Top 10 Ridiculous Alex Jones Moments

who ordered the Satanist new world order with a side of general conspiracy theories welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 ridiculous Alex Jones moments he loves defrauding the bitches he loves slapping him upside the head and having a beg him beg him for more before we begin we published new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list we’re looking at some of Joan’s most outrageous and unbelievable conspiracies and bizarre rants after you’re done drinking your little juices well you you’re ready to go out and have a baby number 10 pizza gate Anthony Weiner is going to be investigated for child porn on his phone and contacting minors the 2016 American presidential race was characterized by much controversy and mudslinging but even so this was one seriously out-there accusation when the Podesta emails leaked and there were several mentions of pizza and pizza related phrases an odd theory began to take shape following the logic outlined by online forums and far-right news sites Alex Jones proceeded to explore the possibility of a satanic pedophilia ring that was connected not only to the Clintons but also to a pizzeria called comet ping pong satanic rituals royal family mainstream leaders folks after a shooting occurred at the restaurant where thankfully no one was hurt Alex actually issued a rare apology and retraction on behalf of I made comments about mr. Ralph honest that in hindsight I regret and for which I apologized to him number nine machete race Wars do you understand that you politically put yourself in the criminal zone potentially if violence breaks out from this film machete is a 2010 grindhouse film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez the story is about a former federal a who is hired to assassinate a Texas senator turns out the whole thing was a setup and so Danny Trejo’s character must get his revenge according to Alex Jones however the images and depictions of violence against white people were to cause an uprising by the Hispanic community Robert Rodriguez I would say it’s a 90% chance right now he’s going to trigger racial riots and racial killings he actually said there was a 90% chance the movie would cause a race war no maybe not enough Mexican Americans saw it because nothing happened you’ve been given the green light to create a race riot film to create division in this nation so the globalist can play whites and Hispanics and others off against each other number eight government controlled weather in the next ten minutes I’m going to break down a subject so incredibly important I don’t even feel worthy to bring you this information this was a subject so important that Jones said he wasn’t worthy to bring us the information about it humility be damned however he did it anyway Jones starts off by claiming that quote a whole host of strange and radioactive chemicals have been added to jet fuels since the 1990s a whole host of radioactive isotopes aluminum dioxide the list goes on and on their purpose why to manipulate the weather of course not only that but he goes on to claim that these chemicals actually create holes in the atmosphere and damage the soil but the scientists meteorologists astrophysicist and others that I’ve talked to have said what they’re spraying and releasing would actually eat holes in the atmosphere and damage the soils of the planet as the cherry on top of this piece of hard-hitting investigative journalism he warns the government whether weapons such as HAARP could be used to cause natural disasters like earthquakes and the Oklahoma tornado they’re messing with the weather they’re buying armored vehicles and billions of rounds of ammo and have TV shows bad-mouthing the founding fathers number seven Satanists taking over America the New World Order I guess is read that God’s gonna destroy the earth next time by fire we’re not really sure what they ever did to him but Alex Jones sure dislike Satanists according to Jones the demonic high-tech tyranny of the New World Order is led by Satanist elites who create economic and health crises in order to advance their agenda of world domination the Bible it’s being run by an ancient powerful entity with super advanced intelligence this group of Illuminati has links to Hillary Clinton Marina Abramovic and Lady gaga in fact he claimed that Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show was a cover for satanic rites come to think of it if you squint your eyes and tilt your head it did kind of resemble a satanic ritual kinda [Music] number six the Piers Morgan debate how you’re a hatchet man of the New World Order you’re a hatchet man things got a little heated when Alex Jones debated Piers Morgan on CNN about gun control America is among the world leaders when it comes to gun related deaths and this reality has led to some pretty polarizing points of view on the subject other than bombings of Wall Street let me ask you second are we gonna listen why can’t we trust him to fly the planes in classic Alex Jones fashion he has some reasonable points about the need for firearms but he muddies it all up with conspiracy theories and rants about Castro global tyranny and illegal immigrants Jones nearly bursts a blood vessel talking about a new 1776 if his firearms are taken away Hitler took the guns Stalin took the guns mounted the guns that no Castro took the guns Hugo Chavez took the guns and I’m here to tell you 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms number 5 Joker cosplay why so serious who doesn’t enjoy dressing up as their favorite comic book character Damocles I’ve been up since Alex Jones likes to do it and rent about Obama in a truly unsettling segment alex dresses as the Joker from Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film The Dark Knight doing his best imitation of the character that wowed audiences with his unhinged and maniacal behavior the Infowars host starts the segment with a seriously chilling laugh and things just get weirder from there still in costume he hits the streets offering $1000 to anyone who videotapes themselves putting up fliers of Barack Obama made up to look like the iconic bat villain anyone else confused just like the Joker himself is pathetic number four goblins look goblins are a serious problem anyone who’s seen the Hobbit can tell you that or how about Gareth that no-good baby stealing Goblin King from labyrinth in theory we agree with Jones on this one but he loses us when he starts talking about kissing goblins or getting in bed with a goblin in this talk about Trump Jones weaves an intricate and very detailed metaphor about the dangers of associating with certain political elites so I never expected Trump charging into a goblins nest to not get some Goblin vomit and slopping blood on him I just don’t want to catch him in bed with a goblin the rant gets hysterical however when he seemingly gets lost in his own metaphor but hey goblins are an interesting topic of conversation even the best of us get sidetracked when talking about them I don’t see him kissing goblins having political succubus with goblins I don’t want to see him ingratiating goblins number three BBC Sunday politics no we know I know we know the Bilderberg has given us the Euro things sure can get weird when two worlds collide huh in this segment the realm of real world news and journalism smashes straight into the conspiracy tornado land of Infowars and Alex Jones during this BBC segment fellow guest David Aaronovitch takes him to task pointedly asking Jones why it is that he’s been allowed to live if he is in fact uncovering all of these New World Order conspiracies which is the explanation one they don’t exist or two you’re part of the consult let me tell you a story let me tell you a story a fair question but rather than answer it Jones flies off the rails of course Jones also uses this as an opportunity to name-drop his website info every other sentence info number two Hillary Clinton and the pickle jar she supposedly opens a can of pickles after suffering a severe medical episode during her presidential campaign Hillary Clinton staged several bizarre stunts designed to prove her health one of these stunts clearly meant to be in good fun involved her opening a pickle jar on Jimmy Kimmel Live believe it or not Alex claimed the whole thing was fake because didn’t hear a pup you would hear the pop of the can he also points out that pickled vegetables have a top that doesn’t turn all the way around like the jar in the segment her appearance on the late-night show was clearly political theater but being a few pickles short of a jar himself Alex Jones just took the conspiracy theory too far there’s no pop she acts like it pops at the end this is completely and totally fake before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable mentions he loves betraying people he gets off on it he’s committed to Satan and the film roles couldn’t come to the Van Allen radiation belt they had to broadcast back a TV signal show they did dr. up photos and stuff for the public 666 is a doubling of 33 and 33 is PI number one gay frogs a recurring theme on Jones show is the conspiracy that the United States government is actively trying to turn things gay in one segment for example he claimed that the chemical lining in juice boxes is meant to turn kids into homosexuals but the reason there’s so many gay people now is because it’s a chemical warfare operation I have the government documents where they said they’re gonna encourage homosexuality with chemicals so that people don’t have children most famously however he asserted that the US has a gay bomb which it has already used if you’re a new lessor just type in Pentagon tested gay bomb on Iraq they can set it though they didn’t consider using it they’ve used it on our trips a side effect of these weapons of mass homosexuality is that the runoff chemicals in the water are turning the frogs gay I don’t like putting chemicals in the water they turn the friggin frogs gay we’re not sure how he knows the true feelings of our amphibian friends but we’ll take his word for it either way Alex Jones clearly won’t stand for it anymore I’m sick of being social engineer it’s not funny do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from WatchMojo and subscribe for new videos every day

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