what’s up everyone today we are going to be counting down the top 10 sexiest youtubers so I know this is another youtubers video this is like the third in a row and I was going to do 10 things you didn’t know about Casey nice style wroetoshaw but I had to had to do my driving theory test earlier which failed and I still come back a bit later I’m not going to have time to put a whole 10 things you didn’t know video together so I’m going to do the top 10 sexiest youtubers instead as I know all of you guys watching are going to pretty much love watching this video the last video we got 5,000 likes in pretty much a day which is absolutely insane if we can get 5,000 likes in 20 hours on this video I will send every single one of you 400 trillion dollars but anyway comment down below who you want to see next for 10 things you didn’t know rota Shaw or casein ice star and with I said let’s get in this video number 10 SSSs SSSs SSSs diaper wolf okay so number 10 is SSSs I’m not gonna stop doing that sniper wolf or Leo I think that’s a name Leah and I’m putting her at number 10 I don’t really want to put her on at all because personally I don’t find her sexy but I know if I don’t put her on all of you guys would be like with no talk trains with a fuck is she want so here you go there she is at number 10 and she is kind of hot I’m not gonna lie but to me she Percy not my type at all and she’s been at the center of like lots of different drama and allegations and I’m not gonna get into that because if it’s true or not number 9 cutie pie and Marzia alright so some of you may know cutie pie Marzia as she is the girlfriend of the youtuber famous pewdiepie and she has like 6 million or 7 million subscribers or something like that and she does primarily like DIY baking and cooking and like fashion videos or lookbook videos whatever those things are I’m sure there’s some girls watching this if you know what the hell she does or what they’re called just comment down below but cutie pie Mart series shy and timid but that sort of gives her this little bit of her own unique sex appeal I’m trying to say this without sounding like an absolute creep we are going to make a fun looking dessert my favorite type of cake is the Mars cake I did a recipe on it a while back number 8 it’s my ray-ray so this is a youtuber I’d never heard of and a few of these on this list I’d never heard of to be honest as I don’t really watch makeup videos I actually have before because some of the girls kind of hot but it’s my ray-ray is basically a makeup youtuber and you can pretty much see from on the screen what kind of video she makes I don’t know anything about makeup I just know that it’s expensive and it makes you look better than you do naturally and there’s like just a huge market for it because pretty much every girl wears makeup or likes to wear makeup or want to learn how to do makeup number seven bethany mota so bethany mota is one of the biggest female youtubers she has like over ten million subscribers and she’s like 18 or 19 years old which isn’t much younger than me but to have that amount of subs at that age is absolutely insane in my opinion but what Bethany does on a channel is sort of similar to what cutiepiemarzia does she does DIY videos fashion videos just videos on her cuz people obviously subscribe to a channel for her so she can literally do whatever she wants pretty much hey guys what’s up it’s Bethany here and welcome to my little office space and I really comfy couch so I’m really excited for today’s video because it includes summer related things number six iisuperwomanii so I’m number 6 we have iisuperwomanii oh why do I say I I just superwoman or Lilly Singh she is also a very big youtuber with over 9 million subscribers and she’s pretty hot she’s very energetic and lively and always like in your face but not in a bad way don’t take that the wrong way but she’s more of a comedy youtuber but she is pretty sexy as well I’m not gonna lie she does like comedy skits challenges and just pretty much whatever else she wants like she’s like a roast myself challenge I was pretty good number 5 Tara Babcock so this this woman I never heard of I’m a girl I she is hot and her eyes we the cringe right cringe but yeah she has really nice eyes like bright blue which to me I love I love bright blue eyes I wish I had bright blue eyes but she has saw a bit of a clickbait female she saw sexualizes herself in her videos which I don’t really happen a problem with as I’m a male and I’m sure most other people don’t have a problem with it either unless they’re female because females tend to judge other females for sexualizing themselves which is understandable but yeah she has a nice tits and what gonna lie as you can see them on the screen and in pretty much every video hey guys welcome to this week’s episode of sex ed with Tara today we’re gonna be talking about awesome products for use in bondage you guys wanted me to talk more about bondage and I am here to oblige you number 4 jenna Marbles coming in at number 4 we have jenna Marbles the og of YouTube in the female area or whatever you want to call it she’s like 16 million subscribers and has been doing YouTube for years and years she grew a channel of being more funny and just healing to a younger girls but she does like rant skits and just comedy videos in general as that’s what she’s good at number 3 Carli bybel so I probably said that completely wrong so sorry for butchering your name Carly not that you’re actually watching this video but this girl’s eyes are like next-level they’re next-level guys I don’t know what else to say this this she knows how to do a makeup to make her eyes pop but they’re like insane anyway I need to stop talking about her eyes she’s sexy as fuck I’m gonna lie and she does like made me makeup on a channel but you can have a look guys just search our name up on YouTube and you will see she has like over a million subs because she’s fucking hot hi everybody thank you for watching so I’ve had people at my house super noisy I apologize so I figured I would just film a makeup look today and then do a voiceover well anyway number two Jess greenberg so finally we actually come on to someone or a female that does something different apart from like comedy skits or challenges or fashion or makeup Jess Greenberg actually does music and covers different songs chic actually sing or obviously boom fuckin edu talk dream but yeah she can sing as I just blatantly said and she just covers and she could play the guitar as well so a girl that can sing and play the guitar and she’s hot and she has nice tits cuz well she shows him off like a con you can’t not expect me to mention him when they’re in my every video and they’re like whoo okay number one Nicole Arbour oh just kidding I’m just fucking kidding number one is zoella cuz I was just Alfie you bastard okay so that was probably seemed retarded as shit if you don’t know who’s the other is buzzerella is one of the biggest female youtubers in my opinion she’s the sexiest she just is she’s as hot as fuck in like personality and looks wise and Alfie is literally the luckiest motherfucker on this planet but I’m sure loads of you know what Sorella does she does logs fashion makeup pretty much wherever she wants again like challenges as people watch her not the content she makes they watch it for her hello everybody today I’m really showing you how I did this bronzed nude look which i think is perfect for this time of year and those were the top 10 sexiest youtubers I know I’ve like rambled so much in this and just like chatted quite a lot shit and probably sounded like thirsty of shit but at the end of the day I don’t care and I’m trying to make this video a little bit quicker because I love what I told you like at the beginning of the video but don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at top trends calm there will be a link to that in the description and also click the link in the description to you subscribe yes and leave a like why comment what I said I’d give you for a like but I will give you whatever I said but thanks for watching top trends my name is granty and I’ll see you in the next video number 11 top trends so I couldn’t really make the top 10 sexiest new to this video I’m not including myself they want to include myself in the top 10 because almost on another level I’m on a new level I’m on a sexy silver hair a beard to die for and I can’t do this what am i doing this video has been so so like retarded I have no idea how this is going to come out but

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