man there’s a trap here about ten minutes away from here driving he has been running his car on water since 1986 with the government’s permission provider that he keeps his mud shot and with regular intervals using his own words that keep warning him to keep his mouth shut destroyed in transit we’re getting close that’s a good thing [Music] [Music] how old’s everybody who’s watching me right now I want to be clear I’m making this video and it’s not my intent to deceive anybody my sole objective is to prove to you that time travel exists in the next few years in fact I myself and my time traveler had traveled back to November 13th 2017 from early in the year 2021 first of all all time travel like impossible in the year 2003 it is however only used by top secret organizations the ability to time travel is not planned to be released to the public until 2028 sorry just community my natural years 2021 this is the time period in which I spend most of my life this is a time period that I belong in but I’ve been fired I can’t get back time [Music] [Music] I would like to give you specific facts about the future without proof – time travel exists including with the president of United States is in 2021 it is for years you will see that my predictions are true they no come back to this video and though the time travel really does exist in 2028 the private organizations will meet to the world at time travel is real it’ll be open to the public now I’ll tell you the reality of our future for one electric cars and self-driving cars will be dramatically improved a consumer lives your car will be able to drive over 600 miles on a single charge in 2021 but if people are spending a lot of their times in virtual reality I would highly recommend investing your time and money in sustainable energy virtuality and on top of artificial intelligence AI will be huge and growing market in 2021 wearable technologies also become increasingly popular 2021 there are also become a really popular device sort of like a Google glass that will look like a normal pair of glasses but how processing power of today’s desktop computers feed on any it will be equipped with it with a high-definition video camera an augmented reality screen now I’m going to tell you the winner of the 2020 President tential election in America the promise that the President of the United States after 2020 election will be Donald J Trump I can say this would want her percent certainty I know many he will not believe me but I am simply telling you the truth I’m not giving my opinion on Donald Trump or rather giving you the really real raw facts this my intention whether you like it or not he will win the reelection do agree wall with these facts but time travel is real and I’m a time traveler thank you for listening see from listening to me which everyone the best feature goodbye and good luck can you hold a sign you know it 150 bucks bro do you care who the next president is no come with me [Applause] I’m right behind him not supposed to stare at it directly but I can’t help it if I touch it will it hue my baldness [Music] wispy it’s a gravity-defying comb-over I can’t believe that this was once on his ass it’s as blonde as of golden marmoset yet also grey is a long dead donkey I don’t see a list of all those boobie women he’s married if he paid less than a million dollars for it it’s a deal I am officially running at least I’ll always help this Oh [Music]

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