Top 5 GHOSTS Caught on Camera! | Scariest Real Ghost Sightings

These Scary Ghosts Caught on Camera include Scariest Real Ghost Sightings
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what’s up everyone’s there after you the top 5 ghosts caught on camera what do you believe in ghost is up to you but me personally I do believe in them maybe this video will sway you into believing as well as these videos are seriously creepy especially number one it gave me the chills but if you don’t like this video the ghosts are number one will be at your window tonight click that red subscribe button so you never miss another upload and share this video to your Facebook to prove to everyone ghosts are real number 5 the following video is taken from CCTV footage of the inside of a clothing store at night everything seems perfectly normal until a ghostly image appears on the screen appearing to flow right through racks of clothes and then disappears off the screen not to be seen again the footage recorded is completely unedited and honestly I can’t think of another explanation for this video other than is the spirit of someone who passed away [Music] number four in this next clip a young girl is playing on her own seemingly unsupervised and she had been complaining to her dad about always being disturbed but not by a person so to figure out what was going on her father decided to record her with a camera to see if she was messing around with him surprisingly it turned out she was telling the truth as paper penned and even the tables start to violently move on their own freaking the girl and causing her to run off [Music] [Applause] [Music] number three so this spirit or ghost up next was caught on what looked like CCTV of some sort of old prison I’m not sure if the prison is populated as it’s quite hard to tell because of the quality of the video but what comes up next is pretty scary as a strange black figure starts floating around the prison cells with ease and making it look like it couldn’t possibly be a human or an animal let me know in the comments if you can figure this one out because I just column [Music] number two most curbs feature people or no one at all the difference here is this video has a cat and a dog in it who are seemingly distressed and scared of something you can tell this because the guys dog was hiding from something and his cat also seemed pretty on it but he lives alone with these animals so he decides to go up into his attic or loft sets his camera down and some freaky things that start happening which are definitely paranormal in my opinion [Music] [Music] number one I’ll talk everything included in this list this one freaked me out the most and was the only one that actually gave me shivers you will see why in a minute but regarding the video is very old about ten years or so and was allotted to you too when people didn’t have the software available to make a fake realistic looking ghost video that being said this guy sets up a camera facing his pantry door which has just shelves behind it and no room for a person and just waited eventually two hands press up against the glass and then a face as well now at first I was like that’s obviously a person come on but when he perceived you open the pantry door you can see there is ZERO room for anyone behind that that was what gave me the shivers and maybe I’ll give you shivers to check it out for yourself and those are the top five ghosts of course on camera guys remember to check out my earlier video earlier on it should be on screen I like choices I don’t know I’m saying that got this far you’re the best subscribe and drop a like subscribe turn notifications on and I guess that’s it guys thanks for watching this is top friends I’ll see you next video

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